Top 5 luxury hotels in New York

Arty, driven, creative and innovative, New York City is to taste, taste and taste again. Every street here is in keeping with the weight of history and the idea of ​​the present; every corner bodes with a new mix of people, places and things to do.

When exploring the true Aladdin treasure cave, it is important that you have a good and welcome site to come back to life in New York, you see, sometimes you can also get an exciting . Here, then, there are 5 luxury hotels in New York retreating to start today in the clouds on the …

1. The Lowell: This elegant hotel, located on the upper eastern side of the city, , Is completely exclusive. Taste Lowell is a traditional type – gold-plated artists, marble bathrooms, submerged heaters and chandeliers. His clients are often rich and often famous.

(2). Mandarin Oriental New York. Oriental is often considered the jewel in the crown of the mandarin chain. This oriental, sophisticated, well-developed and extremely high-pitched complex is admirable through and through. Special praise for service, which is still able to be prominent in a city where New York luxury hotels are located on them to offer the best.

(3). Hotel NU. The NU is one of the new boutique hotels in the building, demonstrating an increasingly popular choice, especially among young people and successful trends, with its simple Victorian theme. Each bedroom here is entirely modern wonders, and includes a TV base and an iPod docking station. Some even offer hammocks (do not worry: a double bed comes as a standard).

(4). Hotel on Rivington. Hotel on Rivington is around the views. This 21-storey hotel features high-rise buildings, floor-to-ceiling windows in all of its bedrooms, and unrivaled views of the entire New York area. Its location on the lower east side is either positive or negative depending on how cool urban you like your suburbs. However, with these observations, who cares about what he likes along the way on earth?

(5). New York Palace. This hotel is exactly what it says on tin (or perhaps this should be an oil drum, because it belongs to the Sultan of Brunei). A palace built of gold and marble in the heart of Manhattan, treats you like kings from the moment you enter the door.

Source by Here Ingrams