Short-term plan of action

Action plans do not need long and detailed documents. Often enough 2-3 pages. The primary goal is to get your ideas, strategies and resource requirements from your head, and on paper. These documents are important for a number of reasons. First, plans tend to become more "real" once written. Second, for planning purposes, it is important to be organizational and objective. This is easy to achieve in writing. Thirdly, it is important to develop a written plan to share with others and get their reaction. Fourth, investors and financiers will want to see the figures.

The abbreviated action plan requires the author to be brief and contain only the basic information. The plan will be more focused and understandable. Also, the plan should receive better attention, accurate reading.

Components of the Plan Although there are different views, some of the key elements of your work plan may include:

Introduction / Executive Summary (or background) [19659002] Mission and Vision

Main Products / Services

Management and Operational Plan

Analysis of strengths, 19659004] Basic information , But how did you come to the idea? Is the concept original? Introduction / Executive Summary / Background Statement is gaining readers attention, preparing them for the following.

In the Bayan / Mission area, try to describe exactly the purpose of your organization, and where you see it in the future. The main products or services are where you describe what you will produce and sell.

Management is the department where managers (founders) are identified along with an indicator of recruitment requirements.

SWOT analysis determines the strengths of your proposed company, and perhaps most importantly, its weaknesses as well as opportunities in the market, and threats (primarily from competitors).

Funding and funding determines the funds to start and maintain your operations, and the source of "start up" funds.

Identifies your client marketing (target segment) and how it proposes to create / meet their needs / desires in your products / services, and can include pricing, packaging, sales and distribution. How in detail?

In the initial business plans, often "less is more". Your purpose is to convey basic information, not to answer every question, or to provide every detail. At some point in the future, you will need to clarify the details, although there is plenty of time to do so. I do not suggest you to be distinctive, concise and "tight". Target two or three substantive paragraphs in each section. Remember: Take that plan from your head to paper!

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