The main tourist attractions in Paris

Paris has it all. Several cities on Earth are as dramatic and picturesque as the French capital. If you were to travel around the world and compile a list of its most beautiful cities, Paris with its unique monuments and charming streets would always be in the top ten.

Since the Enlightenment, Paris, the city of Light, has been fascinated by fashion artists, artists, buffaloes and writers of history, all inspired by bohemian culture and the abundance of museums and large bouquets. Paris is nowhere like the country. To quote Owen Wilson. “… when you come out of space, you can see these lights, cafes, people drinking and singing. For all we know, Paris is the hottest spot in the universe. ”

The unique heartbeat of Paris makes fun of the hearts and minds of those who have entered this dramatic city. Even travel writers fall into the trap of cluttered streets, outdoor cafes and boats along Sinai. With its Champs-Élysées and Place des Vosges, Latin Quarter and Montmartre, Paris is the original model for other major capitals of the world, all aspiring to their great elegance and exemplary elegance.

But where do you start? Whether it’s your first time or your next, there’s so much to see and try: you’ll probably find yourself in bed: even a little overwhelmed. Start with these six syllables. Two museums, two monuments and two churches. Plan a trip to St. Petersburg when possible, using the fun little Batobus, with its glass roof and comfortable stops at most of your top attractions. It will be as much a journey as it is a journey.

Two museums: Louvre & Orsay

You probably already know which two museums to put on your “do” list for any trip to Paris. Louvre և Orsay. Even if you have already visited these museums on business trips, come back to them this time, and you are in town every time. However, show mercy to yourself and plan to visit only one of these magnificent buildings every day.

The Louvre. There’s not much that compares to the Louvre. Even walking through the yard will create gasoline when you encounter a large pyramid of I. M. Pei glass. The photos just don’t do it justice. The pyramid stands as a restless background to the half-size version of the Arc de Triomphe, which is part of Napoleon’s other arch. Voie Triomphale: (“Triumphal View”). This small arch rises from the Cathedral of St. Mark in Venice in a bronze horse-drawn chariot, which Napoleon visited in 1798 (the chariot has now been returned to its legal home and replaced with a copy). As you stand in this yard, the huge building that surrounds you ranges from the old to the old, which contains a 12th-century castle in a 16th-century palace.

To get to the Louvre, take the Batobus and jump at the Louvre stop. Look at the other side of the river, the stunning view of Orsa, the former train station, and now the inverted art museum, which you will visit another day. Before entering the Louvre through the pyramid, have a strong plan. And, of course, have a pre-purchased museum card in Paris so you can skip the lines.

As you walk through this former palace, you will be followed by the Kings, who walk around these same halls and galleries, having fun at the priceless collections of paintings and sculptures. Look around, up and down the windows in the lavish palace itself, as it does in its artwork.

Save time during your visit Favorable victory, in: Mona Lisa:, Venus du Milo, and Apollo Gallery (where King Ar, Louis XIV, had an audience). Visit Salle des Caryatides: See the Roman examples of Greek sculptures in the collection of the kings of France, including the four careerists, the female snowmen who serve as pillars, and balance the music gallery in their heads. Install the underground medieval tower and mill from King Philip of the 12th century. These ruins were discovered during archeological excavations to remove and preserve useless artifacts before the construction of the pyramid.

Stand covered with glass, in the sunlight, Marley courtyard, with magnificent and mighty Marley’s horses and other sculptures from the magnificent de Marley Gardens, the palace of the land in Sinai, where King Aris entertained his close acquaintances until the end of his reign. Stop at the Cafe while landing at Mollien Staircase. Sit on the roof overlooking Napoleon’s courtyard and pyramid.

Orsay. The more important it is for you to visit the Louvre, the more important it may be to save time to study Orsay. The collections are so shocking that they will stick in your mind all the time. As you wander through this huge former train station, impressed by the crowds of visitors to the 1900 Paris World’s Fair, you will be greeted by a room of priceless works of art by iconic Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, van Gogh, Dégas. , Cézanne and Toulouse-Lautrec. Elegant sculptures are spread on the tracks of former trains and balconies, now on the terraces of sculptures, where travelers once stood waiting for their trains.

Inside the museum’s entrance is a 1/16 scale model of the Statue of Liberty, which was awarded to the United States by France in 1876 to honor the centenary of American independence. Plan ahead (make reservations) to dine in the former dining room of the Grand Hotel, which was once adjacent to the train station.

Two monuments. Tower and arch

Of course, any trip to Paris should include visits to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. These are Parisian Quintessential Monuments, one designed to be the entrance to the 1889 Paris Universal Exhibition and the other to commemorate Napoleon and commemorate his victories. Above each of them you will have brilliant views of the city.

Eiffel tower. Make your reservations at the Eiffel Tower before making your visit so that you have some time to enter. Consider a great diversion by combining a visit to your tower with either lunch or dinner. 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant: At the 2nd level. While you’re at Level 1, step on the glass floor and look down if you dare. Ask someone to prove your picture as proof.

If you take the elevator upstairs, take a break for a glass of champagne as you look beyond Paris at what has been the world’s tallest building for more than 40 years. If you feel that the tower is slightly windy, you will have even more history when you return home.

Arc de Triomphe:. At Arc de Triomphe, take the tunnel under the rage of the monument surrounding the monument and spend some time reading the inscriptions. It is possible that you will climb 284 steps upwards, another inexhaustible sight to Paris. Even better, climb to the top at night to feel like a Parisian crow.

Look back from your vantage point at the top of this triumphal arch Voie Triomphale: to the small arch in the courtyard outside the Louvre, where you used to stand. This will give you a glimpse of Napoleon’s self-esteem. Take a look at the Sacré Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, climbing high on its hill overlooking Paris. A look along the Champs-Elysées with storefronts and shoppers. If you are so inclined, take this opportunity to mention some of the major fashion ventures and visit them later to see what you can find.

Two churches. Notre Dame & Saint-Chapelle:

Finally, there are two churches on your list of “musts”: a temple and a chapel, both located on the larger island of Sena, the Ile de la Site. This island is the place where Paris was first established in BC. In the 3rd century, giving the name of Paris. Two centuries later, in BC. In 55 CE, the Romans destroyed and besieged the city of Paris, then rebuilt the city on their own, filling it with temples, the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Roman baths.

Notre Dame:. The first of these necessary visits is Notre Dame, which was built on the site of an ancient Roman temple. This huge architectural masterpiece took more than 200 years to build, beginning in 1160, and has stood the test of time throughout these centuries, despite revolutions and wars, neglect and renovation. It is now badly damaged by a tragic fire that has engulfed its already flammable roof.

Notre Dame remains great even in its discredited state. It will take years for visitors to walk in again to sit in peace, glancing at the rose window. At this point, you will only be able to see it from the front, back and on each side. Give yourself some time with this remarkable building. Cross the bridge to the left and find a floating boat. Choose a table next to the wall and order a glass of wine. When you look at the Notre Dame River, you are amazed at its remarkable life story, from its construction in the Middle Ages to the benefits of modern tools and technology.

Sainte-Chapelle:. Finally, saving one of the best, walk to the opposite end of the island, from Notre Dame, to sit for a while on the airy Sainte-Chapelle, welcoming you as one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the Western world. Fans in the Middle Ages considered this chapel “a gate to heaven.” Surrounded by the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world, amazingly preserved for more than 770 years, you are amazed by the intensity of color and light. If you can arrange concert tickets in these elegant conditions, do so. You will remember it for the rest of your life.

Now you have a good start in Paris. But there is more, much more. Paris is a city that will have to come back again and again. Fall in love a little more each time you review.