4 Travel times When the EHIC card is not enough

If you live in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France or Belgium, you are effectively part of a larger community. If it is not enough of a nation, and despite the debate on its worth, the European Union engages different peoples together. One of the great, if not so powerful, benefits of this union is the European Health Insurance Card.

Free, simple and open to all EU citizens, it gives you access to basic coverage whenever you leave the coast of your country and travel across Europe. But the key to making the most of this collaboration innovation is to know when it's not enough.

I have to fly home

Let's say you decided to vacation in Antwerp. While there, you have an accident that requires extensive medical care. The EHIC card provides coverage for your treatment abroad and through a foreign health system (on par with locals) but what would you prefer to go home for treatment? Unfortunately, you will face a heavy bill as the cover does not extend to medical transportation back to your home country. This fairly easy-to-imagine incident is one of the main reasons why the card's effectiveness and attractiveness should be used as a basis, with the added security used to extend the coverage provided.

I have lost my luggage

The main purpose of the EHIC card is to ensure that EU nationals are not found without assistance outside their home country. If the EU is to function essentially as a state outside the state and wants to encourage free and fair movement and cross-border trade, an open visa system is not enough. People are more likely to travel if the quality of medical care they expect at home can be delivered beyond their borders. However, you should be well aware that this coverage does not extend to other common bullying travel insurance can mitigate: loss of ownership. If you lose your property or suffer from theft, it will not be covered, so a "supplemental" supplemental insurance is vital.

I have to save

The concept of "supplementary" cover provided by the EHIC card is very important. You need to know the limitations of the card and know exactly what it does and does not cover. There are thousands of reliable options for buying proper travel insurance and they are extremely valuable. While there is a long list of what can go wrong during the holidays, whether skiing or hiking, an additional policy that covers rescue operations, if you have an accident or get sick on a mountain, for example, the card is imperative it won't cover that. Without insurance, the costs associated with this scenario can be astronomical.

I have extra costs

The EHIC card not only does not cover aspects such as rescue, but its precise provisions and benefits vary from country to country. It is not enough to travel under the umbrella and wait for it to fully cover. If, for example, you want to avoid the extra fees and costs of changing your route, having to travel to a medical facility or losing a deposit at a hotel, you need to make sure you have purchased separate coverage through reliable insurance. Supplier.