Directing Vision with Targeted Targets

Start living more vigorously and more importantly – the journey begins today!

Purpose is what I created. The mission is what you intend to do about it. Visions are the guide. Goals are the means of achievement.

So far we have discovered that we all have a purpose and in the same way, we all have a mission as well. To this point, we just had to be ready to discover them. Patience and desire were the keys.

Then we learned that we are all visions and we have only permission to practice our imagination in creating visions. Now we come to the crossroads that separates dreamers from real dreamers.

Dreamers will remain in the hallway swinging dreaming dreams and waiting for them to recognize them. Insight will begin to experience an urgent need to see the dream come true and will begin to shape the design. If you see a more vibrant and vibrant life within you, you have a vision. If you want to see it, you're ready for the targeted goal process.

Each of the dreamers in our last article does not remember much about the dreams they dreamed of, but the way they brought them into reality. We have noticed that we bought not endangered because of the greatness of Edison, Bill, Gandhi, and Buster, because that is to deny the greatness of each of us.

These great people had what we could call wild imagination. But they had something else – the tools that ensure that every dream appears in a better reality. Most importantly, they had confidence in their dreams. It is reported that Thomas Edison conducted some thousand experiments before the incandescent bulb flared. But he continued the process, knowing that he was not defeated until he resigned.

Victory does not necessarily belong to the best. Belongs to the most persistent.

Vision is the ability to see what others can not see (yet); to create something new new, better, bigger and brighter. But this vision must be translated into reality and measurable. When you start this process and design the goals, you become the architect of your vision.

The design goal is actually an architect's work. It brings those visions that lie beyond the scope of the rule and above to the real world, using the tools of the real world, and changing the real world in this process.

If the vision is properly built and ready for delivery, if you are committed to delivering it, you will be ready to work in front of you. Make no mistake, the real work begins now.

But this process does not take place in the porch swing. This requires devotion, energy, and sometimes the desire to give up the created comforts. You will need to drag calculators, Gantt charts, projections, plans, your contacts and resources. There must be ready to "go break," to put everything on the line to illustrate the dream.

If you are prepared to dedicate yourself to your dreams, the good news is that there is a process of reproduction. There is a formula, and although it will not work for you, it will guide you.

Each vision will have multiple objectives, which must be carefully laid out, just as stones lead to a predetermined destination. Start by incorporating the goals that you think will make the vision closer to reality.

For each goal you specify, follow the process below. While you work during the design process, you will determine that some goals are not necessary after all and will be discarded. Others will move to the foreground. Stay with this process. An accounting partner is priceless at this stage of the process.

Step 1 – Project Objective

Step 2 – Study the Need

Step 3 – Determine Success and Failure

Step 4 – Explore Options

Step 5 – Identify Requirements, Obstacles, & Resources

Step 6 – Development Strategies

Step 7 – Implementation of the Final Program

There is nothing left to do. Your plan is formulated and you only need to put the wheels in motion and watch that goal.

Follow the same process with each of the goals you set to see you under construction.

The difference between dreamer and vision is the determination to achieve vision. The dreamer is no less creative, but he is often unqualified or uninformed to turn vision into reality.

The real dreamer dreams of avoiding reality. Dreams are a real insight to change them.

Start your exciting journey today – create large, detailed paintings of dreams and then dedicate yourself to the process of bringing them.

You have something to offer the world that no one else can offer. The world is waiting!

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Source by Karin Syren