Invasion plans home

Home invasion is a major threat to homeowners these days. This is when someone breaks a house while they are at home. Their intentions can vary from simple theft to physical harm, which is why it is essential for homeowners to understand the different plans that people will use to get inside. In this way, they can take appropriate steps to avoid being victimized.

Here are a few scenarios people can intend to enter into a home that they may be trying to use to gain the trust of homeowners.

(1). A person in uniform comes to the door and tells the owner that he or she has been informed of a gas leak, cable malfunction or disruption of telephone service in the area and that he needs to reach your home to fix the problem.

(2). A person in uniform comes to the door and tells the owner that he has something for something in the house. It may be a flower, a bundle or a cable.

(3). Someone comes to the door to tell the owner that someone at home has won a prize or a prize of great value.

(4). Someone comes to the door and tells the owner that he is raising money for a worthwhile cause or for a charity.

(5). Someone comes to the door and says he or she has a problem in the car or is at risk and wants to use a home phone or a lounge.

Of course, not everyone comes to the door bent on hurting someone, but in today's world, it is better to be safe than regret. Home security companies recommend that you take the following steps to ensure that an unauthorized person does not enter your home.

(1). The outer doors must be a solid core and equipped with heavy duty locks and beating plates.

(2). A home security system must always be installed and armed, even if the homeowner is at home.

(3). All doors, windows and garage doors must be locked at all times.

(4). Before opening the door to anyone, check their credentials through the peephole.

(5). Keep the balcony light on the best view.

(6). Do not open the door even though partially using a chain lock.

(7). Do not open the door to anyone unknown.

(8). Contact the police if suspicious activity is observed from a person at the door.

9. Inform neighbors of any stranger in the neighborhood.

(10). Make sure that all members of the family are on the same page regarding homeland security.

These suggestions can help prevent outsiders from entering the house from the front door. There are other security features that can help in this process, but using common sense is one of the best tools owned by homeowners.

Source by John C Cherry