What their journeys and benefits mean


People go abroad to see new places. This is called traveling. We do not like to stay in one place for a long time. We like to go from place to place.

Travel items

People do not always travel for the same purpose. Some travel to gain knowledge. Some of us go to healthy places for air change. Some travel for pleasure only. Business people travel for business sale.


The trip has many benefits. It's part of our education. Our education remains incomplete without a trip. We can read many parts of our story. If we can visit these places, the study of history becomes interesting. We can remember many things easily. We read about mountains, lakes, seas, waterfalls, etc. in our geography. How interesting it is if we see it with our own eyes. We read about men and things from different parts of the world. Traveling to different parts of the world, we see new people and new things. We can learn a lot about the ways and customs of these people. So we can gain a great deal of knowledge. The narrowness of mind disappears. The eyes are open to new things. We can introduce many good customs and ways to our country. Many students of our country go to England, Germany, America, Japan and other foreign countries to learn many things. They return and teach the people of the outside world. So our compatriots can gain knowledge and the situation in our country is improving.

Great men of our country have traveled to foreign countries. People in these countries may have learned a lot about our country through them. It's good for us. Many famous travelers of antiquity visited India. They left valuable bills to India. By reading these accounts we can learn a lot about the country at that time.

Many people travel to different places to improve their health. Their health may be broken. If they go to a healthy place, they can regain their health. Travel is also a source of pleasure for us. We see new objects and beautiful natural landscapes. This fills the mind with great joy.

Traveling in the modern age

In older times, traveling was not an easy thing. It was very difficult and dangerous. So people didn't travel much in those days. They traveled by boat or trolley or on foot. It also took a long time. But now-a-days it has become easy to go from place to place. Now-a-days we travel on steamships and trains. We save a lot of time. There is no danger of the road being robbed. So many people are currently traveling to different parts of the country.