7 scholarships for sonography education

Earning a certificate or degree in diagnostic medical sonography can lead to a rewarding career. It is important for students to pay attention to how to pay tuition or how to reduce the cost of their education. Sonography scholarships are popular because they do not have to repay student loans or federal grants. The following are quality scholarships that fund students who teach sonography.

AMVETS Scholarships:

Deadline: On April 15

Description: Many scholarships are available for active servicemen and veterans, their children and grandchildren. Scholarships include six $ 4,000 scholarships for high school students attending 4-year college programs or accredited technical schools. $ 4,000 Scholarship for Veterans Participating in a 4-Year Scholarship Program or Technical School Certificate / Degree Program; և One USD Scholarship for JROTC High School. There are many other scholarships available to veterans և active military personnel who attend accredited schools: listed on the AMVETS website.

Contact Address: 4647 Forbes Boulevard Lanham, MD 20706:

Contact phone: 877-726-8387:

Alan D. Wagon Sonography Student Scholarship Award

Deadline: On November 30

Description: The scholarship includes $ 1,000, an annual registration fee for the foundation’s scholarship և up to $ 500 to fund travel expenses to participate in the conference. Students must be included in CAAHEP’s accredited echocardiography or cardiac ultrasound program. EEC membership is required to qualify for a scholarship.

Contact Address: 2100 Gateway Center Boulevard, Ste. 310, Morrisville, NC 27560:

Contact phone: 919 – 861-5574:

Erman Erman-Kahoun Student Scholarship

Deadline: February 1, 2014

Description: The scholarship gives $ 2,500 to several entry level students each year. Students must be enrolled in one of several accredited fields of study, one of which is sonography. It is a renewable scholarship if students meet the requirements every year.

Contact Address: 15000 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-3909

Contact phone: 800-444-2778:

IFSER Scholarship

Deadline: June 30, 2014

Description: The IFSER Foundation provides grants of up to $ 500 to students enrolled in CAAHEP’s accredited diagnostic medical sonography program.

Contact Address: 929 East Main Street # 175, Joy Pa. 17552:

Contact phone: 520 300-2222:

Health Scholarship of the Ingham District Medical Society Alliance

Deadline: January 31, 2014

Description: This is a good example of the scholarships available to many locals. Each year, $ 1,500 in scholarships are awarded to residents of the Clinton-Eaton-Ingham area of ​​Michigan or to graduates of the three schools that will be involved in Allied health care programs, one of which is Diagnostic Medical Sonography. Scholarship seekers should check with local foundations, businesses, and community organizations. Many scholarships are not well published because they are designed to help local residents.

Contact Address: 10034 Oak Island Dr., Laingsburg, MI 48848-8718:

Contact person: Dee Loge-Wacker:

Royce Osborne Minority Student Scholarship

Deadline: February 1, 2014

Description: Each year, five thousand $ 4,000 scholarships are awarded to low-income students who are majoring in sonography or other health care programs.

Contact Address: 15000 Central Ave. SE, Albuquerque, NM 87123-3909

Contact phone: 800-444-2778:

SDMS Foundation Sonogram Advanced Scholarship

Deadline: June 30

Description: Students who have already worked as a sonographer for at least two years may be eligible for a $ 2,500 scholarship to complete an online-level sonography course. Eligibility requirements include a member of the SDMS who is in good condition and is accepted or included in the accredited ultrasonic technology program.

Contact Address: 2745 Dallas Pkwy Ste 350, Plano, Texas 75093-8730:

Contact phone: 214-473-8057: