Some of the best hotels in Bohol

Bohol is one of the best destinations in the Philippines. If you are planning a vacation and have trouble finding a place that suits your needs, check out the list of the best resorts and hotels on the island.

Flushing Meadows Resort and Playground

Enjoy the pristine white beach and tranquil surroundings for an exclusive tropical island holiday. You can swim, snorkel and play tennis or relax in the private terraces overlooking the Mindanao Sea.

Bohol Beach Club

This seaside resort offers international amenities for beach lovers and dive enthusiasts. It is the first and only Panglao Island Resort.

Amarela Resort

Relaxing on the crest of a cliff, this Mediterranean-style villa offers stunning views of the Bohol Sea. This luxurious boutique resort features a collection of antique pieces of furniture and bohol furnishings.

Horizon Lost Resort

With clean water, uncontaminated white beaches and magnificent gardens, resort accommodation is like a trip to the past. Explore the magical island or just relax on its sea-view balconies.

Olman's View

A unique location with a view of the seaport of Tagbilaran Harbor, it is a short distance from the city, the beach, the Lubbock River and the historic Baclayon Church. The perfect place to stay in Bohol's main attractions.

Grand Sunset Resort

At the northwestern tip of the island of Banglao lies a tropical sanctuary surrounded by a jungle of mangroves and tall palm trees. This quiet paradise can be more comfortable than your home.

Bohol Diver Resort

This fun resort with hospitable staff and staff will not run out of fun activities. Enjoy diving services, massage shops and gaming facilities.

Amorita Beach Resort

Wake up to the wonders of nature surrounding you in this picturesque resort that is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Bohol Little Beloved is a haven of dream from the hustle and bustle of urban life.

Metro Center Hotel

This resort is located in the heart of the commercial district of Tagbilaran, and will show you friendly services and first class facilities.

Bohol Tropics Resort

A place for authentic boholano charm and charm with complete leisure facilities and amenities that can offer only the best resorts. Enjoy live entertainment every night while eating authentic Filipino dishes.

Panglao Island Nature Resort and Spa

Bohol's magnificent experience with its rich tropical landscapes, clear waters and white sand beaches. Escape from the chaos of urban life in this tropical sanctuary.

Alona Beach Resort White Beach

Welcome to Paradise! Pamper yourself and your loved ones in your own savory where nothing is spared to bring you the best of everything.

Alona Palm Beach Resort & Restaurant

Have dinner at Bohol's best resort and restaurant, which boasts its fine dishes of local and international cuisine accompanied by the finest wines from the luxury wine list.

Soledad Suites

The first luxury boutique hotel in Tagbilaran in Le Square in the center of the business district. It's just a ride away from the airport, port and beach.

These resorts and hotels are highly recommended by tourists and other charmers. They can be found online and offer online booking for your convenience. Good luck in your travels, and you may find the perfect place to stay in the place you really want to stay.