Ring your Liberty Bell

Who does not want more freedom? Regardless of love and money, freedom must be the undisputed winner when it comes to wanting more things that you do not own. Think about it … What do you do that strange weekend for one week, that is, these two "golden" days at the weekend, or eating out, or a travel inn? The promise of freedom. flash. Profile. Something to prove until you reach that upcoming event that will make you feel free.

The problem is freedom can not be found in far away places. You can not have a pencil at the end of your weekly calendar; or discover a restaurant or a travel inn. Freedom is just a feeling you feel, and you can get it anytime and any day. But why not us? Why do we spend a lot of our lives waiting for something … anything that makes us feel free?

Have you ever noticed that great wisdom often comes familiar when viewed in unconventional ways? An example is the phrase "Let freedom ring." As a US citizen, this phrase is linked to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Bill Liberty Bill, the symbol of independence in the United States. From a metaphorical point of view, however, "Let freedom ring." It suggests to me that freedom actually resonates or resonates or vibrates in our being. Like a pebble thrown into a pool, the ripple of freedom expands in proportion directly to the thing or thought it created.

But how do you remember to think about thought? Often it was missed by a wonderful book, seminar or CD-ROM which introduced the positive and raving principles of life I wanted to implement in my life. But unfortunately, sometimes within a week, or a month later, I had an obligation, and I actually forgot to implement the actions that inspired me.

That's why I created "free minds" to help me be aware of the freedom that is already regal. The free communication tool is a tool that gently reminds you of a sense of freedom. What? By taking you to the place of well-being in your mind that recognizes freedom as an inner function. For example, if the island getaway is a symbol of freedom for you, place a shell on your desk to work as a free administrator. You can also use a bottle of sun lotion (clean and fresh smell will take you there quickly, wherever you are). A small palm tree or a bottle of white sand will be good minds in this case as well. Or if the garden means freedom to you, free minds can be bundles of seeds, aromatic oils or perfumed aromatic perfumes. Favorite songs, photos, quotations and affirmations are fantastic minds, as well. The essence of this is that true freedom is a state of mind and not a physical destination, whether that person, place or thing.

But how do you live your life, or work in your business, or feed a child or run a company while constantly focusing on free minds? Remember the pebble in the pond? Ripples – or vibrations – that extend from the landing point last for a long time. It is also the temporary feeling of freedom that the minds of freedom inspire. Be open and apply the process and you will soon feel comfortable, calm, easy and free on a continuous basis.

Regardless of whether it is a graded letter, a harsh ring, or a loud belly, let freedom click into your life and your heart every minute of every day!

Source by Mary Jo Shaffer