Portfolio Group – quality residence recognized throughout Africa

Africa is one of the largest continents in the world and certainly has the largest variety of wildlife, climates and landscapes, making it ideal for unforgivable holiday experiences. The Portfolio Collection is a bookmark of the best accommodation in Africa, describing the best places to go in Africa.

In order to classify the best places to go in Africa, the Portfolio Group was established in 1982 and has so far represented more than 750 institutions selected for their ambience, hospitality and atmosphere. Accreditation is associated with a team of travel consultants who ensure that each room is maintained at a very high level.

Today, the collection Portfolio has three housing guides commensurate with the needs and price range of each traveler going to Africa. This allows each budget to create a jewel and make the most of its vacation in Africa.

The Collection Collection guide in the country's Places Guide includes independent rural houses, botticas and game reserves in South Africa. Since Africa's most enchanting residences are independent and run by South Africa, the Country Place guide is a great way to discover those places forgotten by big travel companies and non-African travel companies.

The 'Bed & Breakfast Collection' as its name implies, refers to the best B & Bs in Africa with multiple categories, ranging from luxury & It also has an ecological heritage site / natural heritage site category, one that I found very attractive as it included amazing accommodation options in the middle of national parks or reserves.

Game & Lodges should not be overlooked at all costs! The vast abundance of wildlife in Africa means that there are opportunities to see animals that can not be found anywhere else on Earth. The Portfolio Collection has been measured for their purchase of African wildlife as well as the quality of their accommodation. Game reserves and inns are particularly spectacular inside the Kruger National Park, a protected area where wildlife has thrived over the last hundred years.

If you are planning a trip to Africa and need inspiration or advice, make sure to look at the accommodation Portfolio Portfolio has evaluated for more than 20 years. Even if the Portfolio group can not seduce you with the ways you've enriched it, it's sure to give you an idea of ​​the places to visit during your holiday in Africa.