Unique London Hotels – Dare to disagree

Most people have a fixed image of what looks like a luxurious hotel suite with satin sheets, fluffy cushions, sparkling chandeliers of iris lighting, ornate ornamentation on walls, intricate textiles that nourish the eyes and arouse the mind, or something along those lines. With more than a thousand hotels in London, it is extremely important to have a feature or a different element that attracts travelers. Here are some of the unique hotels in the capital of England.

First on the list is The Goring. The Goring was completed after the end of the Edwardian era in 1910 and features 71 individually designed rooms, all of which feature a variety of themes. Now, this uniqueness in every suite! The hotel also has a great view overlooking the private gardens and there is a garden bar, an example of 'outdoor dining'.

The second characteristic hotel is the Hoxton Hotel, or the Hoxton Urban Lodge. "Luxury where it matters, budget where it counts", this thing is something that draws attention and achieves it, so the rooms can cost up to one pound.Yes, a real story. The best thing is that travelers do not get anything less than world class luxury, as can be seen from all the If you are a lover of luxury 18th century living, then Miller's accommodation is right for you. Only with 5 double bedrooms and 2 rooms for the salon, but the details in each of those rooms really capture the flavor of the 18th century.The rooms are named with the famous literary figures of the period, from Browning to Wordsworth, each with its unique intricacies including paintings and furnishings Antique which will certainly impress any guest. The only catch is that the rooms are a little pricey, but once one steps inside one of them, one will definitely feel that the money has been well spent.

The next and last, currently on the menu in the hotel is inspired by "warmth and sensuality in the Americas." The Church Street Hotel in South London has its American-Spanish theme, thanks to the amazing spots of vibrant color in every room. Many also welcome a fresh breakfast at the hotel. It offers comprehensive comprehensive service, affordability and relative comfort of vital institutions and central London certainly helps the hotel's appeal.

Even with thousands of different hotels in London, it is amazing to see many hoteliers come with different offers to make their hotels and services unique and attractive to potential guests. There are plenty of rough diamonds, which may be less interesting compared to their larger counterparts, but they still offer a unique experience for anyone choosing to book one if their rooms.

Source by Kelvin Kong