How to prevent your cell phone number when calling someone

There may be times when you do not want the person you call to see your phone number. Reasons why you want to visualize your cell phone number include:

o You do not want the person you call to know that you have contacted them 10 times in a row.

o You do not know the person you are calling and do not want to be able to access your number.

o You are connected to a business or an unknown number and do not want them to know your number.

If you decide you want to keep your cell phone number secret, you'll need to block your number. Your number can be temporarily or permanently blocked. Blocking your number temporarily on a phone call is a good idea if there are only a few people you want to hide your number from. To temporarily block your number so that it is not displayed on the received caller ID, just dial * 67 before dialing the number (IE * 67 111-111-1111).

Keep in mind, you should know that when you use * 67 to temporarily block your number, there will be no indication that your number has been successfully blocked. So, if you want to make sure it works, make a quick check and call your home number first before trying to use this service for someone else.

If you really want your phone number to be private and you want to permanently block your mobile number, you need to contact your wireless service provider and request a "line ban". Once you create your line, your number will not appear to anyone. However, if you want, for some reason, to display your phone number to the recipient, you can reveal your phone number by dialing * 82 before dialing his phone number.

Finally, you should know that your mobile number will not be blocked from any toll free numbers (800EE numbers) or emergency services.
Additionally, blocking your mobile number may be a good idea if you're trying to find out who has a phone number by calling the mystery number again.

Source by Steve Cowen