Why Phuket Beach Hotel is the place to relax your mind

It can be said that Phuket is the most beautiful island to be found off the exotic coast of Thailand. It is one of the southern provinces of Thailand. Among other things including Krabi and Fang Nga. With stunning sandy beaches, beautiful mountain backdrops and steep cliffs as well as the pure blue waters of the Andaman Sea this is the place to experience the most luxurious traveler to spend time at Phuket Beach Hotel.

It will make you feel like you are experiencing a piece of paradise on Earth. The rise of the Phuket hotel industry in recent years has made this island a major tourist destination. You can not find any Phuket beach hotel devoid of tourists at any time of the year, as visitors from all over the world race to enjoy this charming island in all seasons.

The total area of ​​Phuket is about 572 square kilometers and consists of one large island surrounded by about 40 small islands. You will not have a problem finding a Phuket hotel and there is plenty to choose from. Whether you are looking for luxury, or are a little low, there will always be Phuket Beach Hotel to suit your needs.

Phuket has a range of pristine sandy beaches. The most famous of which are Patong, Karun, Frutip Cape and Kata. The beach of Frumthepe Cap has been waived especially for the sunset that will take your breath away. There are many places to visit in Phuket including the ancient Buddhist temple of Wat Chalong.

The hotel industry in Phuket is well established, hotels are famous for their facilities and services, not to mention the hospitality of staff, as an added bonus. Baan Yie Dee, Phuket's most luxurious beach hotel located in Patong, will cost you less than 5,000 baht per night.

A Phuket hotel with 5 star facilities will cost you in the range of 3500-5,000 baht per night. With a rate of 1000-2000 baht per night, Baan Nern Sai Resort is a Phuket hotel suitable for budget travelers.

The majority of Phuket Beach hotels are located in Patong. Patong sandy beach is 3,100 meters long, and there is hardly any beach in Phuket in Patong that offers great ocean views. Located in the west of Phuket, Karon is another beautiful beach popular among tourists mainly for exclusive panoramic views of the sunrise and sunset.

There's no reason why you should not choose Phuket as a destination for your holiday, but keep in mind; it's always a good idea to book Phuket Beach Hotel of your choice in advance. They are high demand and there is always a missing opportunity on the Phuket beach hotel if you prefer late booking.

Source by Matt Crook