Bangkok friendly hotels – where to find and stay

Guest friendly hotels in Bangkok are a sign of hotels that do not charge extra to bring an unregistered guest into your room for overnight stays. You may also have heard about the label no carpenter which means the same thing. Hotels requiring guests to pay an additional fee although the room was reserved for two people is an unfair business practice occurring through hotels in Bangkok. Non-guest hotels usually charge THB 500 ($ 14) for non-registered guests. Some places charge up to THB 1000 (US $ 30).

Fortunately there are many hotels in Bangkok. You can find them centrally located in the famous business districts of Sukhumvit Street which is located near countless nightlife venues and hot spots throughout the area. Here are the names of 5 popular popular hotels for guests in Bangkok (as of the time of writing):

4. JW Marriott

There are many other friendly hotels, ranging from 1000 THB to 6000 Thai Baht (US $ 30 to US $ 170). There are hotels at lower rates. Some have prices as low as 500 terabytes or US $ 14 per night, but I strongly suggest you avoid staying at a hotel at such low rates because it will probably be unclean and far from Bangkok's nightlife center.

Another alternative is to book your stay in a serviced apartment in Bangkok. The serviced apartments in Bangkok are managed either by the hotel or private management. They treat their guest with full hotel hospitality such as maintaining a daily home and using facilities such as a fitness room and swimming pool. Most market rooms may be equipped with a full kitchen and washing machine dryers. Most of them offer a complimentary breakfast buffet included in room rates such as hotels in Bangkok. It would make sense that the serviced apartments do not charge a carpenter's fee since the room is a technical apartment. However, you are personally responsible for your guests.

There are many serviced apartments in Bangkok. The most popular is called Center Point. There are currently 7 hotels in Center Point in convenient locations near major attractions across Bangkok. It is a fully serviced apartment, classified as a hotel, but most guests staying there are vacationers. Personally, Center Point hotels are my favorite places to stay and do not have to worry about the need to pay carpentry fees to my guest.

Source by James P. Hunt