Stand out from the crowd – Develop your own brand and presentation as an independent business

They say that details can make a big difference in small business, independent retail, and online business, now true, more than ever before. Want to have an independent business that shines, here are some great tips for a presentation that can raise your business level, presentation, events, processes, and more. Here are some tips to get started.

Clear and Clear Visual Communications

First impressions are made during the first few seconds that anyone meets and sees the presentation or retail. Make sure that what you offer is in your heart, your soul and your retailers.

Unification in the layout of colors and clear images on your products is very important. Clean font and exciting presentation is a must. You want the person to be drawn to learn more and to create interest in you as an artist and your business.

You have a mission statement and live it out.

Develop a single line statement for your business to run with. Example; "Gems, where we help you shine brilliantly." In this statement, make every effort to transfer this to your customers. Your mission statement is often found where your goal is more clear to your customer base. This can be under the name of your business and move it whenever you talk about your business and even on display materials and banners. It is your task to share your mission!


Investment in promotional materials. Getting business cards is essential, you must have one and carry them with you everywhere. You never know when you will need to share information. Also postcards, banners, leaflets, shirts, postcards are very useful. There are also many local securities that offer free print advertising, as well as online advertising where you can advertise your business. Also if you can wear your product or use it, do so. Many people are curious and may ask where you bought it, this is an opportunity to promote too. Do not be afraid to ask if interested in your card and / or you may want to visit your website if you have one or go to the next show or event. There is no shame in upgrading when this is done correctly.

You have a coherent and specific pattern

You design your product from your ideas. You just know how you want to present your style. Take a look around you, every final leader in advertising and marketing has a distinctive style and you should also. Whether it is a simplified future, the new Victorian meets the dilapidated French industrial districts, the Southern house style, the nymphs, etc., to develop your style in your place. Do research, look around you, study big brands as well. If you go to the trade fair, you will see a lot of GREEN movement: using recycled packaging, home reuse designs, simple organic planning, and emphasizing the product's relationship to environmental conservation or organic materials used in the manufacture of special products. It works for many, it is hot now but soon this style becomes very visible everywhere, that is why it is important to find your own niche and make your style and message tailored and unique.

Stock Access

Make sure you know your stock. Keep track of what item / product / work you sell. What design sells more. Which colors sell best at any time. This will help you better when you create more inventory. I design jewelry and find it useful to know what to produce sometime and what not.

You do not want to be linked to your money in something that does not sell. Know your customer that you design and sell to be more specialized in your place.

Exceptional customer service

Be nice, be helpful. Let the customer know that you are there if you need information about any of your work / product. Follow up with them after purchase, and sometimes provide collateral when appropriate is a good incentive to repeat business. Be cooperative, friendly, level of heads, fair to people, know when to be honest, that's true in life, yes?

Collect information about your customers

Do not underestimate any sale. Every time you sell, you realize that the customer can be a potential customer for life. Keep them informed about events, shows, and places where they can find your work / products on the web. Start emailing the mailing list / email or writing the recipients to tell them thanks for their care. During the holiday, wish them a happy holiday and make special offers or free shipping / delivery for any products ordered with you. Appreciate this customer, I find. Do you have a special sale geared towards your repeat customer and let them know, it goes a long way.

Have a Smile

If you are doing an event, presentation or presentation; look your best, be courteous, familiar, kind, but most of all a smile. If people remember anything at all, it will be your attractiveness and your smile. You do not have a second chance to make a first impression. Let this impression really be the nature of your business. Now get out there and sell it.

Source by Jen Brown