Hotels in Udaipur: romantic with charming Venice in the east

It is not surprising that Udaipur crowned the title "City of the East in Venice". The charm of the romantic city of Udaipur can be compared to the atmosphere of Venice, which is one of the favorite places for honeymooning. Udaipur has many lakes, palaces and innumerable palaces. The city is a historical paradise and an immediate reminder of a past era. It is one of the largest honeymoon destinations in India along with Goa and Kerala. Luxury Udaipur hotels have arranged fairy-tale weddings for elite and celebrity audiences since ages.

Everywhere you go, you get this slow smell of Rajputs and Mongols who ruled these areas. A striking example of this is the city palace, which still bears the scent of the magnificent Rajput legend. It is not just a great historical piece but it can be ashamed of most contemporary artists. Architecture and decoration have been put out by truly gifted of the past. Is a puzzle in itself and the perfect integration of different styles.

Another equally impressive though less popular mansion is Jag Mandir. Whether in the shape of a round dome or beautiful fountains in its elegant gardens, this monument stands out simply and gracefully. It's so big yet not bloated or flashy!

Have you visited an artificial lake? If not, Udaipur gives you the opportunity to head to Lake Fateh Sagar, a lake built in 1678 artificially. It is large in size and has a few charming islands and serves as a relaxation and picnic area. Riding a boat on this lake is another experience you will not forget quickly!

The city is renowned for its majestic appearance, grandeur, nostalgic atmosphere, traditional culture, and high-end Udaipur hotels. No doubt, why do people compare them to Venice!

Puri and Shimla are two other hot holidays on the map of India. Puri serves the dual role of being a beach destination and a pilgrimage site. Its huge reputation is mainly due to the Jagana Puri Temple and the Golden Beach of Swargdwar! On the other hand, Shimla is the priceless Himachal Pradesh treasure. A charming hill station, noted for winter sports (skiing, skiing, etc.) and its natural surroundings. Beside, Buri Hotels and Shimla Hotels are also very luxurious despite being reasonably priced.

In Puri, you can visit some very sacred times and at the same time enjoy the beach. Some of the 5 star hotels in Puri are close to beaches. Puri is also located near the famous Chilika Lake which must be visited.

As for Shimla, you have got temples, churches, palaces and old buildings to seduce you and bring you to your heart! If Kufri can mesmerize, the mall can satisfy all your desires for shopping and dining! In addition, there are luxury and budget Shimla hotels at your service!

Source by Shashank Pratap