Cheap hotel accommodation in central London

London has a reputation for staying in expensive hotels with cheap cheap hotels too. Well what is cheap. For the purposes of this article, prices can be set at less than $ 100 per night (£ 60) for a standard double / twin room with all taxes paid.

Most accommodation is known in this category for bed & breakfasts. This can be misleading for the uninformed. This hotel is not a family-owned guest house with personal attentive hosts, traditional English breakfasts and home-made offerings, which are usually available outside of London. The vast majority of small hotels with 20-50 rooms, operated by immigrants in very low salons with very simple rooms, rarely raise European breakfasts. This does not mean that these institutions should be avoided, but there are a large number of poor quality .

The main cheap London hotel areas are Bayswater, Victoria and Kings Cross. Here you'll see many of these B & Bs in groups. Double or twin room with breakfast included in these areas about 70-100 USD

Kings Cross has a bad reputation and has often been used for drugs, crime and prostitution. The entire area is now being renovated and the Eurostar train will be finished at King's Cross Station in 2007. The hotel offers a fitness center and a fitness center. The Kings Cross is less than a mile from the West End, London's central entertainment district, and there is plenty of public transport on your doorstep.
Bayswater is located on the northern border of Hyde Park, London's largest city, 1.6 km from Oxford Street, Kensington Palace and Paddington Airport. (Queensway) is a large variety of restaurants and economic stores.

Victoria is very central, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Abbey Westminster and London Eye are all within walking distance of the hotel. The station extends from bus stations to Pimlico Metro Station, a pleasant and safe area.

Room rates vary widely. In the depths of winter, room rates can be reduced to US $ 50, but are warned that most hotels will also be reduced less on weekends.

Some of the best bed and breakfasts include Montana Excel and Howard Winchester at the Kings Cross Hotel and Central Victoria Hotel Blakemore and Annur hotels in Bayswater. Some of these hotels may be advertised as a three-star hotel – beware in small print you may notice the words & quot; self-rating & # 39;.

Source by Bob Handford