Hotels for short term rentals

With the growth of short-term rentals in major cities, a new set of talks is taking place on the future of the hospitality industry. Many people claim that short-term rentals are the future, but many of these people forget the benefits that have made hotels very common in the first place. There are a few key areas where rents excel, but their shortcomings are large enough to limit their long-term potential.

One of the main advantages of short term rentals is that many of them are available from the beaten path. Individuals offer rooms and houses in non-hotel neighborhoods. This allows visitors to have a better view of the true culture of the city. The downside of this is that most of the amenities needed by tourists, including car rental agencies, restaurants and conference centers, are located in areas not suitable for short term rentals. These include business areas and hospitality areas. Residential areas may be unsuitable for visitors who do not own cars or are not used in the area. It can also be far from tourist destinations.

Another feature of real estate rented by the owner is that it is easy to identify the locals. Some hosts have the freedom to show their favorite places and tell guests the best things they can see and do in their new city. Unfortunately, most hosts have jobs and lives outside the scope of renting their homes to visitors. In some cases, the host will be available for key delivery and a little more. Larger hotels and resorts offer concierge services that may be more suitable for seeing the city. These services are usually well connected and available at all times. If the local experience is an important part of a city visit, guests must check with their host to make sure it is available.

Many hosts are friendly, friendly and hospitable, but there is no guarantee of good customer service. While most hotels put a large stock in the hospitality industry and provide high quality services, the same can not be said about properties rented by the owner. Amenities such as coffee pots, luggage racks, toiletries, TVs and private showers are not available. If full service is a requirement, it is best to have visitors at a bed and breakfast or hotel locally.

While there is certainly room in the hospitality market for real estate rented by the owner, the national talk about their destructive potential is exaggerated. Hotels are likely to remain the norm for years to come because of their suitability, reliability and commitment to hospitality.

Source by Anders Abadie