This article deals with technical writing and discusses how to adapt the writing process to suit different stages of the needs and requirements of the Life Cycle Development Programming (SDLC).

Although there are many steps in SDLC, this article lists only the important stages of SDLC. They are

1. Collection of Requirements
2. Analysis and Design
3. Codification
4. Revision and Test Code
5. Release (Alpha and Beta versions)
6. Maintenance


All versions of the property frame rely on the skeleton structure of the SDLC framework above.

As with every SDLC software project, in the same way, each documentation project also depends on the DDLC. The DDLC window is divided into the following steps.

(1). Understanding the requirements of the product / project
2. Conducting public analysis
3. Decision on output formats (.PDF, online assistance) and received documents
4. Undoing documentation and design tools
Basic and Source
6. Design Template
7. Time Frame and Estimation
8. Identification of Subject Experts (SMEs) and Focal Points
9. Identification of Peer Reviewers, Technicians and Editors

11. Project of Table of Contents (TOC)
12. Content Development
13. Management of Review Courses
14. Incorporation of Review Comments
15. Final Output [1] 9659002] All previous DDLC framework steps can be summarized in five subcategories, which can be assigned to each step of the SDLC. The five subcategories are

1. Preparation of the Documentation Plan
2. Content Writing
3. Content Review
4. Document Delivery
5. Document Maintenance

Since each documentation project in the software depends on the corresponding project / product, Set the SDLC window to the same with the DDLC for corresponding document project.

Mapping of SDLC vs. DDLC

1. Analysis and Design Documentation Plan Preparation
2. Codec Writing Content
3. Reviewing Code and Testing Phase Content Review
4. Release (Alpha and Beta versions) Document
5. Maintenance Maintenance Document )

As you see from the previous mapping, each process in SDLC is assigned with the corresponding process in DDLC. Most companies, especially product companies, want documentation to be ready as the product reaches the market.

For companies that follow the Agile methodology, when the product is under development, there will be frequent improvements, corrections, etc., during each replication. Just like the way changes are included in the code, in the same way, changes to the corresponding documentation must be made to keep up-to-date as per customer / market requirements.

Source by Pavan M Kumar