How to choose the best WordPress theme?

When it comes to WordPress themes, it will appear on free and paid topics. However, there is a fact that the best topics are distinct topics and you have to pay for their purchase and use. Some even bring expensive prices to developers – after all quality issues take days and weeks to build.

You can easily monetize your website if you have a theme created for that purpose. If your appearance is not developed with earnings in mind, you will not have great places to place your ads. So, people will not end up clicking on ads and buying your products.

You can also choose topics that may help your website work as a guide where you place your ads by forming other parties and getting paid when you sell sales through you. If you're thinking about it, be sure to buy a look or hire developer to create a developer who can track clicks on each unit.

Choosing a topic

I mentioned only earnings features as the most things most people follow when creating a website or blog. But this is not all you need to consider when choosing a feature for your WordPress site.

Before choosing or buying a theme, you need to think about using it in general. Are they flexible to use – can they be easy to use easily? Most websites will need to take good care of them and keep them from time to time. Does your appearance provide self-sustaining – it would be nice if it could be done.

Most great ideas will help you tremendously when it comes to handling sales and maintaining the site. So, your life will become much easier to live!

Also consider future plans for the site because buying a new topic at a time can be expensive. Therefore, plan well before buying.

Expensive Subjects

As we mentioned before, you can get great themes and totally free or at a price. The price difference from a few dollars to the previously created topics to about $ 6,000 for custom themes created by the developer you hire.

A good way to reduce the cost of your appearance is to buy a full license from the developer. Because when you do, you'll be able to sell the attribute to other website owners for a reduced fee and at least a fraction of the costs you incur.

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Immigration lawyer moves laws

Many people come to the United States in search of a better way of life for themselves and their families. For some, the hope of a better job brings them to America, while others escape a repressive government that leads them to flee their homeland, but others who are already learning a good life are turned to the United States by the foreign employer who opened an office in America. Whatever the reasons that come to America, a large number of immigrants settle in Chicago. Because of the international business center and the opportunity to mix and mix with people from their culture and country, some foreign nationalities make their new home in Chicago neighborhoods full of people who share their habits and speak their mother tongue.

Whether they are in the country in business or have raised their standard of living to start in Chicago, immigration lawyers are willing to help individuals and families establish legal residence. With laws governing the duration of a person's use of a visa, it is important that migrants communicate with someone who helps them to overcome difficult laws and restrictions on migrant families. Because there are times when illegal entry to the United States can be tolerated and a person can avoid deportation, it is crucial that those who settled in Chicago call immigration lawyers to help them stay on US territory. By establishing a foreign legal resident status and working with immigration lawyers in Chicago for naturalization, people who chose to contact America can have the right home to live and work in the country without fear of government.

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Tips when traveling with children by bus

Taking a vacation with young children can sometimes feel like a big part of the job. Between snack time, bathroom breaks, hard collapses, and sibling rivalry, traveling efficiently can be extremely difficult. Throw in some unfamiliar terrain or road and the roads can become more complex. Road trips and leased bus tours are a much easier option for long distance travel with children. The professional driver can handle the roads while you and your family relax, enjoy the scenery, and enjoy the ride together. Here are some tips to make traveling with children by charter bus more enjoyable.

Utilizing e-Entertainment
Large chartered buses provide endless entertainment opportunities for children and adults alike. Most rental buses come with ample electrical outlets and DVD players. This can provide many hours of distraction with your children's movies or iPod, handheld video games, and other mini-games.

If the batteries in your electronic devices are running out, just take them to a recharging port and move on to the next activity. When filling your games and movies, be sure to remember headphones and earphones so your kids can enjoy their movies and games without disrupting other passengers on the bus.

Sure Pack Travel Bags
Another great way to keep your kids comfortable and happy is to plan for the future by packing travel bags. These bags should include the necessities that each child depends on during the day, such as medicines and snacks, as well as some recreational activities that do not require electronic equipment. Coloring books, word search, crossword puzzles, and other simple games are great to keep kids busy during the trip. For snacks, you can stick to non-perishable foods and drinks with safe covers. Avoid bottles as many hired buses do not allow them.

Bond with Your Kids
Traveling by bus offers the perfect opportunity to spend some good time together as a family. Take advantage of this opportunity to enjoy the landscapes together. Road games like 'I Spy' are fun and attractive for both children and adults. Help your children take some pictures to show their friends when they return home. Family holidays are a special time to relax and enjoy all of my other company.

Chartered buses make traveling for holidays much easier
Traveling with young children is never easy, but with some careful planning, you and your children can spend an enjoyable and safe holiday. Chartering a charter bus is a great travel option for short local tours and long country trips. They are particularly useful for transportation to and from family reunions and other events. Using a rented bus for transportation is one of the safest choices to travel with children. It allows you to focus on children while an experienced driver travels in unfamiliar ways safely and efficiently. Buses are also equipped with plenty of entertainment to keep kids entertained and entertained on long trips.

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10 warning signs of alienation parents

Alienation Parents is a somewhat controversial phenomenon characterized by a parent disfiguring the other parent, while brainwashing the child to join in this effort. A tactic often used to reduce customs standards in divorce and could turn into a situation in which children completely turn against the other parent unfairly.

Is your former husband alienating your children against you and asserting your role as a mother? Learn the warning signs 10.

(1). Do you feel comfortable or comfortable outside of school and decide about your child's activities and even health care? Restricting your access to information about your child creates a physical and temporal gap.

(2). Does your husband publicly blame you for financial problems, relationships, or other pressures in marriage? Engaging in personal marital problems with inappropriate children and blaming the other spouse is a tactic to make the children stand with the other spouse who is portrayed as the victim.

(3). Does your husband listen to your phone calls with children? Often do jealousy, this indicates insecurity and distrust.

(4). Is the child used to spy on you? Are children used to report your words, behaviors, and other details about your personal life to your former spouse or even use them in a divorce or detention session?

(5). Is a move taken to adopt your child by step parent? This may include changing the child's name as a final cut of parental ties.

(6). Are children given the option of visiting you? Are they encouraged to pull out of the picture for reasons you do not share?

(7). Is your child restricted to activities you do not have time with?

(8). Does your child act afraid of you, as if you were told that you are capable of violence or abuse?

9. Do you act angry toward you, but have no real reason?

(10). Does your husband arrange more fun activities that interfere with your visit, so the child should decide to see you or not?

Once children are recruited as participants to influence detention in the event of divorce or to change family dynamics, they are active and empowered in the game. By doing what the separated parent says, they can tear apart family members and change their relationship with one of the parents forever.

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Unique brochure for design and printing – make your catalogs exclusive and exceptional

Running a company in today's age and age is very difficult. You have to use the best strategies to stay on top of the game. Entrepreneurs invest in marketing and marketing strategies to advertise their products and solutions. Today, you can take advantage of the unique design and printing brochure to advertise solutions and products. An effective strategy that works better for large and small businesses. However, you have to make your manuals excellent to achieve your goals. While catalogs are an excellent way to inform individuals about your company, the way they are developed and printed can mean distinguishing between your organization and your competitors. Consider moving away from the traditional way of designing unique brochures and printing with these seven other options:

Using Bleeding Right

To make your products unique and distinctive, it is important; Bleeding is customized to ensure that your patterns are attractive and expert. You styles will be characterized by beautiful aspects and without feathers. Therefore, it is important that you take the time to negotiate until the proper blood is bleeding for your products.


When, unique design brochure printing, you will realize that many companies recommend high-definition. However, it is always recommended to negotiate for a quality of 300 dpi. This is because it allows the highest quality and finest styles. You will also benefit from the best design and wonderful colors on your marketing products. These are good quality for a few huge tasks.

Quality Material

The design and printing of the manuals are very unique. There are different components used for the project. It is very important to identify the best quality products based on the type of ink you use in your project. Accept a high quality document that is easy to print. You can always ask for advice from an expert to get the best ingredients if you're not sure. Choose the best to improve your strategy. Consider the ingredients that give your booklets an experienced look. It gives a positive impression in the minds of potential customers and allows you to make the most of your financial commitment.

Make your brochures attractive

Likewise, you must make your products attractive successfully on each side. Consider high-quality design, company brand name and all other information that will appear on your product. You should attract design patterns and print your unique brochures. Customers will always care about the facts of marketing products that draw their attention from the word go.

Most importantly, you must make your products noticeable and allow them to speak positively about your organization. If customers feel that your products are distinctive, they will learn that you value your organization and their needs and enable you to make the most of your financial commitment.

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How can a rental help your business

For companies, the problem of expanding their customer base does not mean they never have more potential customers. There are always potential customers that can be reached. The problem lies in reaching them – reaching them in a unique way, and reaching them effectively. But how business should come to creativity, or be lost in the sea of ​​advertising faced by potential customers every day, all day long. Rental leasing is the perfect solution to this advertising problem.

Using Inflatable Giant

Inflatable rental is one of the best forms of advertising. The unique balloon shapes do a great job of attracting local customers who are not reachable. Rental leasing is a great option for seasonal sales or short term promotions as it provides a large billboard with a banner or sign-in sign. People are used to seeing flat billboards and signs on the shop fronts, but there is a professional sign hanging from a large movable structure that can be set up near the road, a remarkable way and an unusual way to display the message. Blow up a huge inflatable floor quickly in your company around your work experience in visual mode. People talk about great and unusual things. Giant rubber is just that. Because they are available for rent, it means that there is a need to invest a little money before the return on this investment is seen in the form of new customers who notice the company's location and walk through its doors in search of their services and goods. .

Why Balloon Shapes?

Choosing not to hire an inflatable giant plane instead of getting a custom balloon shape can be more beneficial for business. While rentals may have few options to choose from, unless there is a huge inflatable dinosaur, a magician or a whale balloon, the best option might be to have custom balloon shapes that correspond directly with your work. Product or service. HONEYER is a huge floating balloon that turns vertically, but a large cup of coffee, a house, an animal, a grocery bag, or any business in your business creates a greater impact on potential customers because it communicates more and communicates more accurately. As previously mentioned, of these balloon shapes, companies can hang a logo or custom marker. This means that a giant inflatable message can change without losing its effectiveness or uniqueness. As sales and seasons change, the word attached to custom balloon shapes can also change, while the giant inflatable background remains the same, resulting in a business continuity campaign.

Ultimate Goal: Marketing Promotion

A giant inflatable is a way of promoting and marketing that is very cost effective, practical and complete with a lot of "bang for your buck". Good marketing promotion is about broadcasting a clear, useful and concise message. It involves giving potential customers as much information as possible through many forms of visual communication (image, text, color, calligraphy, etc.) without feeling tired. The giant rubber games are ideal for this purpose because it is a visual message filled with information.

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Landscaping professonals – What you need to know for what you need to do

The seven professionals are likely to be available to help you with your landscape and gardens:

o Landscape architect
o Landscape Designer

o nursery
o designer / landscape builder

Although there is certainly overlap, these are the levels and different styles of professionals. We will consider them in the order in which they are listed. First we will provide a general description, a list of strengths and weaknesses, followed by a comparative analysis. Finally, we will examine how to evaluate each individual in each profession.

Landscape architect:

Landscape architect has at least a four-year bachelor's degree, probably six years or more of tertiary education. For a full certification, you must also have three years of training in the landscaping office. The following paragraph is taken from the US Department of Labor.

"People who plan to work in landscaping must appreciate nature, enjoy working with their hands, and have strong analytical skills. Creative vision and artistic talent are also desirable traits, to other professionals and clients, "Strong writing skills are valuable, as are computer applications of all kinds, including word processing, desktop publishing, spreadsheets, reports, and land impact studies for clients, colleges, supervisors, CAD design and design. (19659002) Strengths:
Landscape architecture is a comprehensive and dangerous system designed to provide aesthetically pleasing solutions to the creation Spaces owned, visited, or seen by humans. The study includes design theory, engineering, planning, aesthetics, history and science. The scope of education is broad and deep, so the scale of projects that a landscaper can afford is essentially unlimited.

Landscape architect has a sound education in all practical considerations – appropriate building codes and techniques, legal aspects and so on. It can provide a detailed plan for the specifications of materials, quantities, sizes, etc., through which contractors can make accurate offers. Because they are eligible to apply for a wider range of projects, for example government projects, which are not open to unlicensed designers.

The term landscape architecture was first used by Frederick Law Olmstead in the late 1800s. At that time there was no specific academic system so he began teaching and studying under the roofs of architectural schools and stamping them Mentality. – This means, with many notable exceptions, that the architecture of the landscape, from the point of view of this author, is characterized by the quality of architectural rigidity and excessive reliance on the structure. As noted, there were notable exceptions. Tommy Church and Big Brother, for example two, there are many exceptions practiced today.

Traditionally, landscape engineers do not label horticulture, so their plant recommendations are unreasonably limited. Most importantly, a certificate in landscape architecture does not mean talent because the qualities, or lack thereof, in the designs produced do not guarantee or inhibit the degree. In fairness it must be said that any degree of any kind in any of these categories means talent – it only means successful completion of the curriculum.

Many landscape architects spend most of their time in offices and have little field experience. Often they can not really communicate with different trades people, such as masons because their knowledge may be a serious theory, do not rely on practical experience. Before hiring a landscaper, ask to see a portfolio, even if only from school assignments and make sure they are able to understand your beauty and work within your budget. If possible, get references.

Landscape Designer

Landscape designer may be adopted through one program or another (of which there are many), or may not. These programs are usually associated with an educational institution but there are many other individuals and organizations that also offer a certification program. In addition, many botanical gardens have master gardener classes (which are not landscape design), as well as design courses that individuals may take towards certification or simply education.

Landscape designer works with site analysis, cost estimates, practical considerations such as drainage, light availability, altitudes and all other aspects of sustainable and sustainable landscape design. It also usually works with hardscape elements such as lanes, patios, walls and so on. The following is a description of the course material for a landscape design course from a University in California.

"Landscape design practice includes site analysis, development of design concepts and design plans, selection of building materials and plant materials, preparation of construction plans and documentation.
Certificate in Landscape Design (CLD)

Natural interaction between human needs and the environment and provides students with practical skills to understand landscape design. All design studios emphasize design process and problem solving using actual locations as case studies. Certificate program in landscape design on a part-time basis within three to five o

Certificate requirements:

In the following description, the word "training course" refers to a full semester of thirteen chapters, equivalent to seven classes, and two modules can meet the requirements of one course.

Landscape design, students should complete the following twelve courses with a B-degree or better in each course.

o Design I, II and III
o Two courses in the history of landscape design
Site Engineering
o Two courses in plants / horticulture
o One drafting course
o One course of landscape, a And two of the student's choice
o project an independent thesis on landscape design

There are many people who call them the landscape designers and practicing landscape designers who do not have this education. For them, this profession has generally been a profession and has been done through work by working in various capacities associated with gardens, such as nursery companies and landscaping before starting their own design work. They may also make equipment or can act as contractors and find subcontractors to do this work.

In general, landscape designers seem to have a more natural and less structural orientation than many landscape architects. If they have the education outlined above, they are at least theoretically ready to deal with a wide range of design projects. Often they are dedicated to quality garden design. If they do not have education, they have followed the rotation, or just started. If they have followed a career they have been in some time they should have a portfolio as well as the ability to quote price ranges for various aspects.

As with landscape architects, title does not need to identify talent. The education, experience and capacity of landscape designers vary greatly. Before hiring a landscape designer, ask to see a portfolio and talk to references, make sure you agree and know exactly what to expect for what you pay.

Garden Designer

The garden designer may have formal education and may not be well versed in gardening. Garden designers also work with site analysis, light availability, and cost estimates, but often do not work with hardscape elements. These people are generally plants people. Their talent is to use their knowledge to create an attractive planting family with shrubs, ornamental trees, perennials, vines and blankets.

Some schools offer professional-level courses in landscaping, where they are taught; site analysis, customer summary, drawing plan, drawing section, height and color rendering. The following paragraphs are taken from the curriculum of one of these universities.

"Students will be able to scan a small site using the operating and triangulation dimensions, noting location details such as the site of trees and buildings, minor changes in level and services, etc. They will be able to evaluate the data collected at the site and take out the scale on a scale of 1/8 or 1/4 inch to accurately portray location characteristics.

Students will apply the concepts of pattern analysis taught simultaneously during the course, drawing with pencil and then artistic pens on the architectural spaces using the address blocks to display the appropriate information. Spatial concepts, WFL

Students will produce section / height drawings to help clarify the project, both for the contractor and the client, as well as a presentation panel to help convey their ideas. "

A graduate of this school d probably does not call himself a garden designer but a landscape designer. There are many garden designers who do not have this education.

Garden designers usually devote public gardens and knowledge to plants, especially perennial plants. They usually know the best plant suppliers in a particular language and can design and implement attractive gardens consisting mainly of plants.

Typically, garden designers are not builders, do not manipulate or take major site modifications. Before hiring a garden designer, make sure that the scope of work you want to do is within their capabilities. Ask to see a portfolio and talk to references.

Landscape Contractor

A landscape contractor is a person who performs, or installs theaters and often also contracts for the maintenance of gardens. These operations can be very large with several trucks, various machines and equipment parts and a large crew of workers supervised by observers or project managers or both.

However, there are tens of thousands of landscape contractors, consisting of small staff, one or a few trucks and two small tractors or backhoes. At times, the landscaping process is designed for staff and offers designs at low cost or at no cost. This is because they will make their money on installation.

The larger the process, the more intensive the tasks the contractor could perform. These range from just planting plants to building swimming pools in the ground, to future landscape developments.

Most landscape contractors have the ability to build construction structures such as patios, walkways, walls, and wooden structures such as thrones and decks, and can either perform or perform other tasks, such as installing irrigation systems or lighting.

Focus on landscape contractors is to build or implement plans of landscape architects, developers and landscape designers. For residential businesses, there is generally nothing they can not achieve, in terms of building others' designs and they may have their own designer or design staff. They are usually insured and interdependent.

Landscape contractors are usually at the end of high construction costs. They often have a lot of overhead so they should add a profit on all the materials and labor so the bottom line tends to be high. Their use of plants is often normal and repetitive, and their designs can be uninspiring – but there are exceptions. Get all agreements as contracts, not estimates, ask to see portfolio and references.


Someone who calls himself landscaping is usually someone in the garden maintenance. It will generally have a mini truck with trailer, two professional lawn mowers, a chain cutter, electric pruning shears, pastures, shovels and brooms. There is usually little or no education behind landscaping, although there may be experience, and often they contract to landscaping. These people should not be used as designers, in general, unless they do so and have a bag.


Many nurseries have landscape processes that include design and installation. Usually supervised by someone who came through the gardening industry with an education in gardening, these can provide turnkey services and ensure plants. Usually they give you a design for a simple cost or no cost because they will spend their money on plants and installation. They can usually pull out residential projectiles such as walls, patios and irrigation systems.

You can make sure that the selected plants will achieve good results as they are allocated to go. You only have to contract one operation and they generally have the power of the guy to accomplish the task. Of course, there are always exceptions, but overall nursery designs tend to be very ordinary and are not inspired. Plants will flourish but the design may be so. Nurses tend to over-stretch in the peak season so they may start working, leave it for a while and come back later. If this matters to you, get the end date specified in the contract. Before hiring a nursery, ask to see a set of designs that they have carried out as well as projects that have been implemented and requested references that you can contact.

Designer / landscape designer:

Landscape, designer builder is just that. Combines landscaping contractor services, landscape designer. As with landscaping and garden designer, he may have formal education and probably not. As with other professionals, his degree of experience may be intense and may not be. Many landscape designers / builders came to the profession through a professional or professional association with gardening services. Many of them were gardeners who turned into designers, turned builders. The designer / landscape designer usually gives a design price, and upon completion of the design, the execution will be contracted.

The whole task of design can be done through installation. Landscape designers tend to be less stringent than architects and usually have more practical experience. Usually they combine the knowledge of landscaping and plants and should have a good sense of design. Some of the best works being done in America is by designers / landscape builders.

may be attributed or unable to assume large jobs or large government projects. Before hiring a designer / landscaper, ask for a portfolio vision and recommendations. Make sure you know what you get and what the cost is. Make sure you have empathy.

General observations on all gardening professionals

The four most important qualities of assessing someone's employment to create your gardens or landscapes for you are; talent, ability, integrity and compatibility. The very talented person you admire, capable and highly integrity will do a great job of creating a garden that you do not deserve. A talented person without power will give you an inspired design that can not or should not be built. A gifted and capable person and good integrity that is not compatible is a poor choice and a person without integrity will let you down in every way.

How do you know these things about someone? Your own instincts, to begin. If you do not have a good feeling about someone, stop there. Beyond that, always ask for references if you have any doubt and regardless of whether you are dealing with a landscape engineer or gardener, ask to see a wallet.

Keep in mind that everyone should start somewhere, so they may not have much to show. Anyone with any kind of education in this area must have design projects to be displayed at least, and these are worth seeing. Let him explain his drawings, tell him what he was trying to create, and see how he resonates. If he has built gardens or solid elements, ask to see the photographs. This applies equally to the landscaping engineer of the landscaper. His testimony does not give or even reference to talent and you have the right to know the type of designer he is.

You can walk in the area with the person and get their response on the site. Ask them what they see, what they can do. You may have to pay a consulting fee for this but it is worth it. Many parks have been built which are fairly medium. Maybe you want to be wonderful so take the trouble to find the right person to do it.

Do not assume that the person who has the most education is the most capable or the most reliable. Ask for recommendations from previous customers. If they are working for a company, look online or ask to talk to their former customers and see previous projects. If you are talking to a landscaper (often only outdoor miners), ask about plants, what plants are and what they need. If a person cuts grass, it is unlikely that he also design and build beautiful gardens.

If you do not know a person or do not have a clear sense of his quality and do not come with a known background of great experience or a well-known reputation, get hold of, not appreciatively, writing.

Most people who work in planning and building gardens, apart from outdoor cleaners who often go under the name of 'landscapers' and giant construction companies, are dedicated individuals living and breathing in gardens. They want to give you a beautiful landscape. All of the above should help you determine which ones to choose.

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What is Virtual Assistant?

Simply put, the default assistant is someone who provides administrative support to business owners but does not need to implement these services in the owner's office. This is the aspect that makes us "virtual." Although some virtual assistants spend time in their clients' offices, most do not.

Most virtual assistants work with a wide range of clients from all over the country living in or from around the world. Since the work is virtual, the possibilities are boundless when it comes to location.

Virtual assistants also charge for their work every hour. Each default assistance activity is different in that it may have set hourly or retainer rates, but most are limited to a fixed rate per hour for their services. The customer then pays the default assistant for the work performed by them in a specific payment period. These payment periods are defined by the same default assistant.

Most virtual helpers work from home and have their own office set up. This allows flexibility in the hours in which you work, and also gives you the convenience of working in your home.

There are different types of virtual assistants. Most virtual assistants focus on administrative aspects of assistance, providing services such as word processing, editing, debugging, document creation, scheduling, event management, file organization, and other similar tasks. These virtual assistants usually receive between $ 15 and $ 25 per hour.

The following type of default helper will be what I call & amp; quot; the default helper who supports administrative but also has experience in the processes required to run an online business. Tasks listed here include setting up and maintaining your shopping cart, maintaining your website, managing your autoresponder, posting blogs, etc. Virtual administrators can earn a little more because their knowledge is at a higher level of experience than the default administrator-based assistant. These virtual assistants usually charge between $ 20 and $ 40 an hour.

The last type of virtual assistant will be someone who considers himself more than an online business manager. This person will work with his clients as a business partner and provide a mutually beneficial relationship for them. What I mean by this is that this type of virtual assistant will be more likely to evaluate the client's business processes and suggest ways in which he can improve his operations. These virtual assistants generally receive US $ 50 or more per hour.

The types of skills you need to be default depend on the type of default assistant you're looking for. At least, one must be familiar with office-based software programs – Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. – and the Internet. You should be able to get a general knowledge of these things before you can start serving your customers or you will be frustrating to yourself and your customer.

On a higher level, you will learn and acquire a wide range of new skills. You may already be a trainee in web design or writing ads, for example, but you may not know aspects of shopping carts and autoresponders. The best part about being a virtual assistant is that you can spend time learning these things because they will only help boost your business.

Being a computer expert is essential – you will not become a virtual assistant if you are not a computer expert. Most employers want to be confident that when they send in their work, they will not pay the training time or the time they spend to figure out how to do the job. If you are not yet familiar with the computer, I strongly recommend taking a course at a local college or a professional development institute so you can learn the basics.

Other skills that must have a virtual assistant are communication skills and the ability to manage their time. Focus is also an essential part of being a virtual assistant. Because most virtual assistants work from home, it can be very easy to distract them from friends, family, phone, television, a good book, or your bed.

Communication is important because you will be the sole operator of all aspects of your business. You will need to talk to new customers. You'll need to send e-mail to potential customers asking questions about your services and more than anything else, you want to be able to deliver what you do clearly.

Time management plays a big role in being a virtual aid. You need to know how to prioritize your task list so that you do not miss you and miss deadlines.

You also want to be an eager person for learning and willing to put it in time to learn new techniques and new industries. Not all your customers will be in one specific area. I work with people from the fitness industry to the marketing industry to the body appreciation industry. It is never the same and is always changing.

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How to create a case file number

When reviewing many Office File Management software packages, we are always surprised by the number of extra-price packages that "automatically generates a status number" at the top of the list of features as if something was difficult to do, or even impressive as a package feature. Also, most of these packages simply create a 6 digit number and start at 000001 and then go to 000002 and so on and do not allow you to customize.

We suggest that case numbers are symbols that tell you much more than the simple number, but at the same time, they should have a simple format so you can easily create them and read them quickly.

Let's take a look at the simple and useful case number:


Let's break this slightly:

  1. 20100310 is history. Use the down date format because it is easy to find cases using the time frame reference. The descending dates are arranged starting from the year, then the month, then the day, so in the above example, the case began on 10 March 2010.
  2. Next, is a two-letter symbol of your choice which indicates what kind of this is the case. In the previous example, the word "FL" refers to "family law". Some suggestions are: CL – Contract Law, PP – Product / Process, CD – Criminal Defense, etc. You can skip this if you practice only one kind of law.
  3. Your Sub-Code is a second two-character code that demonstrates the type of state. In the Family Code example above, "CC" refers to child custody. Create a list of applicable subfolders and keep them in a "reference file" with your case type codes from # 2.
  4. Use the initials of the client as part of your case number Optional depending on the sensitivity of the case and the client's desire not to be identified. In our example, we created the name "Jane Smith" and used JS. We certainly do not recommend using the customer name in the case number.
  5. If you have a client that may provide multiple instances, put the actual number of the case for that client in parentheses. In this example, this will be the ninth case of Jane Smith. If this is one case with little chance of duplicating the work of this client, you will not need to put any numbers in the end.

Hints and Tips:

  1. When creating a case file number, use it when naming word processor files or spreadsheets so that everything can be searched and / or invoked using the state number. Also, type the number on any folder and use it on labels that may move on CD / DVD, cassette tapes, evidence boxes, etc.
  2. Renaming your computer files also makes it easy to search where most systems will allow you to search for part of the file name using a type of "wild card" such as asterisk *. For example, if you want to see a list of all family law cases in 2010, enter the 2010 * FL * .doc search string (if you're looking for Microsoft Word® files). Not only that, but will simply display it as the file, and it will automatically display in chronological order depending on the state of its number only.
  3. Instead of buying complex and overpriced software packages, you can easily use a program that might come with your computer like the word processor and spreadsheet above, and the Calendar / Contact program such as Microsoft Outlook®.

Then, to learn more about case management for paralegals and lawyers visit:

(Copyright 2010 – Paul Purcell Authorized to share this article provided that all parts remain intact.)

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Find people – reconnect

People come and go. Not everyone with us now may be on our journey, but they will certainly leave some of their footprints behind our experiences.

Come to think about these people who have greatly influenced our lives. They can be friends of our childhood, our relatives, colleagues in our groups, clients, colleagues or former employers. Some seem to be silent, and some may need your help, while some may also search for you.

At present, there is a quick possibility to find them. This is done by searching online. You can use different information such as names, old addresses, phone numbers, school records, religious organizations to which you belong, and any other relevant information available to you. The more data you upload, the faster you find it.

Internet search engines can help us a lot in collecting us across the web. For faster search results, we need to be more specific in entering information. Including keywords with quotation marks will reduce your options. Also, we can put a plus sign (+) behind the keywords so that your search words provide the exact word or phrases in each page's results. On the other hand, placing a minus sign (-) results in a very large number of specific results that do not relate to those people you are looking for. Because graphics are famous online, you can type these keywords to find some graphic images. Just make sure that websites use privacy-friendly people search information.

Whatever our goal, we must always remember that stalking is illegal and violates the law. We are looking for people to unlock those lost connections and find out their personal backgrounds. Although we can make hundreds of new friends in one day, we must keep our old friends and loved ones through our lives. We may not know the changes that will come, but it will always be important to know more about the people we live with before, and those we will meet in the future.

Source by Nichole Green