Stages 5 of Dating

While people are going their fun way across life there will come a time (or several times for that matter) when they want to start dating or are looking for happy long-term relationships. Although you may not all come across you, you will stumble through some of the stages I will mention below. You're likely to go through some of these more than once or you probably will not go beyond the first stage.

Stage 1: Excitement

This is known as the "stage of your life." This is where you are in the cave and you notice the opposite sex more than usual. The stage of your life, or you become lonely again after you get out of a relationship.In both cases, this is the time to come out when most people feel attractive or have a sense of freedom so far anyone who chooses it, whenever they choose.Choose some people stay at this stage to Forever, most of them because they fear commitment and do not want to settle or have intimate issues.In both cases, it is a good stage, so enjoy

Stage 2: Hate

Most people who have enjoyed the first stage have more than likely to have been exposed to stage 2. We all have to face rejection at one time or another – it's part of life, and although it may not be It is interesting to remember that you are not the only one who has been rejected Some people have difficulty in overcoming this when it happens and can move between the first and second stages for many years. Do not let her force you to surrender. If this continues to happen, look deeper and find out if there's anything you might do wrong and if you need to correct it and keep trying.

Stage III: Frustration

When people are single for a long time they can become rather angry. People focus a lot of attention on trying to find a relationship they can often keep people away from and end up neglecting other areas of their lives. It's not a healthy phase to go through, but again … we've had a lot of us there. There are usually only two ways to deal with this stage. You can either continue trying or abandon your dating completely. When you think about it, none of these will give you exactly what you want, so my advice is to stop looking hard for love and let it find you.

Stage 4: The Depression

I am sure you will never reach this stage and you will go straight to Stage 5 because this is not an enjoyable stage where you can stumble. This usually happens when people in the second and third stages are too much. If this happens you need to remind yourself that you are not the only person in the world. Let yourself feel so that you think you are worthless and can not accept without someone in your life that is not healthy at all for you. It may be possible to need some time and learn to love yourself and enjoy your own company before someone else can. Ask for professional help if you think you may need it.

Stage 5: Match your match

With any luck you will only face the first stage and then jump straight to this stage. It can happen more often than you might think. When you reach this stage, you will be very exciting and passionate. This stage can be sensitive though, so it's not too deep and you'll be afraid of it soon. Enjoy and enjoy. Let it naturally evolve into a healthy and loving relationship.

It does not matter what stage you are now, as long as you can recognize it and address what needs to be done in order to progress to where you want to be. You can meet someone at any of these five stages, so keep your idea open, but stop looking seriously.

Source by Andrea G Johnson