Concorde’s G-BOAE retired to Barbados


It has been three and a half years since its inception, but the G-BOAE, the last concordant to fly over the Atlantic Ocean, has finally opened for public tours at Grantley Adams Airport in Barbados. Everyone is welcome.

The experience of the Barbadian Concorde, as it was called, was designed to provide the barbarians and visitors with an educational and learning experience at the same time, not only about the history of aviation, but also about the role and development of Concorde in shaping history over the past 20 years. Century.

The British Airlines launched its scheduled service to Barbados from London on December 12, 1987. And in late 1988, Concorde flew from New York to Barbados in four weeks, becoming the only destination in the world to receive Concorde services from both sides. Atlantic

For the next 15 years, the airline will operate flights on Saturdays throughout the UK, with celebrities and VIPs living in the UK searching for the winter solstice. Christmas և During the New Year, three or four flights a week were not uncommon, or scheduled services or charters. One day, two British Airways and one Air France Concorde were seen on the ramp at once. The airline later added a weekly service during the peak August holidays. It is also known that some passengers were going to fly to Barbados “for breakfast at Sandy Lane”.

Barbados played a major role in the success of British airline Concorde, significantly increasing the airline’s profits.

The last scheduled supersonic flight from Barbados was in 2003. It was on August 30 that the passengers were sent by the Royal Barbados Police Orchestra through a magnificently guarded honor guard.

Four of the seven supersonic aircraft belonging to British Airways will be stored in Britain, two in the United States and the last in Alpha-Echo, Barbados.

Alpha-Echo is located at the airport with a 28,000-square-foot temporary hanger. Barbados Concorde’s experience includes many media shows, penetration experience, event center, virtual flight school and gift center.