Guide popping the question

(1). Surprise? Yes really! A complete surprise? Not much …
Most agree that some suspense and anticipation give special pleasure to such an important moment. However, the idea of ​​marriage must come into conversation before placing the person immediately. Do not rush it. It may seem spontaneous and romantic to propose marriage six weeks later, but chances are, it will appear to be the opposite of a promising life partner: Think, unreliable, not creepy. Conclusion: Know the answer before asking the question.

(2). Find the right ring.
The ring is a great expense, and you do not want to disturb your sweetheart when you ask them to spend their lives with you. Check out the other pieces of jewelry you wear. Use the ring measure gauge secretly with the other rings to get the correct fit. Do not be afraid to include them in the conversation! Make it under wrap when you buy and when you plan to propose so you can make an exciting surprise.

(3). "For those who still think of hiding the engagement ring in crème brulee is a good idea, trust us when we say it is not. Stifle a piece of high-value jewelry in sauce, or push it into sweets, or put it in drinks not only in bad taste (meaning pun), it is unattractive, strange, not to mention the risk of choking! You will want to wear it, do not go to the nearest room to clean it, then serve it in a box, not in baklava.

(4). Animals are not allowed.
We all know that your sexy fur friend may be a valuable tie that connects you in common parenting simulations, but please do not attach your engagement ring to any collar of any kind. Using your pet as a props is a tiring idea and you are at risk of some monster taking off with or losing the shiny rocks you have for good.

(4). Do not draw crowds
The proposal is a very moving, weak, and intimate moment to express your sincerity to each other, so keep it personally. You know what you have best, so if you always dream of sharing Jumbo Tron, do not let us stand in your way, but most prefer an intimate situation without dozens of angry eyes, uncontrollable disturbances, and many unfamiliar viewers. In any circumstances, anyone should ask the question at another wedding, an experimental dinner, or a engagement party.

(5). Proposal, no joke.
This goes to the site of the dunces on YouTube, which puts the cockroaches in ring boxes, pretends to drop priceless jewels down the sewer, or coordinates a false plane retreating (yes, that's what happened) to ask the question. The suggestion of marriage is categorically not the perfect opportunity to entertain the masses by making love your life butt a joke. In a rare and undesirable opportunity they still say yes, it is likely to just be talking about PTSD, so please address the question, your spirit, with some respect.

(6). Revisit a decadent dinner.
There is no denying the power of good wine and eating, but consider treating your sweetheart for four other night sessions. The reason behind this proposal is just a reminder that filling a lot of rich fare does not always leave us feeling comfortable. From garlic breaths to bloating to feeling a little touch, this may not be an ideal opportunity to get a "yes" and heavy ploy that you must follow!

(7). Ideal planning prevents poor performance.
Even after choosing an important site, your diligence is not over yet. Get some flexibility by thinking about unexpected things, such as whether they are late (or early) or if the weather is not cooperating. You may be nervous, so think about what you want to say. Adhering to 3 key points will be easier to remember. We suggest that you write it down and read it aloud several times. (More than 10 times more likely to remain in the brain in the long term). It can also be nervous, you do not want to rush, wrong or disturb you with your unconvincing case.

(8). All that else, ask Ask how you ask
At least put feelings for your honey about how they wish to enjoy this great moment may be a good idea. Everyone is different, without grudge to good, oh jumbo trones, so there may not be any harm in getting an idea of ​​how to achieve an impossible proposition.

With all these new tips for the ideal proposal, what happens after they say "yes"? The biggest advice we provide is a moment. Do not overwhelm immediately by diving directly into the wedding planning. Take some time to enjoy it simply.

Source by Nell Roberts