Low-cost airlines in North America


A low-cost airline is a carrier that generally offers low prices in exchange for the reduction of many of the traditional travel services, which in no way harm the safety of travelers. The general characteristics of Cost Airlines are:

Flight to cheaper, less congested secondary airports և fly early in the morning or late in the evening to take advantage of lower landing fees. Short flights and fast turning times, allowing maximum use of the aircraft. Direct sale of direct tickets, especially via the Internet, avoiding travel agents, payments to reservation systems and commissions. canceled flight food and other complementary services, replaced by mandatory flight food and beverage payments.

Since the early 1990s, a number of these airlines have emerged in North America as an alternative to major and long-established carriers. In the United States and Canada, low-cost / charter airlines are as follows:


Outside of Las Vegas service flights across the country, significant landmarks at Orlando Sanford International Airport և St. Petersburg-Clirger International Airport


A low-cost airline in Indianapolis, Indiana, plans to carry out scheduled passenger transportation on the US continent and on the Hawaiian Islands, as well as on commercial charter flights around the world.


Founded in Orlando, Florida, AirTran operates more than 700 flights to and from the United States and the Middle East, including more than 200 daily departures from Atlanta.


It provides services to the United States, Canada and Mexico in about a hundred low-cost airlines. The main junctions are Phoenix, Arizona and Las Vegas, Nyada


The airline, located at Denver International Airport in Colorado, operates flights throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada. The main directions of the USA are the entrance from the Mississippi River!

JETBLUE airways

It is one of the largest aircraft carriers in the United States, heading to the United States (New York FC, Long Beach, Auckland, Boston, Orlando, FA Lauderdale, Washington-Dalles), as well as the Caribbean Basin, the Bahamas, Burma. , իկա Mexico:


The largest low-cost airline in the United States, with large-scale operations at Baltimore-Washington International Airport, Chicago’s Midua Airport, Houston Hobby Airport, Las Vegas MacKaran Airport, Sky Harbor Airport, Dowland Airport, Phoenix, Nash.


Flight service throughout the country, as well as in the Caribbean, the Bahamas and Mexico.


It operates the nearby Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport as its main hub and operates flights to the United States, Mexico and the Caribbean.


A low-cost carrier from Canada, based in Calgary, Alberta, which flies to most Canadian cities and 11 US cities. WestJet was rated the second lowest cheap airline in North America.