10 reasons why people travel

When people decide to leave the rest of their homes and adventure to other sites, there is usually a reason behind it. Whatever the reason for travel was a last minute fancy or had an actual goal, it makes one think of all the reasons why people travel. Hoping for the last time she left the site and went to another location. Did she have a goal behind it? Let us see if your travel motivation matches any of the items listed below. These are not included in any particular order.

(1). Romance – There are thousands of people who are involved in long distance relationships. At some point, they need to see each other. For love, people will travel for hours to spend as much time as possible with the love of their lives.

(2). Relaxation – all work and no play is not a good thing. People need to get away from everyday stress, and it may be a nice sunny location with a beach what the doctor asked for.

(3). Family / Friends – Some people have family / friends in different parts of the world. They need to visit with them even if they are for a short period of time.

(4). Religion – There are places in the world that carry religious significance to many people. Religious travel is often associated with the purpose of seeing the place where the last Pope is buried, or traveling to the city where Jesus was born.

(5). Death – A relative, friend or acquaintance dies and travels to attend a funeral outside the city.

(6). Honeymoon, you are married and go for a special place to celebrate. This usually happens after the wedding directly, but there are many occasions where people celebrate their honeymoon years later.

(7). Education – You get your education somewhere other than where you live or go on an educational school trip.

(8). Celebration – wedding, anniversary, birthday, birth – there is always something to celebrate and does not always occur in the place where you live.

9. Medical / Health – Sometimes the treatment you need is not available in the city / city where you live. Often the best medical care is expensive and requires travel to receive it.

(10). Business requirements – work may be a reasonable part of travel. Even if traveling within your country, it still has a purpose in it.

In general, traveling can be a wonderful experience or it can be drained, expensive and just plain torture. However, if you need to go then embrace it for what it is, try and make better of it even if it is not planned.

Source by Shirley Merith