What to do and what not to do when submitting a deferred application

The Department has implemented deferred action that will temporarily delay the deportation of some eligible illegal immigrants from the United States, and the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Service accepts applications from these individuals. But the application process is not simple because it involves different steps.

Three different USCIS models must be completed and sent with supporting documentation and drawings to the USCIS Trust Fund. You can not appeal, if the US Citizenship and Immigration Services Authority declines your request, it is wise to avoid errors while completing the forms. Incomplete forms and forms with errors will not be accepted, so you can read the instructions before completing forms.

The three forms to be presented are, Model I-821D, Consideration of deferred work for children coming up, Model I-765, Application for Employment Permit, Form I-765WS, Worksheet. According to the model instructions, the three models I-821D, I-765 and I-765WS must be combined into the USCIS safety deposit box.

An application requesting a deferred action must be sent with a work permit application. USCIS will not accept unsigned forms. So, be sure to fill out all the required fields and sign the I-821D and I-765 forms before submitting the forms by mail. Remember to sign forms, even if someone else fills out forms for you.

You do not have to pay for blank USCIS forms and you can download forms from USCIS and remember to download the current version of the forms. The I-821D and I-821 models are different and use the I-821D model to request a deferred procedure. Do not use Form I-821, which should be submitted for temporary temporary protection request.

You may not send an electronic request for deferred work and completed forms must be delivered to the USCIS Trust Fund. Applications will not be accepted without the required fees and a check of $ 465 will be made with the application package. You can also choose to send separate checks for $ 380 and $ 85.

You must fill in your name, date of birth and address in the same format on Form I-821D and Form I-765 and leave no column blank. The supporting documents that you send along with your application play an important role, because USCIS will decide whether to give you a deferred action only after reviewing the documents you send.

You can also classify documents according to the USCIS guidelines, where it will be easier for USCIS to verify your documents. Fill out the form using black ink, if you complete it by hand, type your answers, and then print out your form. We recommend that you start over with a new form if you make a mistake. Incorrect and unread answers will result in your request being denied.

It is necessary to understand the eligibility requirements for deferred procedures before applying. Your application may not be accepted if you do not meet the eligibility requirements. Requests from illegal immigrants over 31 years will not be accepted by USCIS. After you fill out the forms, check your application package before sending it to the USCIS Trust Fund.

Source by Samuel Beckett