Professional Travel Tips!

When you travel the world around you, it changes the world inside you. This was one of my excerpts from my travel blog a few years ago when I was on the World Tour blog. That is the case to this day, in my opinion.

I've been traveling a lot in the last 3 months, in particular, and often ask myself how I do it. How can I maintain my energy, my home, my connections, my health. So here are my top travel tips – try them out, they'll love it.

TIP # 1 – KEEP REGULAR COOKING TASKS. This is normal for me anyway, whether I'm traveling or not. But when I'm on the road, it's crucial for me to sleep. I set the time zone I'm in and go with it. I make sure the room is dark, cool, quiet and normal when at conferences, for example, I'm always alone. I know that many people find it great to share a room when watching events. This does not work for me because I have enough excitement on weekdays and meetings – I do not need the extra excitement of someone in my room who wants to be informed for the next few hours. It's time for me to get mentally rested for a restful sleep. This also means limited electronics or television.

TIP # 2 – REAL EXERCISE. These days, it can only mean counting your steps at the airports – it's so incredible! It takes a lot of time and a lot of steps to get through. I hired a personal trainer this year and when I'm home, it makes a huge difference. When I am on the road, I remain in charge, take my exercise and post photos of my trainer to show evidence of my commitment. At a minimum, I do some yoga exercises that help with stretching after long plane rides. I bring my exercise DVD with me – me and Jillian Roberts – look at the world!

TIP # 3 – WE MAKE GOOD FOOD OPTIONS. There is no reason to look at a menu when traveling. I know what I eat regularly for breakfast, lunch, and dinner – now, remember the 80/20 rule. When I'm somewhere special (like in Africa – I'll have chocolate croissants … I'm just telling you!) – I'll try different foods. But for regular trips – I stick with the usual food choices – and I rarely get a drink when I'm on the road. It destroys my sleep. I know. So why;

TIP # 4: STORE MY DOCUMENT USEFUL. Next to my exercise clothes, my Thanksgiving Post is the only thing going in the suitcase. It is when I travel that I realize and recognize what a blessed life I am and want to maintain my attitude of gratitude.

TIP # 5: KEEP THE MAN'S FEELING. Traveling these days can be frustrating, difficult and difficult. There are many things beyond my control. It's so important to maintain a sense of humor – and I do it by the people watching. I love it! Most people have their faces glued to their electronic devices – they just sit, with my latte on, and watch. It is great for maintaining low levels of stress. (good quality chocolate and a Starbucks latte makes me a happy traveler! – find your happy place, too!)

I have traveled a lot and will continue to do so. My travel tips are not rocket science – they are very basic and still work. Try them – they will like them too.