Five port cities on the Iberian Peninsula

When you mention the idea of ​​a vacation in Spain or Portugal, the first thing that comes to mind is often the beach. Among them, Spain and Portugal boast of great differences in beaches, the first of which is accompanied by the warm seas of the Mediterranean Sea, and the latter – the wonderful Atlantic voyage.

Both countries boast several excellent port cities. In them, the holiday combines the look of the beach with the heavy entertainment of the city, which, of course, is a sad resolution. What’s more, you can even navigate from one city to another when you plan a trip around the Iberian Peninsula with 5 Port cities.

1) Barcelona.

“Barcelona” is connected with swelling and energy. This magnificent city is a fun and culturally amazing paradise that simply attracts the attention of visitors. He spends most of his time studying the street labyrinth in the Barry Gothic area, easily taking it to the beach of “Barcelona” and looking for various thoughtful architectural works of Gaud:.

2) Lisbon.

The wonderful modern Lisbon is becoming more and more popular among vacationers. This port city lives and breathes the Atlantic Ocean, which washes its shores and defines most of its daily life. Explore long-forgotten botanical gardens, search for monuments in the Belem district, then leave your hair in the atmosphere of Bario Alto, before returning to one of the rented apartments at night, which Lisbon offers to its visitors.

3) Porto.

The second largest city in Portugal is associated with the meaning of the word “port”. This is not only a vibrant and magnificent port city, but also the home of a much-loved alcoholic beverage, a port of fortified wine. The port is exported from Porto to places all over the world; Among the importers are England and France.

4) Santander.

The small house Santander proves in the north of Spain that it is a good antidote to the urban shouts of Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and Porto. Life is all here, but it is dictated by a number of wonderful beaches around the port. For books, relax in a stunning 19th-century apartment that specializes in the city of Santander, and just have a good time moving from one beach to another.

5) Cadiz.

The city of Kadir is a gateway to the south of Spain. It is also a gateway to miles of coastal idyll, which means that if you’re in Cadiz when you’re sailing around the ports of the Iberian Peninsula, it’s worth a trip to the surrounding coastal area.