Rooms – Main building

When we were young, we used to solve puzzles. It was very sad when the picture was finished and we had to split it into small pieces again. Now we are adults, although we still love puzzles. What about the game puzzles with an interesting plot? If you're ready, try a smart set of puzzle and adventure games in a fantastic game. Rooms: The main building of the game.

The story line is somewhat unexpected. Bored with simple sliding puzzles, you, as the main character, get a strange gift that takes you in time to 1930 and you find yourself in another world. Now you must travel through sliding rooms, pick up clues and try to find a way home. Here, the rooms are divided into a group of spaces that can be moved around a grid like a sliding puzzle. Your task is to collect items to unlock more rooms that are looking for puzzle pieces that can help you get out of this poetic world.

The main game play rooms: The main building is the slider puzzles. Each image is a Slider puzzle piece and you need to complete it making the tiles slide down to keep them in place. The young person, a handsome middle-aged man, on the picture moves from tile to tile. You can move a box only if that character is on it. The main predicament of each picture is to make the way for you to move forward. Sometimes it's not as easy as it seems. Time is limited on each level.

Also, from time to time is difficult enough to understand where to go and what to do. But each level you can click on the small lamp icon to get a hint. Tomorrow, you will have a guide, the master of the book, who tells you what to do. The game will provide you with complex and interesting challenges such as teleport movements that can take you from room to room, locked doors, ladders, 24-hour rooms or rooms filled with water. You will escape from a surreal palace only if you will use all the elements in the necessary moments.

The main game consists of 80 levels and 4 deficiencies. First, there is a puzzle part in the game, which happens across 4 palaces, then you can enjoy a game in other buildings of the game world. It is located in the rooms street. Your goal is to find four golden puzzle pieces, which will give you the possibility of getting out of the rooms street. You will encounter some interesting challenges like how to wake up a sleeping chest or how to stop a drawn mirror from crying hysterically, using the elements that you have already collected at the palace levels.

Rooms: The main building is a gift for all puzzles lovers. Play not only a challenging game, but a level editor to create your own levels. The unique concept and attractive levels make this game memorable and interesting for people who prefer to solve unstable tasks.

It is difficult to know the level of stunning design. Frankly, the graphics are very nice. Rooms: The main building has a great image and a pleasant and unobtrusive sound. The music is very rich and lots of small graphical effects make the game fun and enjoyable.

Gaming Rooms: The main building is a success in the world of puzzles because of its addictive play, its moods and unique levels. One of the most prominent features of this game is the ability to create and share custom levels by the user. It is not only an interesting game, but it is also an exciting work for everyone. However, it is the best puzzle I have ever played.

Source by Ed Cherry