Health insurance for travel to Canada

While we as residents of the US often think about travel insurance coverage when traveling abroad, we do not have to worry so fast about travel insurance in Canada. This is especially true if our trip to the Canadian provinces is by car and not by air. We do not expect to need health insurance for a trip to Canada to protect us from exotic diseases or militant uprisings.

However, health insurance for Canada travel should not be overlooked. Your US medical insurance provider usually only covers medical status in Canada if the emergency situation is precipitated in the US and the nearest emergency medical care is Canadian. This is especially true if you are a senior citizen whose only form of medical insurance is Medicare. Health insurance for travel to Canada is therefore essential.

When shopping for coverage, you will want to consider several things in your decision. They are the ones that are excluded from the coverage (what specific incidents and situations will not compensate you). which sports you can participate in and still be covered by your health insurance for travel to Canada. if you can be excluded from covering a pre-existing situation? and if there is a discount?

The usual coverage is for hospital stays, although daily limits and ceilings vary depending on the plan. medical care, hospital care and outpatient care, including physician fees, as well as those for any nursing, surgery or anesthesia. medical examinations such as x-rays and laboratory work; transportation to or from ambulance care; medical care provided by a private nurse; medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, splints and straps. prescription drug. and the cost of repatriating the remains of a deceased member of your travel team.

Probably the most important part of your health insurance plan for Canada travel should be good coverage in the event of an emergency evacuation back home for medical reasons. This is especially true if you are traveling by air. The cost of changing travel plans, especially if you have purchased non-refundable tickets and need to arrange a new last minute flight now, can be extremely expensive. Even from Canada, you only have to assume $ 10,000 costs for this coverage.

Planning ahead with the health insurance market for Canada travel will go a long way towards making your Canadian vacation a peaceful stay.