American trans air story


The American Trans Air Airport, which used to be an air carrier, was constantly looking for an identity.

Founded in 1973 as a flight attendant for the Embassy Travel Club, it opened its service under the single name “Boeing 720” called “Miss Indy”, doubling its fleet five years later and the second ” The spirit of India. ” However, the issuance of a general carrier certification in March 1981 made it possible to operate independently.

Preserving the roots of its Indianapolis, it acquired more and more aircraft, including eight 707s; Its first broadband, the former Laker Airways DC-10-10, was recorded in 1983 by N183AT. և Former North-West DC-10-40, which bears the registration N184AT. With the Quad engine, the 707 was eventually replaced by a more efficient 727-100 fuel tank.

The general tickets of the annual passengers have passed. In 1981 – 96426, in 1982 – 269,086, in 1983 – 618,532.

Relying on North-West for additional DC-10 achievements, but having to replace the comparable TriStar when he chose to save his plane, American Trans Air bought its first in 1985, eventually operating at 15 L. 1011-1s, one -100: four. 500s.

It took on a new operational profile when it launched limited scheduled service on JFK-Belfast-Riga (Latvia), Indianapolis-Fort Meiser, Indianapolis-Las Vegas and San Francisco-Caulu (Mauway) as America-Honolulu routes on its own routes. “Airline” and “the largest charter airline of the nation”.

“It simply came to our notice then. You create excitement, ”the ad reads. “At Trans Air, we know that your only concern during the holidays is your excitement. That’s why you can count on American Trans Air’s polite, professional staff, flying airplanes, conscious consumer prices and all the little additions that have become the hallmark of our growing company. ”

It was growing. Striving to avoid the airline’s planned competition, it became the largest statutory operator in the United States, accounting for up to 90 percent of its revenue from civilian and military units in the sector, the rest from wet operations, wet leasing, and third-party pilots. courses and contract maintenance.

With the operation of the 23rd Fleet in 1992, including seven 727-100s, 12 L-1011-1s and four 757-200s, it was beneficial for its 19-year history, causing experimental damage to the previous one. for $ 2 million a year. for the first time due to the decline of the Gulf War and the horror of travel. It transported 2.4 million passengers that year.

However, it was the Gulf War that served as the cornerstone of its military operations, as its aircraft were considered part of the Civil Air Patrol Fleet. With 108,000 troops on 4,944 missions in support of the Opera Desert Storm, it also played an instrumental role in Iraq’s “freedom” and “freedom” operations, providing 727-100 aircraft at the Nelis Air Force Base in Tonopah Test Range in Niada.

Stretch-200 replaced the 100’s in 1993.

Trans Air has once again adopted a new image when it donated most of its aircraft resources to the weekend in Chicago-Midway, in addition to its military-government contract flights.

To facilitate the planned growth and modernization of the fleet, in 2000 he ordered 39 737-800 և 12 757-200s, undertaking the first shipment of the former (N301TZ) in June next year, and the first of the latter (N550TZ). Two months later, he announced a major overhaul of the process, highlighting his business plan, which is now based on ATA Airlines.

Equally in search of food from small and medium-sized cities with more convenient Turboprop regional equipment, Chicago Express, which existed in 1999, bought it for $ 1.9 million and operated it as a separate subsidiary of ATA Connection.

His latest high-quality strategy, however, proved to be fruitless, forcing it to be presented in Chapter 11 of the Bankruptcy Protection 5 years later, on October 26, 2004. 2004 On October 26, the best way to restore it. The benefit of a healthy carrier, which, in this case, was the destruction of Southwest Airlines.

In December 2004, the gates of its Midway Airport and 27 percent of its unheard-of shares were transferred south-west to south-west for the infusion of money to be injected into life, and continued to operate in December 2004. , now taking over the business airline’s profile, flying to cities in the southwest, including New York-La Guardia, Dallas / Fort Worth and San Francisco. Midway’s bypass services also allowed it to connect southwestern focus cities such as Orlando, Phoenix and Las Vegas with other routes in its route system, such as Denver and Honolulu.

The strategy led to a 20 percent increase in income from the south-west, but did not necessarily put ATA in financial trouble.

To further reduce its value, it significantly reduced its fleet by selling 20,737-800s ութ eight 757-300s և only by marginally connecting its capacity gap through a two-year lease. From November to 2007 November at three former United Airlines 737. -300s. Even the rental rates were too high in that case.

At the same time, it is not surprising that the decline in parallel service was large-scale, as in a short period of time the lights shifted in many directions: in October 2005 Boston, Newark and Minneapolis, October 2005, Indianapolis and Denver, and Orlando, Fort Myser and San Francisco. April, leaving a little more than the skeleton of her sometimes completely decomposed body. Indeed, 18 daily departures were sent to Midway Airport by one gate, and only 52 were offered across the system. A previous court ruling allowed it to sell a portion of its embassy’s travel club to Grueninger Cruises and Tours.

Despite MatlinPatterson’s $ 100 million financial package, the original bankruptcy creditors allowed the now-privatized carrier to go bankrupt for a short time and set up a service in New York-La Guardia, Houston-Hobby, Ontario, Oakland, and the Netherlands. , rising fuel prices, the short-term resignation of the CEO, his poorly-planned replacement of the L-1011s with the DC-10, and the loss of the main military contract caused it to return to bankruptcy, leaving flight 4586 in 2008. Honolulu to Phoenix on August 2, 0846 to mark his last landing.