How to write a strong capacity statement for government contractors

What is the purpose of the capacity statement?

The development of government contracting to become a very competitive market, thanks to its ability to be very profitable. Companies of all sizes, from small and micro-enterprises with one employee to large corporations with thousands of employees, have been successful in selling products and services to government agencies at federal, state, city, county and municipal levels.

However, competition has increased with more companies trying to enter into competition, competitiveness, and stay successful in this market. Five years ago, no one knew what a capability statement was, and it is now a crucial tool to help you be as successful as possible, regardless of the size of the company you represent.

Another factor of complexity is that fewer people are employed by the government to deal with awareness and acquisition. This means that contractors must know how to extract the most important information for a particular decision maker, explain it in a clear and concise manner, and enhance its relevance to the possibilities, even more than in the past.

Successful companies use their capacity statement for a number of purposes:

o Required in many government registrations

o Opening of new agencies

o Proof of qualification

The ability to work statement should be very short (one page or two pages only), to the point and specifically related to The Agency's individual needs. Ideally, it is a living document that changes according to the target agency. why is that? Because smart dealers know that each agency has its own mission and focus, and they talk directly to those in their capacity statement.

It's important that the document is visually interesting and has graphical elements similar to your brand and company logo. It should also be a searchable document that can be easily sent as a PDF file.

Therefore, we recommend that you use power data in Word or Publisher by using a template that reflects the company's brand mark with its own logo, color, and identity. It is important to fit all important information on one side of a single page. The second aspect, if absolutely necessary, may contain additional important supporting data for the target agency, such as case studies of previous successful projects.

Contents of the capacity statement

The five main areas included in the success are:

1. Basic competencies

2. Previous Performance

3. The Separators

(4). Corporate Data

5. Contact Information


It is best to call the document the ability statement. This should be mentioned at the top of the document. This is a term known throughout government decision makers, and indicates that you have knowledge of the contracting process. The power statement should also display the company logo and other brand elements, to recognize them, and be free of long paragraphs, instead, using short sentences and quick-point cursive lists.

When creating the capability statement, use the following section labels: Core competencies, previous performance, and partitions. These are the key elements that government buyers are looking for so that they can make a quick decision.

View contact information, including website, the name of a specific person, email and phone number, on each side (page) of the document

Create a new document for each agency, a unique or basic opportunity. In this way, each statement contains the ability to have all the information it needs for that opportunity, and the information required only.

A power statement is preferred only for one page, one side. Scroll to only two sides if necessary.

Save the file as PDF, not Word, PowerPoint, or any other format. Save the document as your company name in the filename. Many federal agencies block Word and Publisher documents because they may contain viruses. However, the PDF file is more secure, usually smaller and remains visually consistent when mailed.

Core Competencies [19659003] This is a brief introduction to the basic competencies of the company according to the agency's specific needs followed by key hole points. This is not all the company can do, but the company's core experience, which is specifically related to the proxy prepared by this capacity statement, is its mission and specific opportunities. Previous Performance

Start by listing your previous customers who have done the same business. Prioritize start with the relevant agency, to all other federal government to commercial contracts. If previous projects do not relate to the Agency's target needs, do not include them. Tip : Ideally, include specific contact information for instant references. Include name, address, email and phone. Use this information when meeting with decision makers. Leave this information out of the capacity statement when you send a PDF as an initial awareness effort or leave it as a conference credential. Tradeoffs

Doing business with the government is very competitive. Contractors bear the burden of dealing with this competitive market and rise above other contractors. Many companies that are trying to increase sales to the government market do not have a clear value statement that explains what makes them different from their competitors. There is a brief and clear statement on the Agency's specific needs, which will help buy and buy, program managers and end-users understand why your company has chosen other competitors.

Sample Questionnaire Customization: [19659003Howdoyouwanttocommunicatetheseneedswiththeserviceprovider?Whatisthesolutiontotheneedsofthisagency?Whatisthedifferencebetweenthetwo?Whyareyourproductsbetterthantheothersolutionsavailable?

If these features can not be clearly communicated, it is impossible for the decision maker to make a clear recommendation to your company to one of your competitors. Many companies failed to take this critical step. They wonder why they are losing contracts. Company data

Includes one or two short sentences with company description in detail about the relevant date. Includes: size of your company, revenue, number of employees, and the geographical area they serve. Tip : Readers will visit your website for additional information. Make sure to constantly update your website and focus on the government.

List List Related Codes

  • DUNS
  • Socio-economic certificates: 8 (a), HUB area, SDVOB, etc.
  • NAICS (all) does not include code descriptions, only use numbers
  • CAGE Code
  • Acceptance of Credit and Purchase Cards
  • GSA Schedule Contract (s)
  • Other Federal Contractual Instruments
  • BPAs and Contract Numbers Other
  • Government Contract Numbers
  • Name (Specific Person)
  • Title
  • Telephone (Main and Cell)
  • Email (Personal Email, not @ Information)

If your company wins any prizes, awards, or notable achievements for that agency, list them only if you have space.

Use this information to help you create a strong capacity statement and open doors to contract opportunities in the federal government. This document is key to building a relationship with important decision makers in government contracting, providing them with a brief description of the goods and services your business can provide, and a firm reminder of your organization. When written correctly, a power statement is a tool that puts your company head and your shoulders above your competitors.

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Legally use great software at no cost –

Did you know that there is a full range of programs known as "open source programs" that can be used at no cost at all? There, it is great for retired people, RVers, or anyone who loves fantastic products at low prices.

Many of these programs offer the same features or superior features over their business counterparts, are upgraded periodically at no cost, and generally operate without locking your computer. In addition, creators do not constantly bombard you with messages intended to encourage you to purchase an upgrade or other program!

This article offers a program I use and I'm familiar and recommend. Look for other articles that discuss other programs in the future.

The most popular Open Source program I will discuss is It is a suite of integrated programs designed to serve all home or office needs. This program may be compared to the Office Office, which is frequently encountered but not unnecessarily by Microsoft. is not hundreds of dollars; it's zero!

This is not the product that comes in recently. Have been used in some form or another for 20 years. It has been adopted as a standard program by companies, schools and governments around the world. However, it is still widely unknown in the United States, at least between what I know. With your help, maybe this can be changed! includes five components: Write, calculate, impress, draw, and base. These functions provide the following functions: word processor, spreadsheet, presentation, drawing, and database. What more do you need?

More importantly, what amount do you want to pay more? Remember, this program is available for free.

Concern about compatibility? do not be. Text documents can be saved in doc format. If it should be opened by Word.

You can get the full full version (not a trial or evaluation version) of this great program here:

I have used this suite for several years now. I have failed or closed my computer in a few times so I can not even remember it happening. I consider its draw program to be much higher than the equivalent program offered as part of the Microsoft Office suite. Overall faulty!

The only reason I think of not using it is that it requires you to download it and install it! This is not a big challenge for most people, but it will take a few minutes.

Try it; if you do not want it you can always uninstall it. You can always spend more!

Look for more articles about the great programs that RVer can use to enhance creativity or business activities while enjoying the freedom of the way.

Copyright 2008 Keith A. Williams

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7 C of Business Writings

Having some hard times writing business? For some reasons, you do not need to. There is always a solution to each problem and at your side, you can look for simple ways to help you with writing tasks.

If you're looking for simple instructions to follow in writing business, consider "7 C & s." While the speed of understanding and ease of remembering, ensuring that you follow them will improve the quality of your worksheets.

  1. Clarity. Good writing for business is clear. He has a specific message, with no ambiguity about what each phrase tries to communicate.
  2. Right. Contains the correct grammatical rules (with permission from the English Business Program) and accurate facts, successfully deliver your message because all errors, whether mechanical or realistic, have been adequately addressed.
  3. Brief. Worksheets are written correctly concisely, expressing ideas in sufficient words as necessary. There is no unnecessary long wits and beating around the bush.
  4. Conversation. Good writing looks like a real business conversation. No language is difficult to implement and there is no unnecessary ambiguity.
  5. convincing. A serious tone is used to draw a reasonable and convincing picture, regardless of whether you are persuasive or likely to report.
  6. courteous. Writing good business takes people into consideration, so they are either harsh or insensitive. There is a promising atmosphere of courtesy to everyone, no matter how high or low their job titles are.
  7. Complete. A good worksheet should be complete and contain all the information that recipients need to understand effectively.

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Apostolic certification service for the document

The literal meaning of Abostil is martyrdom, a French word. The certificate certificate is the result of the Hague Convention, a treaty between more than 100 countries that allows the acceptance of documents issued in a country in another country. For most people living in their country of birth, the marriage of a person from this same country and work there too, it comes illegally ever. However, you must decide to migrate either permanently or briefly for reasons of employment, marriage in another country or having a dual nationality child, it may be necessary to prove your identity. For example, the German registrar will not know whether the Irish birth certificate is the real thing because he can not access the Irish records. In order to do so, the FCO qualifies them as genuine British documents that have been properly prepared, stamped, signed or closed, and abosteel issued. This is a simple paper attached to it and officially sealed. It is then signed by an official government official.

Prior to the Convention, there were no specific rules and different countries had different requirements, procedures, schedules and prices of legal documents. This has caused confusion and difficulty, let alone delays, as some countries have processed documents through the courts. As a solution, the Convention was put into effect in 1961. Not all States have signed, but mechanisms have been established with the regions and consulates of non-Annexed States to allow the use of documents.

You may be required to provide legal documents, documented documents, certified documents, and certified documents. Many terms are often misused when referring to document documentation. Ultimately, the Apostille certificate documents the document for use in another country that is a member of the Hague Convention. Authentication and authentication are often confused, especially by people in other countries where the documentation system differs from that in the UK. Please always check with people who request your documents before going down the authentication path where it can be expensive, especially when it is not necessary.

When a country is not a member of the Hague Convention, documents are typically documented with abostil before being processed by the local embassy. The Embassy will then add more certificates or stamps to ensure that the document is valid in her country.

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Understanding the community discourse and its importance

As an experienced conversation lover who has used verbal words since childhood, you can easily move from a group of people to modify your tone, vocabulary, and syntax accordingly. Often without thinking about it, you talk differently about your parents than you do to your teachers and differently from both groups when you are alone with your friends. You will not dream of using the same patterns of speech in the dressing room and church.

Most writers understand the concept of the audience and why it is important to understand who their audience is when authoring. However, just understanding the "who" of your audience is just the beginning of an experienced book. Effective writing and writing that work and receive the intended message and impact, must suit the community of discourse that it is destined to serve.

What is a discourse society? A discourse community is a group of people who "speak the same language" or, in other words, people who share your interest in specific topics, share a set of knowledge about these topics, and have common vocabulary to discuss these topics. Have you ever been around a group of people who have a common passion you did not know about? It may be a sport, a certain activity, a talent, or a job, but it is possible that without sharing the same passion you will find it difficult to follow their conversation. This is because you are not a member of the discourse community. While they speak the same language as you speak – English – the context of the dialogue community changes the way language is used as well as the content of that language.

You already belong to many discourse communities as a result of your family, ethnic and religious background as well as your personal interests and personal activities. Students enter the larger dialogue community from the institutions they attend as well as many smaller discourse communities within that institution, including classrooms, clubs, private institutions, disciplines and programs. Workers enter the larger dialogue community from their own workplace and depend on size and focus. The institution may also enter smaller dialogue communities within it. For example, in a hospital, a nurse can belong to a hospital dialogue community, nursing staff, and emergency management.

So why is it important for writers to consider the discourse society?

Speech is a broader and more formal discussion or discussion of our ideas, whether in speech or writing. Speech is important because we communicate in the social world in which we live and work. The social groups we communicate with are called communities. A community is a group of people connected to a common purpose or purpose. So the dialogue community is a social group that participates in dialogue.

When you engage in a dialogue society, you must understand the language used and how the language is used and what knowledge it generally possesses within society and what the motivation is and society cares about. The understanding of the discourse community goes beyond the mere knowledge and goal of your audience – understanding what words to use, how to frame these words into units (sentences, paragraphs, etc.), and what information members of society already have.

Once you understand the concept of the discourse society and begin applying it to your writings, you will immediately see an increase in the effectiveness of your writing. Then you can start making informed decisions about every aspect of your writing by choosing the word, grammar, syntax / paragraph to tone and level of formality.

Source by Deanna Mascle

Different types of holiday accommodation

Looking for an ordinary job, adventure or relaxation to get rid of all the stress from work? Then a vacation in one of the academics after the destinies of the world is your best choice. There are lots of things to see and try out from outdoor adventures, tours, wine tasting, dining, wildlife watching and shopping. However, before you can enjoy all these amazing things, you should plan for your first place of residence.
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How to find the best accommodations? All you have to do is decide whether you want to relax on the beach, next to the lake, or near an important city in order to enjoy urban life. After your choice of excursions, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from.
Here is the list:

Hotel – There are a range of hotels from world-class establishments to small rural bars. If you want to explore the city, the museums and shopping centers, staying in a nearby hotel is the best choice for you. Most hotels are elegant and unique and come with multiple rooms which may vary in size and type. On the other hand, the clean and elegant rural pub hotels with pleasant facilities.
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Apartments – Located throughout the country and offers guests the comforts of home during their vacation. Apartments are a great option when traveling with the entire family or group of friends, accommodating up to 6 people. It also has a kitchen, living room, dining room and 1-3 smaller rooms closed from the living area.

Self-contained accommodation – Like an apartment, independent accommodation provides the same comfort you get from home during your vacation. Usually referred to as your home away from home, it provides all the privacy you need and desire.
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There are plenty of independent accommodation with 1 or 3 bedrooms, a fully equipped kitchen and a lounge and laundry area.

Holiday Parks – This is ideal for backpack or camp packages. Vacation parks also known as camping grounds can be found in cities and rural areas.
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They are generally geared for families and come with playgrounds or recreational facilities. A holiday park can be a cabin, a permanent caravan, apartments or motel.

Luxury – There are plenty of luxury accommodations for those who want to live on a high standard or high standard of service and well-being.
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They range from exclusive resorts to secluded beaches or Lake Front Inn with superb facilities, exceptional food and highly professional service.

A vacation in one of the most beautiful countries in the world is not conservative without the hospitality experience that suits Kiwi and good accommodation. With many attractions and activities to fill your day, you need a comfortable place to help you relax and have a restful sleep.

Source by Paul J Easton

Choosing the right office for rent

Before you consider relocating your business to other rented awards, or if you're thinking about moving a business you started at home, which now grows to the extent you need to rent office space, it's important to think about your business needs. You need to prioritize your needs and clarify what you are looking for before you even start looking for the right rental office. Clarity and goal setting will make hunting easier and shorter as there will be plenty of offices to rent – all you need to do is make sure you get it right.

If you have a list of necessary facilities and requirements, it will be easier to hit people on the list that do not meet your requirements. You'll probably have to give up some of your wish list, but as long as you do not give up the aspects necessary for your business to succeed, finding an office to hire will be easier.

What to consider when renting an office:

What is your budget? It's important to look at this first because it will give you an idea of ​​what you can afford. You need to remember about business prices, legal fees and any service charges that come with the office. You'll also need a budget for any adjustments or improvements you need to make to the space in order to make it the right office for your business.

See to your business needs – Do you need to be more centralized to attract people who walk past or do you need to be near the highway to reach?

The size of your business – how many people do you work with? How many visitors do you have on a daily / weekly basis? You have to think about your employees, your customers and any suppliers. You need to calculate the minimum amount of space required so that you do not commit a very small office rental error.

Any special requirements you have. For example IT requirements – again, you should think about this and put them in a basic and unnecessary list. The potential hood you find in finding an office to hire with all the IT requirements that meet your needs is minimal – you may have to invest in upgrading what already exists or setting up your own systems.

Access to customers, employees and any disabled persons who may use your office.

Facilities such as toilets, kitchens, kitchen areas and places for people to relax in.

It is important to look at your business plan and your expectations. It would be wrong to rent a place suitable for your business for 6 months – you need to look to the future and rent somewhere that would be true if you expect a remarkable growth for your company. You can see and see if there are other areas in the building that can be extended to it if this is the case.

The advantages of office rental are that the costs offered are much lower than the purchase. You do not need a huge deposit or take the commitment involved in your purchase. You are protected from the falling real estate market, something in the current market is considered a major consideration. Leasing is also a fixed cost that is easy to put into your budget, which is also good in today's economy. The landlord is often responsible for maintaining the exterior of the building and any common areas where the tenant is responsible for maintaining his or her office – although this should be checked by the lawyer before signing the lease. .

When you find somewhere that meets your requirements, you need to make sure that you and your staff feel comfortable there. The office must be a place where people will be able to work in a productive way. Surprisingly, the positive impact of working in the right office can be, people will feel more inspired and will enjoy coming to work than just settling in an inappropriate place. Staff will thrive in the right building in the right atmosphere, which is why it's important to think about your business needs before you even start looking for an office to rent it.

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Dating Sites – Four Golden Rules

Here are some tips to help you make the most of using a dating website. You can say that these are the four golden rules.

How do you feel when you chat or send an email to someone who has a blank space in the image space? Well you just do not know. They may be good looking, or maybe not, you do not know. You can not do more than just talk to them "temporarily", without committing to anything. The picture makes the conversation more personal. If you feel this way about someone else's photo, it's important to have a photo on your profile. This is worth some attention, to get a picture that reflects more the type of person you are.

For the same reasons listed above, your profile is very important. You should try to make your profile description as complete as possible. Fill in all fields. It's best to show that you have a wide range of interests, if you can. This is your chance to truly express yourself. Remember that your profile is likely to be seen by many people of the opposite sex before they actually communicate with you. So your profile page is called the "store window" and I'm taking some interest in it.

Be clear about what you want
It's possible to go on a dating site without a clear direction of what exactly you are looking for. Experience has shown, however, that you are much more likely to get a full and satisfying dating experience if you are very clear about what you want from him, and you have specific goals. Looking for fun, friendship, relationship and marriage? It is best to decide on these things early.

Take your time
It's always good to spend time browsing a new site, to learn how everything works, what you can do, and what you can not do. You can also find out what type of people the site targets, and the type that can be found there in general. You'll also get some good ideas about how you can do better with others.

The best thing about dating sites about putting a single bar type is that it's easier to deal with people and start a conversation. So why not begin today?

Source by Robert Paterson

Directing Vision with Targeted Targets

Start living more vigorously and more importantly – the journey begins today!

Purpose is what I created. The mission is what you intend to do about it. Visions are the guide. Goals are the means of achievement.

So far we have discovered that we all have a purpose and in the same way, we all have a mission as well. To this point, we just had to be ready to discover them. Patience and desire were the keys.

Then we learned that we are all visions and we have only permission to practice our imagination in creating visions. Now we come to the crossroads that separates dreamers from real dreamers.

Dreamers will remain in the hallway swinging dreaming dreams and waiting for them to recognize them. Insight will begin to experience an urgent need to see the dream come true and will begin to shape the design. If you see a more vibrant and vibrant life within you, you have a vision. If you want to see it, you're ready for the targeted goal process.

Each of the dreamers in our last article does not remember much about the dreams they dreamed of, but the way they brought them into reality. We have noticed that we bought not endangered because of the greatness of Edison, Bill, Gandhi, and Buster, because that is to deny the greatness of each of us.

These great people had what we could call wild imagination. But they had something else – the tools that ensure that every dream appears in a better reality. Most importantly, they had confidence in their dreams. It is reported that Thomas Edison conducted some thousand experiments before the incandescent bulb flared. But he continued the process, knowing that he was not defeated until he resigned.

Victory does not necessarily belong to the best. Belongs to the most persistent.

Vision is the ability to see what others can not see (yet); to create something new new, better, bigger and brighter. But this vision must be translated into reality and measurable. When you start this process and design the goals, you become the architect of your vision.

The design goal is actually an architect's work. It brings those visions that lie beyond the scope of the rule and above to the real world, using the tools of the real world, and changing the real world in this process.

If the vision is properly built and ready for delivery, if you are committed to delivering it, you will be ready to work in front of you. Make no mistake, the real work begins now.

But this process does not take place in the porch swing. This requires devotion, energy, and sometimes the desire to give up the created comforts. You will need to drag calculators, Gantt charts, projections, plans, your contacts and resources. There must be ready to "go break," to put everything on the line to illustrate the dream.

If you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your dreams, the good news is that there is a process of reproduction. There is a formula, and although it will not work for you, it will guide you.

Each vision will have multiple objectives, which must be carefully laid out, just as stones lead to a predetermined destination. Start by incorporating the goals that you think will make the vision closer to reality.

For each goal you specify, follow the process below. While you work during the design process, you will determine that some goals are not necessary after all and will be discarded. Others will move to the foreground. Stay with this process. An accounting partner is priceless at this stage of the process.

Step 1 – Project Objective

Step 2 – Study the Need

Step 3 – Determine Success and Failure

Step 4 – Explore Options

Step 5 – Identify Requirements, Obstacles, & Resources

Step 6 – Development Strategies

Step 7 – Implementation of the Final Program

There is nothing left to do. Your plan is formulated and you only need to put the wheels in motion and watch that goal.

Follow the same process with each of the goals you set to see you under construction.

The difference between dreamer and vision is the determination to achieve vision. The dreamer is no less creative, but he is often unqualified or uninformed to turn vision into reality.

The real dreamer dreams of avoiding reality. Dreams are a real insight to change them.

Start your exciting journey today – create large, detailed paintings of dreams and then dedicate yourself to the process of bringing them.

You have something to offer the world that no one else can offer. The world is waiting!

Copyright 2005 of So-lu & shunz Management Services

Source by Karin Syren

London Hotels in St George & # 39;

As St. George's Fast Day, which falls next month directly on April 23, approaches, the mad rush to a hotel reservation may not yet happen, but we believe it will happen.

A mole in the tale of St. George and the Dragon, the feast of St. John attests to the thousands of people celebrating the national patron of St. England.
This will see many landing in London to do so, with many deciding to travel to London without any hotel reservations or accommodation. For this reason, booking an advanced hotel is of great importance.

London has a great international reputation as a great tourist attraction with a number of great hotels, London is heavily busy on a normal day, but on the day celebrated with the joy of England, London can be guaranteed with tourists.
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Making hotel reservations in advance can ensure that not only can you spend the day celebrating in the most possible way, but it also means that you have a decent place to stay – a good hotel to sleep from a busy evening.

Due to the huge number of hotels offered by the capital, we have created a brief guide, documenting four of London's best hotels where you can stay in this saint.
Day: George

Hyde Park Hotel, Leinster Square: This type of exterior is commonly associated with West End but with added freshness, this new hotel certainly meets expectations. The studio rooms at this hotel have clearly high standards in mind. Each room is equipped with a kitchenette, flat-screen TV and high-speed internet access. Overall, in our opinion, this is a hotel that should definitely be booked in advance.
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Hampstead Hotel Britannia, Primrose Hill Road: This hotel is close to both Regent Park and vibrant Camden Town and may be simpler than the Hyde Park. So what is lacking in style, more than makes up for the location. With a number of designer boutiques, restaurants, cafés and pubs in the immediate vicinity, the Hampstead Britannia Hotel St. St. John & # 39; s. George Day is the most exciting event.

Apex City of London Hotel, Senning Lane: The Apex City Hotel has an exterior that gives itself to many of its European counterparts, offering comfort and elegance.
All rooms have basic features such as widescreen satellite TVs with abstract art pieces. Advanced shower booths and pillow menu (to help keep the head comfortable and comfortable?) Show that all exit points will be pulled.

Hotel Raphael, Lombard Road: Well, it's a long shot – we know, but this hotel is just that excellence.
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Located in the trendy South West London area, the Hotel Raphael is the most environmentally friendly building in the area. Modern technology and scenic views of the Thames allow those guests who wish to celebrate only. George's day in a quiet way to do it amazingly. It should be noted that with a five star hotel rating, this hotel comes at a price.

So why not beat the rush and you book a hotel today.

Source by Helen Unwin