7 C of Business Writings

Having some hard times writing business? For some reasons, you do not need to. There is always a solution to each problem and at your side, you can look for simple ways to help you with writing tasks.

If you're looking for simple instructions to follow in writing business, consider "7 C & s." While the speed of understanding and ease of remembering, ensuring that you follow them will improve the quality of your worksheets.

  1. Clarity. Good writing for business is clear. He has a specific message, with no ambiguity about what each phrase tries to communicate.
  2. Right. Contains the correct grammatical rules (with permission from the English Business Program) and accurate facts, successfully deliver your message because all errors, whether mechanical or realistic, have been adequately addressed.
  3. Brief. Worksheets are written correctly concisely, expressing ideas in sufficient words as necessary. There is no unnecessary long wits and beating around the bush.
  4. Conversation. Good writing looks like a real business conversation. No language is difficult to implement and there is no unnecessary ambiguity.
  5. convincing. A serious tone is used to draw a reasonable and convincing picture, regardless of whether you are persuasive or likely to report.
  6. courteous. Writing good business takes people into consideration, so they are either harsh or insensitive. There is a promising atmosphere of courtesy to everyone, no matter how high or low their job titles are.
  7. Complete. A good worksheet should be complete and contain all the information that recipients need to understand effectively.

Source by Jane Sumerset