Dog health certificate for traveling with your pet

Your pet can be an important member of your family and you may want to take your pet with you when traveling. If you are planning to travel to a foreign country, you must take steps to find out about the different requirements of the country of destination for travelers traveling with their pets. You will not be allowed to travel with your pet if you do not comply with the instructions provided. A dog health certificate from an authorized veterinarian is a mandatory requirement to bring your pet with you when traveling on a train or flight and at the border. This certificate will ensure that your dog has no infectious disease and that it can handle the stress trip.

You should approach your veterinarian to get a certificate for your dog, ensuring that your pet does not suffer from a serious illness. For transnational and international voyages, make sure your veterinarian gives you the appropriate certificate. Different states and different countries have different pet health certificate requirements and you should be aware of local laws. Otherwise, your pet will be isolated from you for complete control or quarantine.

Normally, dogs must obtain a health certificate at least 10 days before the trip. Older health certificates are invalid, although different states have different requirements. The health certificate will contain information on the vaccination shots given to the dog along with the dog's health conditions. However, your health certificate will not ensure that your pet is in good general health. Most states in the United States require dogs to be vaccinated against rabies 30 days before travel. This does not apply to puppies under 6 months of age, as they do not have a rabies threat according to the US Public Health Service.

Some airlines do not allow your dog to be shipped as luggage, however you can have the dog shipped as a cargo. The name and address of the consignor must be indicated together with the certificate. The age and pregnancy status of the pet should also be specified in the health certificate. The pet owner must also state that the pet is acclimated to temperatures not below 20 degrees F if the pet is transported in winter. To make sure your pet does not suffer during the trip, call the destination embassy well in advance of the trip to find out the applicable laws regarding dog health certificate requirements.