How structured authoring can improve your technical writing

The idea of ​​structured authorship can be puzzling, but once implemented effectively and in its most convenient form, it can save you a great deal of time and resources.

Used in technical writing documents, there are a number of reasons for this.

Updated specifications

If you are writing a technical part of an automotive manufacturing process, for example, you may have multiple documents related to a particular area, such as engine size.

If the car designers decide to modify the specifications on the engine, all other documents, which may be hundreds of documents, will need to be manually updated in

by using the XML framework, which can be configured to have one source of information. Update all other documents automatically, saving you what can be a huge amount of tedious work.

Current Information Assurance

Technical writing, by definition, is required to be more accurate than most other forms of writing, so make sure the information provided is correct.

The old information can not only look unprofessional from the client's point of view It can also have large domino effects when used in technical writing.

Reusable content

Ability to easily reuse content which is important when designing an effective content management system for a business or organization.

While other forms of content may also use sections such as disclaimer, legal notices and terms of use, when it comes to technical writing, there is more information to be repeated than the previous content that you can use.

By allowing each of these sections to be modified from a single source of information, you can reuse this information by entering this field into your new technical writing document.

Content Management

As the amount of information that is stored electronically grows, make sure you have the right content management system to handle it.

The writing industry is no different. Its content efficiently and effectively.

The use of metadata and other definitions The information provides easy storage and use, ensuring that the author can easily search for specific documents or sections of the author. This becomes incredibly useful when you add content to a new document, which you know is located elsewhere.

Source by Roney Sam