Recent developments at Lock Island’s McArthur Airport


1. Declining numbers.

Long Island MacArthur Airport, owned by the city of Islip, has been in a vicious cycle since its inception. Airlines have long been reluctant to provide services due to a lack of passengers, and passengers have been reluctant to use the airport because airlines have failed to provide the service they are looking for. Over the past six decades, this phenomenon has almost drowned out non-existence.

Although 1.8 million passengers spend an average of 3.7 million passengers a year in the area of ​​its eastern county of Nassau-Safolk, these favorable facts end here, as only 25 percent of them use MacArthur for their travels. Rising by 50 percent, if only the non-stop service is considered, this statistic emphasizes the interest of the carriers if they provide them.

Indeed, between 2007 and 2012, the number of annual departures fell from 14,784 to 7,930, a sharp decline in all major U.S. airports, effectively lowering the Long Island facility’s 1999 status as Southwest Airlines. caused the last period of growth.

In addition to falling victim to this recession and increasing fuel costs like these other terminals, it has historically been forced to operate in the shadow of New York’s three major airports, thus occupying most of the same market base, yet it depends on almost exclusively one carrier, the Southwest. , for his service. The growing trend of consolidation of airlines is leading to less likely airline companies, almost all of which have been operating at the airport in the past, while current fuel prices have led to the exploitation of regional airline stocks, which prompts the withdrawal of carriers. At one time, it provided hotspots in the South East of Atlanta (ASA), the Commerce to Inc. and the Clintland continent.

Choosing to deviate from the philosophy of unsecured, overestimated, secondary airports, on the basis of which it was established, and responding to the demand of large market participants, the south-west gradually redistributed aircraft assets from small to large cities to maximize revenue, but most of the developed Islip market.

Opposing this assessment, Southwest noted that this strategy reflects changes in the system industry and not those limited to MacArthur.

The Long Island market, however, includes factors outside the industry. Encouraged by the additional playing cards acquired after the acquisition of AirTran at La Gardia Airport, the south-west itself increased the frequencies and directions of higher profitability and load factor airport.

With a peak of 34 hours a day from Long Island, it gradually reduced its presence, stopping service in its two centralized cities, Nashville and Las Vegas, thus removing the flights they were introduced to.

In June 2012, the Chicago-Midway service was discontinued and moved to La Guardia, reducing the number of flights by almost half to 18.

The fact that he had to restore the airport, in many ways, has now become an obstacle to its growth. Due to its low structure and low fare, it has hampered other airlines that are considering providing services there, particularly on routes such as Florida, where there is a monopoly. However, the city authorities of Islip, as they walk on the road with tiles, are making serious efforts to maintain close contact with the airline, as the future of the airport depends on it.

However, that future depends more on the number of flights and the number of passengers. It also depends on the finances, and they were optimistic. Between 2010 and 2012, for example, the airport lost nearly $ 4.2 million, forcing it to use the $ 11 million plot of land for sale in 2009 to use funds raised from the sale of Long Island Railroad to compensate for the deficit. how to attract businesses to rent the spare parts of the last terminal. for the first time impose a general air landing fee. և Reduce staff counting և overtime.

But what is needed are much more mature strategies to defuse tensions. Based on the prevailing conditions, are there any?

2. Improving infrastructure և Recommendations.

As the region’s economic engine, Long Island MacArthur Airport can only operate if the city of Islip is looking for innovative ways to engage the airline’s services that provide fuel for it, which is why it has made a number of improvements to its infrastructure.

Upgrading of the $ 10.6 million terminal on the mountain range, which began in September 2011, has been modified to include vehicle upgrades and the introduction of a 750-foot umbrella on the island’s front to facilitate passenger droplets. և Pickups from both private and public transport. The program also included lighting, drainage and a security checkpoint.

It ended two years later, on January 10, at the expense of passenger fees collected through ticket sales, and a budget of $ 300,000.

Another landslide occurred on the west side of the airport, along Smithown Avenue. Demolition of 52,000 square meters of old invisible wood, steel and concrete block structures designed to engage operators and operators neutralized by the explosion.

Sheltair, one of its three fixed base operators, has agreed to invest $ 20 million over seven years from its 36 acres to a 25-year-old 40-year lease, paving the way for 29,000 square feet of office space and 161,000 square feet of space.

ExcelAire has also signed a 40-year lease, pledging $ 4.5 million to upgrade its facilities. Corporate-acquired Harvestrne Global Aviation Corporation, a South Carolina-based corporation, recently demolished the adjoining building, adding 32,000 square feet of space and a collar area to accommodate a new generation of ultra-large business aircraft. such as Bombardier Global Express, Gulfstream 650 and Falcon 7X.

At the airport, the service of Mid-Island Airlines followed the lawsuit with its own lease and repair contract.

The redefinition of the underpass was a reflection of the airway. The $ 4.5 million grant to the airport, 95 percent of which came from the FAA and the remaining 5 percent from the state and city transport department, helped simplify aircraft taxi drivers to the Runway 33L, reducing overtime, time and fuel consumption. . The plan was to extend Taxiway B, reopen Taxiway E and install airport signs, lights and sidewalk signs.

The applications were awarded to Rosemar Contracting of Patchogue (construction of a taxi road), JKL Engineering of Maryland (construction of taxi highways), Savik and Murray of Ronconcoma (removal of obstruction of runways and supply of equipment).

Other projects that resulted from the airport’s short, medium, and long-term master plans included light rail workers connecting the terminal to Long-Island Railway Station and extending the latter to 7,000 feet. to increase the safety of existing flights and to attract new, longer distances.

It was even suggested that the airport be converted into an international gateway. Initiating a public campaign in this direction, Sen. Charles Schumer, MacArthur’s longtime lawyer, held a press conference on June 10, 2013, urging the United States Customs and Border Patrol to set up a gateway to allow carriers to start flying to the Bahamas. : ուբ Aruba, often in demand for sand and sand travel.

The campaign, which was encouraged by interesting letters sent by a low-cost Mexican carrier, Interjet, and similar prices, but only offered by long-term European operator FlyA, could greatly expand the scope of the airport’s operations.

Although the Department of Homeland Security regularly reviewed the need for such requests, its own resources were already tight, and it is unlikely that it would be able to take over the potentially unnecessary facilities at the airport in New York. to deploy such flights without infrastructure changes.

These ambitious proposals have created their own Catch-22 situation, very similar to the airport’s faulty airline-passenger transportation cycle. As they managed to capture new carriers and routes, it was virtually impossible to justify their costs when the downturn was unlikely to require existing ones.

3. Airlines.

Although infrastructure upgrades and promising offers could improve the operational experience of existing carriers, it was eventually the city of Islip that was able to attract airlines that would fill the blood flow at Long Island Airport. So he made some significant efforts.

A. Existing airlines.

After relocating its aircraft to the southwestern La Guardia airport, the last presence of which was only in the shadow of the peak, it was unlikely that the frequencies or the throne service would rise in new directions in the prevailing economic conditions.

However, it stressed its continued commitment to the regional airport. That the provision of his 25-year contract could theoretically allow him to terminate all services after a decade, but he did not plan to do so.

On the contrary, they have been significantly pushed back by the fact that the 68% burden lost by the experiment two years ago, as a result of its service reduction strategy, increased at intervals to the current 92. And despite the fact that at the same time its presence in La Guardia and MacArthur seemed to weaken the same market, their respective businesses and leisure orientations dispelled this perception.

However, the city of Islip was successful in negotiating a new service with another existing air carrier, US Airways.

As MacArthur’s original tenant:, his longest-serving Allegheny at the time, which was later republished by USAir’s non-stop service, Washington Reagan National, was forced to revoke it after the 2001 flight restrictions were lifted. The flight was the second after the city of Philadelphia, easily exchanged with Delta, La Guardia.

In commemoration of the March 25, 2012, Air Daily Wisconsin operation, the first, one of the 50 daily CRJ-200 regional aircraft operated by the Air Daily Wisconsin, the airport’s fire trucks moved it with a water curtain at 12 noon. After 50. landing

According to: newsIslip Town City Supervisor Tom Croich said: “I look forward to working with our senators and congressmen to ensure that our city’s Long Island MacArthur Airport is adorned with the resources and attention it needs to live to its full potential.”

Ensuring the vital, urban connection of the country’s capital and eliminating the need for a train ticket from the Southwest Universal Comparable Baltimore Service, the planes were converted. On the 28th.

Senator Charles Schumer commented that the new connection only confirmed that Long Island is an unscrupulous market. Although US Airways accounted for only six to seven percent of its route, it was considered disproportionate because of the business-centric nature of its routes.

B. New Airlines.

The capture of the existing sworn service was only one side of the city’s strategic coin. The acquisition of the new ones was another, and for this purpose, a large business and civil society organization Long Island Association expressed interest in the possible service by sending a letter to three carriers, the above-mentioned US Airways, as well as JetBlue and Air. Canada.

Although the demand for expansion and expansion at the southwestern airports in the south-west has initially made an impression on MacArthur for most of the last decade, its backwardness has led to this trend. , minimal freezing. The carrier was expected to have the same positive effect.

Already covering the New York area at New York’s three major airports and two of its secondary airports, White Plains Westers County and New York’s Stuart International Airport, Islip was one of three new destinations he recently considered serving.

Schumer, who was instrumental in investing in the New York service in the early 1990s by providing 75 cents for realistic high-cost routes, described Long-Island Airport as a “missing piece of winding” for JetBlue. He, along with former Illinois City Supervisor Phil Nolan, emphasized their support for the deal with the carrier, both state and local.

Accompanied by Schumer, JetBlue CEO Dave Barger was given a three-day tour of the airport, which is part of the carrier’s evaluation process. Turning around, Schumer leaves for about 30 passengers. Schumer introduces him and advises him to try to persuade him to take the oath of office, prompting spontaneous applause.

Due to the combined population of 2.9 million people in the Nassau and Safolk districts, Barger called the region a “properly sized city” and, as the Caribbean was a growth destination for the airline, it favored the airport’s Caribbean basin and Latin demographics.

Since JetBlue looked at its South-Western rival in many ways, those methods, at least for the convenience of Long Island, have become a figment of the imagination. After winning an auction of eight games at La Guardia Airport, he replaced his New York partner with the ability to fly planes.

Despite the seemingly disappointing result, Barger stressed that given the optimal conditions, serving Islip “if, but when” is not the case.

Another airline that was already interested in the Islip service was Air Canada.

Market research has shown that 58 percent of passengers at the airport’s catchment area flew to Canada, while more than 30 industrial parks under Islip’s 4.2,200 acres further strengthened the need for such routes. In 2011, New York’s bilateral trade with the country amounted to $ 34.8 billion.

The Toronto ring, in particular, was considered a lucrative strategy. As the airline’s 60th cross-border connection, it would do so by unprotected operation of the airport and airspace, minimizing fuel costs and delays, while passengers would have access to its original hub to facilitate flights to Canada, Europe and Asia. As immigration and customs facilities were already available in Canada, no changes were needed in MacArthur.

But once again, the dominance of La Guardia only lowered it as a footnote. As WestJet, its strongest competitor at New York Airport, had just been awarded eight bets, it made more sense to focus its assets there on trying to keep its market share than moving them to Long Island.

Alaska’s PenAir, the penultimate carrier with which the city was exploring the new service, bore more fruit.

By purchasing an FAA Air Transport Promotion Plan that includes reduced fees for new applicants or new routers, the agreement has saved it $ 120,000 for office, rent, operating and landing costs, or a two-year equivalent, provided it continues to do so. after two years of service.

Բոստոն-Լոգանին փոխարինելով առատ օրեցօր Business Express- ը և դրան հաջորդած ամերիկյան Eagle Saab 340 ծառայությունը, բայց դադարեցվել է 2008 թ.-ին, PenAir- ը 2013 թ.-ի հուլիսի 25-ին բացեց երկու ամենօրյա շրջապտույտ նույն տուրբոպրոպ սարքավորումներով `նույն տուրբոպրոպ սարքավորմամբ: նրա աճող հյուսիսարևելյան երթուղային համակարգը, որն ընդգրկում էր Բար Հարբորը, Պլատսբուրգը և Պրեսկե Մենը:

Թռիչքները մեկնեցին առավոտյան 8: 40-ին և երեկոյան 7: 10-ին: ծագմամբ Բոստոնում, երեկոյան 7: 00-ին և 5: 30-ին: Միակողմանի ներածական գները սահմանվել են 119 դոլար:

Վերջին կապի փոխադրողը ՝ Allegiant Air- ը, հավասարապես իր թևերը բերեց Լոնգ-Այլենդ:

«Լաս Վեգասում գործող Allegiant տուրիստական ​​ընկերությունը», – ասվում է նրա մամուլի հաղորդագրության մեջ, «կենտրոնացած է փոքր քաղաքների ճանապարհորդներին համաշխարհային կարգի ժամանցի վայրերին կապելու վրա: Ընկերությունը գործում է ցածր փոխադրամիջոցներով, բարձր արդյունավետությամբ և բոլոր ինքնաթիռներով ուղևորատար ավիաընկերությամբ: նրա դուստր ձեռնարկությունը ՝ Allegiant Air- ը, միաժամանակ առաջարկելով նաև ճանապարհորդությանն առնչվող այլ ապրանքներ, ինչպիսիք են հյուրանոցային սենյակները, վարձակալության մեքենաներ և ներգրավման տոմսերը »:

Այն բանից հետո, երբ շուկայի ուսումնասիրությունները ցույց տվեցին Ֆլորիդայի արևմտյան ափերին օդային սպասարկման անհրաժեշտությունը, Իսլիպ քաղաքը վախեցրեց փոխադրողին, որն ինքն էլ գտավ ժողովրդագրությունը բարենպաստ ՝ հայտարարելով իր մտադրության մասին 2013 թվականի օգոստոսի 20-ին: Դա կլինի իր 99-րդ ԱՄՆ քաղաքը, որը սպասարկում էր 14-ից մեկը: արձակուրդի նպատակակետեր:

«Մենք ուրախ ենք ավելացնել հարավ-արևմտյան Ֆլորիդայի լողափերը, որպես մատչելի, հարմարավետ նպատակակետ տարբերակ Լոնգ-Այլենդի բնակիչների համար», – ասվում է մամուլի հաղորդագրության մեջ: «Մենք վստահ ենք, որ համայնքը կգնահատի Punta Gorda- ին չթողվող թռիչքի հարմարությունը»:

Allegiant- ն առաջարկելով 69-ական միակողմանի և 99 դոլար արժողությամբ ուղեվարձի ուղեվարձներ, բացեց Punta Gorda / Ft- ն: Մայերի ծառայությունը չորս ամիս անց ՝ դեկտեմբերի 20-ին, 166 ուղևոր MD-80- ով, որը գործում էր որպես Թռիչք 999 և մեկնում էր երեկոյան ժամը 7: 20-ին:

Պատասխանների հիման վրա ՝ լրացուցիչ սեզոնային և ամբողջ տարվա ծառայություն Միրթլի լողափում, Սանկտ Պետերբուրգում, Օրլանդոյում, Ֆրիթում: Համարված կլինեն Լաուդերդեյլը և Լաս Վեգասը:

4. Ընթացիկ ծառայություն.

Նախքան Long Island Island MacArthur օդանավակայանը կարող է տնտեսական ազդեցություն ունենալ տարածաշրջանի վրա, դրա համար անհրաժեշտ է բավարար օդային ծառայություններ: Մինչդեռ 2014-ի հունվարին առաջարկված 23 հեռացումներով, որոնցից երկուսը նույնիսկ ամեն օր չէին, այդ նպատակը դժվար թե իրականացվի:

Southwest- ը, որը դեռևս գերակշռող ավիաընկերությունն էր, առաջարկել էր հինգ թռիչք դեպի Բալթիմոր, երեքը ՝ Օռլանդո, երկուսը ՝ Ֆտ: Lauderdale- ը ՝ երկուսը West Palm Beach- ի, իսկ մեկը Tampa- ին կամ ընդհանուր թվով 13-ը շահագործվում են 737-700 ինքնաթիռներով: Սա միայն մեկն էր, քան առաջարկում էր 1999-ին, երբ այն առաջացրեց օդանավակայանի վերջին աճի շրջանը, այն վերադարձնելով իր ծագմանը:

ԱՄՆ Airways- ը, Allegheny ծառայության օրվանից հենակետով, առաջարկում էր ամեն օր չորս դե Havilland DHC-8 տուրբոպրոպ թռիչք իր Piedmont- ի տարածաշրջանային փոխադրամիջոցի միջոցով դեպի Ֆիլադելֆիա, իսկ երկուսը ՝ Վաշինգտոն ՝ Bombardier CRJ-200 տարածաշրջանային ինքնաթիռով ՝ Air Wisconsin- ով:

PenAir- ը Բոստոնին միացրեց երկու Saab 340 մեկնման և Allegiant Air- ը միացրեց Լոնգ-Այլենդի դաշտը երկու շաբաթական MD-80 ծառայություններով Ft- ին: Մայերս / Փունտա Գորդա:

Բոստոնին և Վաշինգտոնին իր կարևոր բիզնես կապերը վերականգնելը, յուրաքանչյուրը երկու չվերթով, որոնցում տեղավորվում էին 50 և ավելի քիչ ուղևորներ, ճանապարհորդներին հնարավորություն տվեց խուսափել La Guardia- ի հետ կապված գերբնակվածությունից և ուղևորությունների ժամանակներից, և դա քայլ էր ճիշտ ուղղությամբ: Բայց դա միայն երեխա էր: Եթե ​​Long Island MacArthur- ը նորից հասունանա տարածաշրջանային մատակարարի մեջ ՝ իր սեփական տնտեսական կայունությունը քաղելով վայրէջքի, գործառնական, գրասենյակի, զիջման և կայանման վճարների միջոցով, ապա նրան օդային ծառայության շատ ավելի մեծ ներարկում է անհրաժեշտ: