Why Phuket Beach Hotel is the place to relax your mind

It can be said that Phuket is the most beautiful island to be found off the exotic coast of Thailand. It is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. Among other things including Krabi and Fang Nga. With stunning sandy beaches, beautiful mountain backdrops and steep cliffs as well as the pure blue waters of the Andaman Sea this is the place to experience the most luxurious traveler to spend time at Phuket Beach Hotel.

It will make you feel like you are experiencing a piece of paradise on Earth. The rise of the Phuket hotel industry in recent years has made this island a major tourist destination. You can not find any Phuket beach hotel devoid of tourists at any time of the year, as visitors from all over the world race to enjoy this charming island in all seasons.

The total area of ​​Phuket is about 572 square kilometers and consists of one large island surrounded by about 40 small islands. You will not have a problem finding a Phuket hotel and there is plenty to choose from. Whether you are looking for luxury, or are a little low, there will always be Phuket Beach Hotel to suit your needs.

Phuket has a range of pristine sandy beaches. The most famous of which are Patong, Karun, Frutip Cape and Kata. The beach of Frumthepe Cap has been waived especially for the sunset that will take your breath away. There are many places to visit in Phuket including the ancient Buddhist temple of Wat Chalong.

The hotel industry in Phuket is well established, hotels are famous for their facilities and services, not to mention the hospitality of staff, as an added bonus. Baan Yie Dee, Phuket's most luxurious beach hotel located in Patong, will cost you less than 5,000 baht per night.

A Phuket hotel with 5 star facilities will cost you in the range of 3500-5,000 baht per night. With a rate of 1000-2000 baht per night, Baan Nern Sai Resort is a Phuket hotel suitable for budget travelers.

The majority of Phuket Beach hotels are located in Patong. Patong sandy beach is 3,100 meters long, and there is hardly any beach in Phuket in Patong that offers great ocean views. Located in the west of Phuket, Karon is another beautiful beach popular among tourists mainly for exclusive panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset.

There's no reason why you should not choose Phuket as a destination for your holiday, but keep in mind; it's always a good idea to book Phuket Beach Hotel of your choice in advance. They are high demand and there is always a missing opportunity on the Phuket beach hotel if you prefer late booking.

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Hotels for short term rentals

With the growth of short-term rentals in major cities, a new set of talks is taking place on the future of the hospitality industry. Many people claim that short-term rentals are the future, but many of these people forget the benefits that have made hotels very common in the first place. There are a few key areas where rents excel, but their shortcomings are large enough to limit their long-term potential.

One of the main advantages of short term rentals is that many of them are available from the beaten path. Individuals offer rooms and houses in non-hotel neighborhoods. This allows visitors to have a better view of the true culture of the city. The downside of this is that most of the amenities needed by tourists, including car rental agencies, restaurants and conference centers, are located in areas not suitable for short term rentals. These include business areas and hospitality areas. Residential areas may be unsuitable for visitors who do not own cars or are not used in the area. It can also be far from tourist destinations.

Another feature of real estate rented by the owner is that it is easy to identify the locals. Some hosts have the freedom to show their favorite places and tell guests the best things they can see and do in their new city. Unfortunately, most hosts have jobs and lives outside the scope of renting their homes to visitors. In some cases, the host will be available for key delivery and a little more. Larger hotels and resorts offer concierge services that may be more suitable for seeing the city. These services are usually well connected and available at all times. If the local experience is an important part of a city visit, guests must check with their host to make sure it is available.

Many hosts are friendly, friendly and hospitable, but there is no guarantee of good customer service. While most hotels put a large stock in the hospitality industry and provide high quality services, the same can not be said about properties rented by the owner. Amenities such as coffee pots, luggage racks, toiletries, TVs and private showers are not available. If full service is a requirement, it is best to have visitors at a bed and breakfast or hotel locally.

While there is certainly room in the hospitality market for real estate rented by the owner, the national talk about their destructive potential is exaggerated. Hotels are likely to remain the norm for years to come because of their suitability, reliability and commitment to hospitality.

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Elements of discussion group

Elements of group discussion

Group discussion is a form of dialogue in which many members of the group participate and express their views on a subject of a controversial nature. Each member expresses his / her opinion on the topic being announced at that time. It is not prearranged and is an automatic conversation between strangers. A staff member at different levels in different organizations must participate in meetings and conferences and call for their views to be expressed at short notice.

The main features of the group discussion are as follows:

1) Purpose of group discussion: – The purpose of the discussion group is to encourage members of a group to express their ideas on a particular subject in a short time with a view to finding a solution to a problem. It stimulates interest and stimulates the thinking power of group members and stimulates the thinking power of group members so that they can discuss the controversial nature of the subject with their colleagues in a non-emotional way and in a calm atmosphere.

2) The advantages of group discussion: (a) Members abandon their shyness and learn to speak in a group.

(b) They learn a lot of new things, thus increasing their knowledge.

(c) It stimulates thinking. Members learn to classify their ideas and ignore irrelevant ideas.

(d) qualities of self-confidence. Mental alertness, self-assertion, and the view of others.

(e) Members of the group learn to know each other and thus are likely to evaluate themselves in relation to other members of the group.

(f) Revealing the true personality of each member and crystallizing the qualities of his leadership.

3. General Mode of Conduct: Group members are generally restricted to 8 seats seated comfortably around a half-circle table and the group leader, if any, occurs at the center and faces all members. There are different ways to conduct a group discussion by the following factors: –

(a) If the level of group intelligence is relatively low and the goal is teaching and learning, the discussion is conducted under the direction of the group leader who chooses an appropriate topic of interest to the group members. Members sit around it and announce the subject or write it on a black board.

(b) If the level of intelligence of the members is high and the purpose of the discussion is to test the knowledge and strength of the oral expression of the group, the person conducting the discussion declares that the person required of the group asks them to express their views while withdrawing and watching the discussion. Does not lead the role of leader.

4. Hints for participants:

1. Once the topics have been announced, participants should start thinking immediately and their views on the topic selected for discussion …

2. At the moment of selection of the topic, the candidate must, with initiative and confidence, start the discussion immediately.

3. If participants have sufficient knowledge of the subject, they should try to talk first. If someone else takes his first turn, he must take the second, third or fourth turn. Earlier the candidate took his role in the debate, the better for him, otherwise arguments to the mind may be the use of another person, forcing him to resort to a less persuasive argument

4. Each participant must listen to the argument of others very carefully and instead make a mental note to them. He should either refute some of these arguments or bring me his new arguments in favor or against the proposal.

5. Once a participant finds that his argument has been refuted by someone else, he or she must try to justify his point of view by bringing new ideas or arguments.

6. Once the participant takes a line of argument in favor of or supports the proposal, he or she must try to stick to it or change it in the middle of the discussion.

7. Each participant must listen to the patient's argument patiently and start himself when the former speaker finishes his argument.

8. Each participant must show a cooperative and collaborative spirit. One should not show the selfish nature at any stage.

9. No one should try to monopolize the debate.

10. Each participant must try to get his role. No one will offer him a chance to speak.

11. If a participant does not reach a certain point, he or she must listen to the other speakers with interest and make a mental note of the points he makes and try to refute them,

. The participant is advised to speak quietly and in a clear and audible voice.

13. No one should lose temper or feel a gentle enthusiasm when trying to refute others' arguments.

14. A polite and parliamentary language should be used. Good behavior and behavior should be shown by each speaker.

15. Usually you can cultivate a habit of talking and discussing things.

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Hotels in India

With India being a major global tourist in the world, the availability of hotels is not a problem. However, every tourist in India, locally or abroad, will better plan his trip in advance to enable him to find a hotel that suits his needs.

There are a number of questions to be answered before finding the right hotel choice for your trip in India: What are your interests and your mileage singles? Are you looking for a comfortable holiday in India, maybe on the beach or the hill station where you can recharge your batteries? Or is your vacation incomplete without the adrenalin that accompanies the escape of the slopes and sliding in the devastating floods? Are the amenities of the hotel of utmost importance to you or are you digging wood cabin insulation in the forest, with all the difficulties involved? Again, are you a person who is located in a five star hotel or it is a stylish hotel with more old world charm to your taste.

An important consideration when choosing a hotel is the budget. Are you willing to spend a premium for a style to suit or do you "India" on an equal footing?

While planning your trip to India, think about where you are staying at the hotel. As they say, it's all about "location, site location". For example, if you have a specific interest in India, for example, wildlife protected, it makes sense to stay as close as possible to you instead of booking a hotel remotely and spending some time in mobility and energy. Again, does your itinerary require a central location or prefer a hotel in a choice environment with a great view?

These are some hotel options that may be available to you in India.

Five Star Hotels in India: Often owned by prestigious names in Indian hotel industry such as Taj or Oberoi, these eventually offer in terms of comfort and excellence in service. While most of the important chains have hotels in major Indian destinations, the hospitality here comes at a price.

Heritage Hotels in India: These were originally palaces or palaces belonging to former Indian princes or nobles who have now been converted into hotels. For a price, tourists can experience part of the history and romance of former kings in India. Rajasthan, Mysore, Hyderabad are some of the Indian states where heritage hotels are located.

Eco-friendly hotels in India: These hotels offer you a close partnership with nature during your stay. Most are located in scenic spots, around forest reserves, hill stations or environmentally sensitive areas. While many of these hotels in India are committed to preserving natural resources, with others, they are often just a gimmick to sales.

Wellenss Centers or Resorts in India: Home of Ayurvedic College of Ayurveda, these hotels provide you with massage, detoxification and fitness routine for rejuvenating your body and soul. Kerala, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh, Rishikesh and Rajasthan are some of the places where these hotels are located.

Economic hotels in India: While many economic hotels offer decent accommodation and excellent cuisine, the same can not be said for everyone. Again, while some of the surrounding areas are nice in other local plum areas, probably no more than crowded hotels.

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Airport hotels with Park Stay Fly Bucks – how and why

When you have an early morning flight, and you know you will have to leave your car somewhere in the airport, what are the best options for you to be able to catch up on your trip on time?

You're like me, do not want to pay the airport parking fee at the airport's long-term parking lot. And you do not want to leave your beautiful car there to sabotage it or break it. What are your options?

I personally like to know where I will jump in advance, so when I go to the airport, I know exactly where to go. Without having to drive around looking for a lot open that is not already full.

So the first thing I do is check out deals available online. With prices ranging from about 6.25 per day to over 20.00 per day, I am very keen to make sure I get the best deal.

Since I do not live near the airport, I also do not want to deal with rush hour traffic in the early morning, worrying about whether I will arrive at the airport on time or not.

So, my first choice is always a flight package to sleep at an airport that I can trust to take me to the airport in time. I am looking for deals where I will pay almost just like the cost of parking alone, in the hotel that runs shuttles throughout the night in the case of my trip in the really early morning.

You will be surprised by the deals that you can get. Sometimes I would pay less than if I would use a car park at the airport on my own, and get a hotel stay the night before or the night after my trip. It all depends on your needs.

For example, if you know that my trip will come late when I come back, I do not want to drive the whole house tired. So I'll get my room when I come back.

Same thing If I leave early in the morning, I do not want to be half asleep by driving to the airport. So I booked my room the night before.

These sleeping packages are very flexible and if you need to leave your car for a few extra days, there is usually a small fee per day compared to other pieces.

] With gas prices these days, you will be pleased that you planned to park your car at the airport and booked in advance, so you do not have to drive around wasting gas just to park your car.

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Cheap hotel prices – how to get the best rates on your hotel stay!

Because the economy is pathetic at the moment, many of us are tightening our belts, but we still do not want to leave that family holiday or pull out of your plans every year. We still want to travel and have a good time, but we know that we have to do so on less money than we would have spent because everything else has become more expensive. The good news is that you can get cheap hotel prices very easily by booking online. That's what you should know.

If you want to save money on your stay at the hotel, book online, but not with a major location like priceline, hotels.com or expedia. They definitely have good hotel prices and they are cheap hotel prices compared to what the actual hotel charge will charge you, but they are not the best. It is set to give you the best discount only when you purchase a package including your flight and car rental as well. If you do not need these things and you just want a hotel, the price will be just average.

However, there are other sites that only deal with hotels that can help you in getting cheap hotel prices without having to jump through any hoops. Imagine staying in a five star hotel is usually more than $ 200 a night for less than $ 100 a night. This is very possible and you can make this a fact. You can also reduce and save money. The best part is that you can do it from the comfort of your home online without any hassles.

The last thing you have to think about is how you can tell if the hotel is good or not as it is obviously going to put the best picture on the internet. Well, the best part of these sites is that once a guest resides in a hotel, he offers a discount for future bookings if you check him out. This gives you dozens of times sometimes hundreds of reviews on hotels that are considering helping you make a decision.

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How to get cheap hotels – great mid-range hotels at reasonable prices in Singapore and Malaysia

There is a good range of hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. You can find 5 star luxury hotels in low-quality hotels in one-star class. There are also plenty of medium budget hotels, with very acceptable quality. These types of accommodation are the best, as they provide you exceptional quality, but very affordable. Most of the time, when you are traveling, you will not stay much at the hotel, so why bother bothering to pay these high rates for the hotel? The most important factor is that the hotel is clean, decent, and comfortable enough to get good rest at night. Here are some useful online resources to find mid-range hotels in Singapore and Malaysia.

dot com Hotels (19659002) The hotel offers a good list of hotel prices in the world, including Singapore and Malaysia. Often you will find fantastic deals even some of the 4 to 5 star hotels in Singapore and Malaysia. There are usually last minute offers, seasonal promotions, so you will need to check back frequently to catch these offers.


Hotel81 is the largest high quality hotel chain in Singapore. They are usually around S $ 100 (SGD) per night set, which is very clean and clean inside. At some of the newer branches of Hotel81, they are well equipped with an LCD TV and wireless internet access. You will also find most of the branches of Hotel81 in Singapore located in the main downtown areas near various points of interest.

Tune Hotels

Tune Hotels, is one of the best hotel chains in Malaysia, owned by Air Asia, one of the largest budget airlines in Southeast Asia. Describes their best slogan: "5 stars in one star prices". It is an innovative approach where you can only buy the basic price of the room, and add any additional items required above it to save costs for both the client and the hotel. So, for example, all you have to do is pay the basic price of the room, and then you can add additional items such as air conditioning, towels, other toiletries and wireless internet connection. This way you can control the items you need and there before you can control the price. The rooms themselves are very clean and very modern.

By carefully paying attention to offers and deals, you can find very cheap prices in decent and clean hotels. By using some of these resources, this can help you save large amounts of money easily for your next hotel stay in Singapore and Malaysia.

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Three hotels in London for business travel

London is a popular city for business travel, with many major airports with easy access to the city, including Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport. Taxis and shuttle service from any of these airports provide an easy and convenient way to get to the city.

If you are entertaining clients in London and need an excellent and high quality business hotel to stay, you will need to think about location, size and facilities. Here are three hotels in London suitable for business travelers.

The Lanesborough

The Lanesborough is a luxury hotel located in Knightsbridge, a very prestigious area of ​​the city. With 93 en suite rooms, the hotel is well sized to accommodate larger groups. Rooms are designed with a sophisticated and sophisticated edge, and contain all the amenities you would expect. Free Wi-Fi and laptops are available in each room and there is a free butler service. The first-class restaurant, fitness center and spa complement the facilities available here, making it an ideal place to cater to business travelers.

Langham Hotel London

With 380 rooms, the Langham Hotel can be described as a typical large British institution – a rare layer without being claimed. It has 15 meeting rooms and there are facilities to help if you need help in planning an event. With a fitness center, pool and even free champagne cocktails, business guests will be impressed by this choice. It is also ideally located for your customers or guests to indulge in some West End shopping.

Royal Garden Hotel

This vibrant and attractive hotel has nearly 400 rooms. The hotel is located in the Kensington district, and is fully in keeping with the vibrant environment. Rooms are contemporary and stylish and equipped with TVs, iPod docks, kettle and minibar. Guests can make use of the fitness and spa suite and 2 excellent on-site restaurants. There are many meeting rooms for seminars or conferences.

How to get there

London is a good city service for business travelers. Most visitors arrive at Eurostar directly in central London Kings Cross or on an internal or international flight to Heathrow Airport or Gatwick Airport. Taxis or shuttle services can be booked online and Shuttle Direct offers a reliable service that ensures you reach your customers in stress-free, timely and efficient locations.

A taxi, Heathrow or Gatwick Airport can be booked on a private or shared basis, to make travel to your final destination more smooth.

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Scotland for a golf vacation

If you like golf and you love traveling, the best you can do is combine the two and go for a holiday in Scotland's beautiful golf. Scotland allows golfers to experience some of the most spectacular golf courses that can be found anywhere in the world. As a golf enthusiast, you can take part in golf shows in Scotland, holidays and tours, some of which include the magnificent St. Andrews area – the Sacred Golf Course – where the great game was first played in the 15th century.

If you decide to take a holiday holiday in Scotland, there is absolutely no doubt that you will be able to embark on some of the most challenging golf experiences around. With this in mind, Europeans, Americans and even Australians make a long trip to Scotland on a weekly basis, with the sole aim of meeting this once-in-a-lifetime challenge.

The Old Course at St. Louis. Andrews and Royal Troon are among the most famous golf courses in Scotland. It is well known that the world-famous British Open is hosted on an annual basis and both of these courses are regularly featured when it comes to hosting the Open. These famous courses provide a haven for professional and amateur golfers from all over the world.

The St. Andrews Golf Course was founded in 1764, and of course it is perfectly normal, with its design relatively stable for more than 200 years since its inception. Of course, this course is designed and designed by the forces of nature that form the dunes into unique and changeable forms.

If you plan to travel to Scotland for a holiday in golf there will be no shortage of accommodation options. There are a range of options you can choose from – hotels, rural homes and resorts. Many hotels will offer accommodation and golf packages combined, meaning that green fees and your transportation is included in the price you pay.

Golf is one of the main reasons why people visit Scotland year after year. With the popularity of golf holidays continuing to rise, Scotland is likely to experience a steady demand for holiday packages that include golf activities and tourism activities such as visiting castles and bars and seeing regional sites in general. When planning your next golf holiday, you should ensure that Scotland is listed as one of your options.

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Business travelers tend more towards holiday homes than hotels

Teams and sales teams / presentation teams are increasingly choosing to stay in holiday homes rather than hotels / motels. Regular hotels / hotels can only offer a lot in terms of personal facilities, things that make teams and smaller groups feel at home. For groups and teams planning to spend more than one night or two in one place, staying in a holiday home makes sense.

Cost Reduction

Costs can go up very quickly when teams or entire workgroups remain. In a hotel or motel. Vacation homes can help keep those costs under control. Hotel / motel accommodation may be high when you add all these separate rates to each member of your team. The cost of meals can also increase quickly when everyone in your group or team takes three meals at a motel / motel or in an off-site restaurant. "When a group of friends or colleagues travel to the same event, renting a holiday can be a much better option than reserving several hotel rooms," said Neil Perry, president of Poptent, a global video production company. "Companies can maintain the cost of accommodation," adding "as the teams can easily assemble in the living spaces to get a session and / or improvised teambuilding meetings"

All Home Amenities

Most Holidays Now Homes Offer Both Luxury And Practical , With rooms, dates and floor plans designed to offer all the comforts of home. Most of these houses have a much larger living space than a typical hotel / hotel, and most of them also have four and five bedrooms with two to three bathrooms, which means more space for deployment and pre-preparation for important meetings and presentations. Fei in these houses, making it ideal to prepare for the conference, meeting or seminar the next day.

Home cooked meals

Unlike hotel rooms / motels, vacation homes are characterized by gourmet kitchens equipped with spacious cabinets, stainless steel appliances (dish washer Refrigerator, microwave, double oven), and granite counters of bars and generous breakfast. The kitchens are fully equipped with utensils, pans, crockery, crockery, dishes, tableware, even kitchen towels and paper towels just like home. Preparing meals for your team or team is easy.

There is no shortage of entertainment

After a busy day, work teams and sales can relax in a holiday home. Many of these houses have elegantly decorated living areas with large-screen TVs, video game consoles, table games, poker tables and fobsal. Most houses have a fireplace and air conditioning to ensure year-round comfort. In warm weather, holiday homes often have private indoor swimming pools and gates, as well as spa baths or hot tubs to relax away from day-to-day stress. Many come with a washing machine and dryer for comfort at home.

Do what you can not do in a hotel / hotel

One of the many things that guests can not do when staying at a typical hotel / hotel is their barbecue. Nothing beats a BBQ steak or ribs after a busy seminar, conference or presentation. Business colleagues can enjoy a delicious meal in the courtyard overlooking the sparkling pool, which offers many holiday homes. These houses usually have a large outdoor dining table and chairs, as well as comfortable seating areas for the entire team.

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