Quality Spain Hotels

Surprisingly, of the more than 53 million tourists who visit Spain each year and stay in hotels, few visit Spain's hotels, which offer a complete and comprehensive hotel experience – the wonderful Barador hotels in Spain.

What really defines Spain hotels (or any hotels anywhere in the world) as being of high quality?

Unlike 99.9% of other Spanish hotels, the majority of Paradors are restored from historical monuments. Your hotel will be a former castle – a monastery or monastery – perhaps a dukey palace. In each case, great care was taken to preserve its former glory and distinctive characteristics while elevating it to the highest quality standards for the best hotels in modern Spain.

Some recently built hotels in Paradors, which still reflect the style of the area, have unique décor, furnishings and amenities. The restaurants boast the best traditional regional cuisine and wines – and are always followed in a sophisticated style according to international standards.

Travelers often choose a hotel based on a star rating. This may be misleading – especially when booking online without any real idea of ​​the actual characteristics of the institution, and without being able to talk to anyone who has already been there and can provide reliable advice.

The hotels of Spain, of course, operate with a star rating system, but – who rewards these ratings? Governmental body – based on the assessment and recommendation of one government inspector! The employee does not care about the ambience of the hotel – he / she does not care about the historic importance of the building, or whether it is architecturally wonderful. (A king sleeping here, a famous knight connected to death for a women's gallery just outside the front gate, a battle in the history of the country that happened on the floor just behind the hotel, does not receive Documents signed by the Queen allowed the discovery trip to the New World in this salon – etc.) – any additional advantage.

The ratings of hotels in Spain depend on things such as; number of lifts, rooms that are accessible directly from the reception lobby, there is a conference room with at least x number of people etc. etc. It is based, in other words, on a pre-existing objective of a list of facilities and services provided. The star rating does not reflect in any way the charm or the actual ambience of the hotel.

So, for hotels in Spain, what proves true quality?

True quality is a combination not only of the standard checklist facilities required by the star rating system, but also of unexpected and rare experiences and sensations. You will know when you stayed in a hotel of "real quality" Spain – the experience will create pleasant feelings that last long after your stay.

There are many 3-star Paradades that embody a harmonious mix of history, comfort and beauty that create such an experience. These services provide a level of class, ambience and impeccable service that goes well beyond the majority of the regular hotels of Spain with a 4 star rating (even some 5 star ratings)!

Some of our favorites in this category will be; Barador Sous del Rey Catolico, Barador Arcos de la Frontera, Parador Olet, and Prador Alcaniz.

Then there are 4 and 5 star Parador, if you really want to experience the places of travel that are a fantastic step on the usual tourist experience, it is not to be missed; Parador Leon in Castilla Leon, Parador Santiago de Compostela in Galicia, Parador Bayona in Galicia, De Onis in Asturias, Parador Carmona in Andalucia, Parador Cuenca in La Mancha
. . . And many others!

Traveling to Spain is always nice. It is a wonderful country, and never tired of returning. The next time you go in, do not just stay in Spain hotels of high quality of a certain category. . . Stay in real quality hotels – Barador Hotels in Spain.

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