Deccan Skylimo helicopter taxi service from Bangalore airport


Famous road traffic և The road is blocked for many hours. Arrivals at Bangalore International Airport often have to go through a slow procession that sometimes takes hours to reach their destinations.

Now, if you’re in a hurry and have some money and want to have a great trip, Air Deccan will take good care of it. The elite class, which has absolutely no time to save, this taxi service has become a good thing for them. The company, which is now dominated by Kingfisher’s new company, has launched a taxi service at the airport.

Deccan SkyLimo is a helicopter taxi service. It is a charter service that intends to move airlines from Bangalore International Airport to Danahanali and make a decision on IT centers in the South Indian subway.

SkyLimo, one of the most important types of aviation taxi services to be launched from any airport in the nation, was launched by Deccan Aviation on July 2, 2008. The first trip was from Bangalore International Airport, Electronics, Whitefield and HAL. Aerodrome.

It is a Bell 206 JetRanger fish farm with four comfortable seats used as a SkyLimo. The SkyLimo service is rarely offered during the day, from 6.30pm to almost 15-20pm in the evening.

Deccan has permanent SkyLimo rates, from 4 4,800 per person to 8 5,800 per person per month. Kotot was also set up by the aviation group on BIAL land just one kilometer from the airport. Bangalore Fresh International Airport will be introduced by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after some time.

As for Captain Gopinath, CEO of Deccan Aviation, the company will also want to approve SkyLimo helicopter charter services in other metropolitan cities, such as Mumbai and Hyderabad, in the next six months for about $ 12 million. This will increase the number of services provided in Bangalore. Deccan Aviation has previously spent $ 5 million to acquire two helicopters for Bangalore SkyLimo. It is now eagerly awaiting the four of them to distribute helicopter charter services to Mumbai and Hyderabad.