Unused flight tickets save a lot of money for corporations

The international open market has paved the way for new business opportunities, where business professionals travel from one place to another almost all year round. Thus, air travel is now gaining momentum as large corporations attract large numbers of tickets, both domestically and internationally. However, it is noted that at the end of each year, corporations are left with a huge number of tickets, either partially used or completely unused. Corporations either hire an employee or travel agent to store these unused air tickets.
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Well, it’s much better for a corporation to get involved with a service provider that gets a lot of help with a non-refundable return flight ticket, as it includes the lowest cost. Moreover, the organizations providing these services are safe, mainly working on a contractual basis with the organizations and providing information as soon as possible.
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In general, these unused tickets are a gateway to further value travel if ordered with the appropriate airline. Below are the four main advantages of these service providers.

• Control costs

Every year, large businesses go on a massive flight ticket reservation, posting a year, leaving unused or partially used flight tickets. These other tickets collected in the corner are a latent fortune. Most of us do not know that even if flight tickets are not refunded, there are some taxes that are actually refundable. This amount is calculated by these providers in its default currency and is based on our knowledge. In general, it plays a vital role in controlling corporate spending.
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• Save time

Calculating the cost of returning an unused flight ticket is a very tedious and time consuming process. If every enterprise takes this task on its shoulders, almost 60 to 70% of their time will be spent on calculating the remaining fortune. From now on, these corporations will turn to ticketing companies that use their tools effectively to save value on a quick and time-saving return.
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• No separate settings are required

Extracting the cost of returning an unused or partially used ticket must have a different design and some specialized tools that are not available to all instruments. It is decided that corporate companies should make a wise decision to look for services in order to get the exact return value without setting a separate section for their office.
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• Used for further travel

Many of these unused tickets can be used to charge further travel to the relevant airline, sometimes by adding a minimum amount or sometimes absolutely free. This is done directly by the service providers, as they have a list of future trips of their corporations.
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When all is said and done, these service providers prove to be a great help to corporations. They help to assess the cost of a full refund of unused flight tickets during the year, and at the same time check the future travel and its initial reservations via air tickets.
Although, according to Coin Corner, the price reached an all-time high in both 2012 and 2016, both were dampened by the ensuing bitcoin boom in preparation for Christmas 2017.
In June 2016, the price was 610 pound coins, and by December of the following year, it had reached 14,000 pounds.
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And while increased visibility and demand for bitcoin words may complicate a similar comparison, Scott is still confident we’ve set up another bull race based on the other half.
He said: “22 days after the previous halving of events, we saw an increase of 0.7 per cent in 2012 and 8.5 per cent in 2016, which shows that we are now far above history.”


Romantic gate with Taj Mahal tourist packages

The magnificent UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the Seven Wonders of the World and a Temple of Infinite Love. The monument to true love was built in the 17th century by Emperor Shah Ahan Ahan of Mughal. Taj Mahal’s unique architectural marvel is located in the city of Agra.
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This magnificent view of Agra was built in memory of the magnificent Queen Mumtaz Mahal. The greatest structural miracle is still one of the highest achievements of mankind.

The architectural elegance of Indian-Islamic design and Persian art is a rare blend of human works. It is a maniacal sensation to witness the white grave of unrequited love, և The incredible tour of India is flawless without trying Taj.
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The Taj Mahal tour packages are a unique love hall for all lovebirds to feel and a final romantic portal to cherish forever. Agra’s charismatic Taj is an excursion of pleasure, happiness and flourishing love.
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These tour packages are the favorites of all romantic souls and entertainment travelers around the world. Int complex architectural project, fun sculptural works և, without a doubt, the best fairy tale of eternal love for generations to come.
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Taj’s marvelous story is a story of manic love, a spark of passion, “the tearful grief of the heart of the emperor Shah ahan, and the queen of Mumtaz.” The monument of eternal worship is a symbol of architectural skills and the elegance of the royal Mughal.

An archeological study of India has allowed all the lovers of Taj to witness the fun of Taj Mahal in Agra every day at 6 in the morning. 7:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., except Fridays and public holidays. The best time to visit the hypnotically beautiful Taj Mahal is from Octobers until March, as the pleasant weather marks the arrival of lively festivals, colorful fairs and fun carnivals for wonderful memories.

Taj Mahal travel packages are undoubtedly the best gift for charming couples of all fans of the world and leisure vacationers. Taj Mahal travel packages are appreciated all over the world for their exotic entertainment, joy and adventure.


Immigration Quebec – Towards a bigger life

Quebec is the largest province in eastern Canada, second only to Ontario. The name “Quebec” comes from the word algon quin “kÊbec”, which means where the river narrows – it originally referred to areas near the city of Quebec, where the St. Lawrence River narrows with rocky gaps. Quebec is home to the only state in Canada with a predominantly French-speaking population. Many travelers and residents find this place unique to North America. Its French heritage not only does not distinguish the state from most English-speaking neighbors, it is also one of the historic sites in North America that has fully preserved its Francophone culture.
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According to the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), Canada is one of the best places to live in the world. In addition, the beautiful country of Canada operates with very good resources, and it is above average in terms of personal security, economic stability, high-quality jobs, quality education and more. It is undeniable that Canada enjoys a unique reputation among the peoples of the First World as a country that many people would like to visit and migrate to. Here are more reasons why many immigrants try to move to Canada and become part of the country’s rich heritage.
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1. Canada offers all citizens and permanent residents universal medical care, regardless of income level.

2. The World Bank Canada is consistently high. In fact, Canada’s gross domestic product (GDP) is one of the highest in the world.

3. The quality of education in Canada is one of the highest in the world. Many students pursue a high-quality career after obtaining a Canadian qualification.

4. Canadians place great value on their natural resources. Citizens protect wildlife and the natural environment under government control.

5. The Canadian labor market is growing. The country creates hundreds of thousands of new jobs every year.

6. Canada is a safe, secure, and just place for justice in the world and at the lowest crime rate in the world.
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There are many reasons why people migrate, especially to Canada and the beautiful province of Quebec, whether it’s a career path, a better quality of life, equal freedom and more. To summarize, immigrants are growing because they prefer to have a great life ahead.
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The state of Quebec is proposing a business immigration program called the Quebec Immigrant Investment Program (QIIP), which is reserved for business people who are interested in making an economic investment in the Quebec economy.

To move, you need to choose the right partner. Below are the advantages of the Quebec Immigrant Investors Program.

– Demands are more demanding than other federal programs.

– The candidate can invest in this program without any risk. The investment will be guaranteed by the Quebec government and the full amount will be refunded in 5 years.

– Direct members of the candidate are included in the application. The wife and dependent children can accompany the applicant to Canada.

– A candidate can receive the same benefits as Canadian citizens.

– It is more important that the regulation of life in Quebec provides a lower cost of living than other Canadian states. A good quality life awaits anyone who wants to be part of this program.


How to entertain children during the trip

Traveling with children can be difficult, especially if you plan to travel long distances by car or plane. Children usually behave quite well at first, but when they get bored and crazy, they will also start to be more meticulous and decorative. These tips will help you keep them happy when you travel:
Invest in a portable DVD player. It’s amazing how long children can have fun with a simple little car. Bringing a portable DVD player along with their favorite movies is a great way to keep kids on the go. If you’re on a plane, be sure to bring headphones so they don’t interfere with other passengers on the plane.
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Always be the starter. Children are less likely to be full if they are well fed. Having a snack without them is a great way to keep them happy, I usually keep the snacks, then take them out when they start to get a little anxious or grumpy.
Toys can be a great way to entertain children, but make sure you bring new toys or toys that are different. Many parents make the mistake of bringing the same toys that children play every day and the toys they have.
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Picture books are also a good option, as children enjoy turning the pages to see all the pictures. I suggest that you do not avoid coloring books, as it is difficult for children not to be allowed to draw on everything around them.
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Yes, it can be difficult to travel with children, but it can be very rewarding. You will create family memories that will last a lifetime, and it’s worth it.


Discover sailing vacation in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. Find the best navigation charts

You have experience in sailing. Why not take a boat ride and explore the magnificent San Juan Islands next summer? It could be a wonderful adventure for you and your family.

There are many different ways to spend a sailing holiday. You can rent a yacht and sail it yourself, or you can rent one. If you are not comfortable enough with your navigation skills, the traffic jam will take care of your daily boat run, leaving you free to do whatever you like. The skier will help you get used to the new yacht or area, he will give you tips on sailing, and he will answer any questions while sailing. Another option is to join the flotilla. Many flotilla routes include special events such as beach parties, fun races, and the opportunity to mingle with other sailors.

The sheltered aqueducts, bays and fjords, which extend from southern Seattle to British Columbia and south-eastern Alaska, are some of the world’s most beautiful sailing sites. The Pacific Ocean, which connects the Pacific Ocean through the Strait of Juan de Fuca in the Pacific Ocean, offers about 300 islands and about 2,000 miles of coastline. The islands of San Juan are the most common charter of the Pujet Voice in the northwest of the Pacific Ocean. This cluster of inhabited islands and worthless cliffs is located about 60 nautical miles from Seattle. With more than 200 rocky islands and dozens of state parks left untouched, this is a good charter for beginners. The waters are reasonably protected even by storms outside the Pacific Ocean.

The historic seaside town of Anacortes is a one and a half hour drive north of Seattle. Along with several marinas surrounded by water, Anacortes has rightly earned its title of “San Juan Islands Gate.” All the beauty and intrigue of the islands of San Juan and the Gulf Coast are located on the seafront. The weather is mostly mild all year round. Summers are mostly sunny, with temperatures below 70 to 80 degrees (19-25 C).

Most of the Pacific Northwest is located in the “rain shadow” of the high mountains, blocking many of the weather systems that leave the Pacific Ocean. The result is that in some areas, rainwater can be as high as 20 inches per year. From May to October, the winds are mostly moderate (6 – 18 knots). This varies by location and day by day, as more fresh weather occurs in more open areas and lighter and more variable winds occur on the islands.


How to order direct flights to Mumbai?

Mumbai is the business capital of India and the capital of Maharashtra. India’s most popular city never sleeps at night, and its splendor and splendor set it apart from other cities. Here is the largest stock exchange in India. It used to be known as “Bombay”. It would be fair to talk about Mumbai not to talk about Bollywood. It is the largest film production in India. Everyone wants to visit Mumbai to see this fascinating and vibrant city.

The best way to get to Mumbai is by air. There are many airlines that operate their direct flights to Mumbai every day. It has the country’s busiest airport in terms of passenger traffic, known as Shivaji International Airport in Chatrapat. It needs millions of passengers every day because it is well connected to the rest of the world.

You can fly from all major Indian airports to Mumbai. You can also get cheap air tickets to get here, as many airlines usually offer discounted air tickets. Whether it’s your vacation or business trip, you can take direct flights every day. Various airlines offer a huge discount on airline tickets if you have a good purchase in advance. Various airlines operate their direct flights to Mumbai: Jet Airways, Indian Airlines, SpiceJet, GoAir, etc.

There are many different places to visit in this city that attract thousands of visitors. If you plan to visit the city, the main attractions are Essel World, Marine Drive, India Gateway, Hang Garden, Film City, etc.

As the urge to visit the city continues to grow, airlines are also increasing the number of flights from all major cities to Mumbai. There are a lot of flights from New Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Kolkata, Ahmadabad and more. There are international flights from London, New York, Tokyo, Dubai, Singapore and more. Airlines are now launching cheap flights. almost every route. To get a cheap Mumbai flight ticket, it is recommended that you book your ticket online or call your travel agent to find out the best deal. You can also check the information on their websites and you can confirm the tickets online.

To use the discount on air tickets, you must negotiate with a travel agency or airline. You can also buy your ticket on a low-cost carrier, such as JetLite, SpiceJet, which offers a lucrative discount on tickets. They always offer different schemes that offer many discounts and additional services. Low-cost carriers also offer a variety of amenities to make their airline more popular.

Most of the airlines also operated an online booking facility on their website to make it easier for travelers to buy air tickets. Airline tickets can also be booked by calling the airline’s customer service. Buying tickets directly from air tickets can also save you a lot of money, as the airline does not have to pay for a travel agent on this day.


Bicycle tour to Bhutan

Sign up for this unique study of the magical kingdom of Bhutan, also known as the “Thunder Dragon” by bicycle. The main attractions here are Buddhist structures and culture. Consider people’s peaceful lives and smiles on their faces as citizens of a country that introduced the concept of “Gross National Happiness.”

The reasons why you should definitely visit Bhutan are its beautiful scenery and wonderful Buddhist history. If you are interested or planning to visit this magical country, you can choose our motorcycle tours.

Here are Bhutan’s popular destinations.

Palden Tashi Chholing Shedra- Phuentsholing:

Palden Tashi Chholing Shedra is located in Phuentsholing, which serves as the gate of Bhutan. Palden Tashi Chholing Shedra serves as a Buddhist college consecrated in 2014. l In the header (assembly hall), we come across some of the best wall paintings.

Punakha Jon-Punakha

Punakha Jong has the honor of being the second largest Snowman in Bhutan. The building dates from 1637 and is attributed to Shabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. The remains of Tertan Pema Lingpa and Ngavang Namigal are also in the monastery. The monastery is also known for its beautiful and intricate paintings.

Tiger’s nest – Sir

The tiger’s nest is also known as Takang Monastery and is of great importance in Paro. Some believe that Guru Padmasbasambava (who allegedly introduced Buddhism in Bhutan) thought about this place after he flew to the area with a flying magnet.

Tashichho Dzong- Thimpu:

Tashicho’s Jason, who is on the team, has thirty shrines. Since 1968, the monastery has served as the center of power of the Bhutanese government. Inside, we meet the throne room, the cabinet secretariat and other offices, such as the Ministries of Finance and Interior.

Tamzing Monastery – Bumtang Valley

Taming’s Lehndrup Monastery is a very important Nianma Monastery in Bhutan. Known for supporting about 95 monks, the monastery is on the World Heritage List. The monastery also serves as the residence of Sungtrul Rinpoche, who is believed to be Pema Lingpa.

Galem’s house – Punakha

There is a popular attraction for visitors to the Galem House, located next to Punemha Dzong. The three-story building allegedly belonged to Changul Bum Galem, a beautiful woman known to the public for her tragic love story with a man of lower economic status.

Yes, valley

We also have to swim in the Haa Valley, which is surrounded by dense forests. The area is of historical significance as it was used as a trade route to Tibet in ancient times. Here we meet the White Temple of Taguu Goemba, which is 100 years old, and Shekhar Drak, which is a unique sanctuary.

The above-mentioned places depict Bhutan as a people who are happy with happiness.


India’s famous religious destinations

It is this mention of India that implies images of gods and goddesses, saints and many religious places. India is a country of flexible diversity of thought, and that diversity can be seen in the religions that follow. With its rich culture and mythology, India is proud of its many amazing religious sites, including temples, mosques, gourmets, churches and monasteries. A religious tour of India will take you to beautiful places decorated in legendary history.

Some of India’s most famous religious sites.

Evil Dam YatraIt is one of the most important Hindu pilgrimages. Shar Dham, located in the Eighth District, consists of Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnat and Badrinat. For centuries, these places of ancient pilgrimage have had a mythological significance. They also offer pure natural beauty.

SummerIt is located in the most beautiful state of India, Kashmir. The cave of the resort is home to the icy Shiv Linga, which changes its size with the change of seasons. On the day of the full moon (July / August) linga becomes 6 feet high (its maximum height), and this day is celebrated as a festival in honor of Lord Shiva. It is believed that Lord Shiva first appeared on this day.

TirupatIt is the most famous Hindu temple in the world. Located in Andhra Pradesh, this temple is the richest temple in the world. Here, Father Vishnu is worshiped in the form of Father Venketsvara.

VrindavanThis is where Lord Krishna spent his childhood. It is the main center of devotion to Lord Krishna.

HaridvarWith many temptations, this destination is the gateway to the four pilgrimages to Uttarakhand. This is the place where the holy skull leaves the mountains and enters the plain. In the evening in Haridvar, aarti is very popular among the devotees. In Hinduism, it is believed that immersion in the sacred waters of the Ganges River washes away one’s sins and purifies one’s soul.

BoddayaThis place is synonymous with Lord Buddha and is visited by many people in search of enlightenment. It is a holy place where the Lord has reached enlightenment. It is located in the Bihar Gaya region. Here you can see magnificent Buddhist temples, monuments and monasteries.

Shird It is the holy village of Maharashara, where St. Bayan once lived. It is a well-known spiritual center that attracts devotees of all religious backgrounds.


Five port cities on the Iberian Peninsula

When you mention the idea of ​​a vacation in Spain or Portugal, the first thing that comes to mind is often the beach. Among them, Spain and Portugal boast of great differences in beaches, the first of which is accompanied by the warm seas of the Mediterranean Sea, and the latter – the wonderful Atlantic voyage.

Both countries boast several excellent port cities. In them, the holiday combines the look of the beach with the heavy entertainment of the city, which, of course, is a sad resolution. What’s more, you can even navigate from one city to another when you plan a trip around the Iberian Peninsula with 5 Port cities.

1) Barcelona.

“Barcelona” is connected with swelling and energy. This magnificent city is a fun and culturally amazing paradise that simply attracts the attention of visitors. He spends most of his time studying the street labyrinth in the Barry Gothic area, easily taking it to the beach of “Barcelona” and looking for various thoughtful architectural works of Gaud:.

2) Lisbon.

The wonderful modern Lisbon is becoming more and more popular among vacationers. This port city lives and breathes the Atlantic Ocean, which washes its shores and defines most of its daily life. Explore long-forgotten botanical gardens, search for monuments in the Belem district, then leave your hair in the atmosphere of Bario Alto, before returning to one of the rented apartments at night, which Lisbon offers to its visitors.

3) Porto.

The second largest city in Portugal is associated with the meaning of the word “port”. This is not only a vibrant and magnificent port city, but also the home of a much-loved alcoholic beverage, a port of fortified wine. The port is exported from Porto to places all over the world; Among the importers are England and France.

4) Santander.

The small house Santander proves in the north of Spain that it is a good antidote to the urban shouts of Barcelona, ​​Lisbon and Porto. Life is all here, but it is dictated by a number of wonderful beaches around the port. For books, relax in a stunning 19th-century apartment that specializes in the city of Santander, and just have a good time moving from one beach to another.

5) Cadiz.

The city of Kadir is a gateway to the south of Spain. It is also a gateway to miles of coastal idyll, which means that if you’re in Cadiz when you’re sailing around the ports of the Iberian Peninsula, it’s worth a trip to the surrounding coastal area.


Skiatook Lake in Oklahoma

Skiatook Lake is located 20.4 km to the west of the city of Skiatuk, 11 miles east of Oklahoma, and about an hour’s drive from Tulsa. This beautiful lake is surrounded by the delicate surrounding hills of Blackjack, Post Oak and Tallgrass.

Skiatook Lake has an area of ​​approximately 10,500 acres and 160 miles off the coast. The round palm line is accentuated by sharply beautiful bluffs that offer great views.

History of Skiatook

The city of Scythia was founded in the late 1880s. There are conflicting historical records about the origin of the name Skiatook. One story goes that the city was founded on land called Skiatooka after the famous Indian. They called the community surrounding his home in Skiatooka. There is another story that takes its name from Ski-A-Took, which is a Cherokee word meaning “great instruction to me” or describes a large person or a huge space.

It is generally accepted that the head of Cherokee, William S. Rogers founded Skiatook when he set up a trading post at Cherokee Nation, south of Bird Creek. In Skiatooka, the Indian Osage was a frequent salesman in the position, which may be the reason why his name is associated with the name of the city.

In the early 1920s, the road to Tulsa was leveled. With good roads in all directions, Skiatook became known as the gateway to the north, south, east and west at all points. Skiatook began buying water from Spavinaw in the 1930s, but when Skiatook Lake was finally completed in 1984, Skiatook had its own source of water. The records show that the city of Scythia has been stable since the 1880s. The population has grown by 93% since 1990.

On October 23, 1962, the Flood Control Act was approved by the 87th Congress. This authorized to build the Skiatook dam and the lake. It is one of five projects in the Bird Creek Basin Plan. These projects have been proposed to meet the full water requirements of the area. The purpose of the Skiatook Dam and Lake Construction was to control floods, water supplies, recreation and wildlife management. At the end of the project, on October 31, 1984, its total value was $ 120 million.

The dam is a rolled earthen peak with a length of 3,590 meters, including a water pipe. It rises 143 feet above the crossroads. The trap has a width of 32 feet. Uncontrolled flooding consists of a concrete slab with the right accumulation. The floor of the flight is 100 feet wide, and its height is 732.0 և with a design capacity of 21,700 cfs. Exit works include a gate tower with optional water intakes; The 10.5-foot hole, which is tunneled through the right gun, is serviced by two 4.67 to 10.5-story low-flow water pipes with a 36-inch water supply pipe.

Skiatook Lake offers many opportunities for outdoor recreation, including:

  1. Riding and navigation

    You can go by boat to Skiatook Lake. Boilers can study islands and cubes that have natural rock outcrops. There are isolated areas where people can have family outings. Boilers can be navigated from public boat ramps or rented boats on both lakes.

    The lake also has deep coastlines that allow ships to make the most of the lake’s surface. The winds come from the south or the north, which allows boats to climb the length of the lake. Wave heights are also minimized.

  2. Swimming

    Where it is clean and simple, making it safe for swimmers.

  3. Campaign և Picnicking:

    There are several lake camp areas that visitors can choose from. The most popular is Tall Chief Cove. Twin Points և Tall Chief Cove camp facilities have water and electricity. This is what Crystal Bay Marina, which is located at a point overlooking the lake, does. There are camp sites in the Bull Creek Peninsula that are more primitive. This is how the island of Armadillo works. Stony Ridge Campground, located at the top of Highway 20, can accommodate RV camps.

  4. Campaign:

    Hiking trails are located in the wildlife areas of Skiatook Lake.

  5. Hunting:

    The beach near Lake Skiatook is controlled by the US Army Corps of Engineers. It is home to a variety of wildlife species, including squirrels, rabbits, deer, some coyotes, quails, ducks, and other birds of nature. There are approximately 8,000 acres of land at different times of the year that are open to all hunters (according to state and federal hunting regulations).

  6. Fishing

    Skiatook Lake is known for providing one of the best bass fishing experiences in the country. Bass fishermen are always rewarded for their efforts, whether they fish in the main body of the lake or in high-rise apartments. The urea is clean and clear throughout the year as there are no agricultural effluents, waste or chemicals. In addition, the release of water through the dam maintains the quality of the water from the stream and improves certain types of fishing. Skiatook Lake is always in perfect ecological balance.

    Very little land was cleared when Skiatook Lake was formed. Many of the trees remained in most of the standing rooms. This was a good environment for the privacy of both fish and bass fishermen.

    The lake holds several fishing tournaments throughout the year.

    Skiatook Lake is becoming a hotspot for small bass. The tournament records show that bass fishermen catch small sea bass that weigh up to five pounds. There are other sport fish: the big crayfish bass, the white crayfish, the whale, the fried cow, the blue cat, the blue, the carp, the lake cavity, and so on.

Skiatook Lake is a delicate body of water that is a paradise for both fish and outdoors, especially for bass fishermen. It’s perfect for people who want to interact with nature. So, if you want to hide for a few days or longer, come and visit Lake Skyatuk in Oklahoma.


The main tourist attractions in Paris

Paris has it all. Several cities on Earth are as dramatic and picturesque as the French capital. If you were to travel around the world and compile a list of its most beautiful cities, Paris with its unique monuments and charming streets would always be in the top ten.

Since the Enlightenment, Paris, the city of Light, has been fascinated by fashion artists, artists, buffaloes and writers of history, all inspired by bohemian culture and the abundance of museums and large bouquets. Paris is nowhere like the country. To quote Owen Wilson. “… when you come out of space, you can see these lights, cafes, people drinking and singing. For all we know, Paris is the hottest spot in the universe. ”

The unique heartbeat of Paris makes fun of the hearts and minds of those who have entered this dramatic city. Even travel writers fall into the trap of cluttered streets, outdoor cafes and boats along Sinai. With its Champs-Élysées and Place des Vosges, Latin Quarter and Montmartre, Paris is the original model for other major capitals of the world, all aspiring to their great elegance and exemplary elegance.

But where do you start? Whether it’s your first time or your next, there’s so much to see and try: you’ll probably find yourself in bed: even a little overwhelmed. Start with these six syllables. Two museums, two monuments and two churches. Plan a trip to St. Petersburg when possible, using the fun little Batobus, with its glass roof and comfortable stops at most of your top attractions. It will be as much a journey as it is a journey.

Two museums: Louvre & Orsay

You probably already know which two museums to put on your “do” list for any trip to Paris. Louvre և Orsay. Even if you have already visited these museums on business trips, come back to them this time, and you are in town every time. However, show mercy to yourself and plan to visit only one of these magnificent buildings every day.

The Louvre. There’s not much that compares to the Louvre. Even walking through the yard will create gasoline when you encounter a large pyramid of I. M. Pei glass. The photos just don’t do it justice. The pyramid stands as a restless background to the half-size version of the Arc de Triomphe, which is part of Napoleon’s other arch. Voie Triomphale: (“Triumphal View”). This small arch rises from the Cathedral of St. Mark in Venice in a bronze horse-drawn chariot, which Napoleon visited in 1798 (the chariot has now been returned to its legal home and replaced with a copy). As you stand in this yard, the huge building that surrounds you ranges from the old to the old, which contains a 12th-century castle in a 16th-century palace.

To get to the Louvre, take the Batobus and jump at the Louvre stop. Look at the other side of the river, the stunning view of Orsa, the former train station, and now the inverted art museum, which you will visit another day. Before entering the Louvre through the pyramid, have a strong plan. And, of course, have a pre-purchased museum card in Paris so you can skip the lines.

As you walk through this former palace, you will be followed by the Kings, who walk around these same halls and galleries, having fun at the priceless collections of paintings and sculptures. Look around, up and down the windows in the lavish palace itself, as it does in its artwork.

Save time during your visit Favorable victory, in: Mona Lisa:, Venus du Milo, and Apollo Gallery (where King Ar, Louis XIV, had an audience). Visit Salle des Caryatides: See the Roman examples of Greek sculptures in the collection of the kings of France, including the four careerists, the female snowmen who serve as pillars, and balance the music gallery in their heads. Install the underground medieval tower and mill from King Philip of the 12th century. These ruins were discovered during archeological excavations to remove and preserve useless artifacts before the construction of the pyramid.

Stand covered with glass, in the sunlight, Marley courtyard, with magnificent and mighty Marley’s horses and other sculptures from the magnificent de Marley Gardens, the palace of the land in Sinai, where King Aris entertained his close acquaintances until the end of his reign. Stop at the Cafe while landing at Mollien Staircase. Sit on the roof overlooking Napoleon’s courtyard and pyramid.

Orsay. The more important it is for you to visit the Louvre, the more important it may be to save time to study Orsay. The collections are so shocking that they will stick in your mind all the time. As you wander through this huge former train station, impressed by the crowds of visitors to the 1900 Paris World’s Fair, you will be greeted by a room of priceless works of art by iconic Impressionists such as Monet, Renoir, van Gogh, Dégas. , Cézanne and Toulouse-Lautrec. Elegant sculptures are spread on the tracks of former trains and balconies, now on the terraces of sculptures, where travelers once stood waiting for their trains.

Inside the museum’s entrance is a 1/16 scale model of the Statue of Liberty, which was awarded to the United States by France in 1876 to honor the centenary of American independence. Plan ahead (make reservations) to dine in the former dining room of the Grand Hotel, which was once adjacent to the train station.

Two monuments. Tower and arch

Of course, any trip to Paris should include visits to the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. These are Parisian Quintessential Monuments, one designed to be the entrance to the 1889 Paris Universal Exhibition and the other to commemorate Napoleon and commemorate his victories. Above each of them you will have brilliant views of the city.

Eiffel tower. Make your reservations at the Eiffel Tower before making your visit so that you have some time to enter. Consider a great diversion by combining a visit to your tower with either lunch or dinner. 58 Tour Eiffel Restaurant: At the 2nd level. While you’re at Level 1, step on the glass floor and look down if you dare. Ask someone to prove your picture as proof.

If you take the elevator upstairs, take a break for a glass of champagne as you look beyond Paris at what has been the world’s tallest building for more than 40 years. If you feel that the tower is slightly windy, you will have even more history when you return home.

Arc de Triomphe:. At Arc de Triomphe, take the tunnel under the rage of the monument surrounding the monument and spend some time reading the inscriptions. It is possible that you will climb 284 steps upwards, another inexhaustible sight to Paris. Even better, climb to the top at night to feel like a Parisian crow.

Look back from your vantage point at the top of this triumphal arch Voie Triomphale: to the small arch in the courtyard outside the Louvre, where you used to stand. This will give you a glimpse of Napoleon’s self-esteem. Take a look at the Sacré Coeur Basilica in Montmartre, climbing high on its hill overlooking Paris. A look along the Champs-Elysées with storefronts and shoppers. If you are so inclined, take this opportunity to mention some of the major fashion ventures and visit them later to see what you can find.

Two churches. Notre Dame & Saint-Chapelle:

Finally, there are two churches on your list of “musts”: a temple and a chapel, both located on the larger island of Sena, the Ile de la Site. This island is the place where Paris was first established in BC. In the 3rd century, giving the name of Paris. Two centuries later, in BC. In 55 CE, the Romans destroyed and besieged the city of Paris, then rebuilt the city on their own, filling it with temples, the Colosseum, the Forum, and the Roman baths.

Notre Dame:. The first of these necessary visits is Notre Dame, which was built on the site of an ancient Roman temple. This huge architectural masterpiece took more than 200 years to build, beginning in 1160, and has stood the test of time throughout these centuries, despite revolutions and wars, neglect and renovation. It is now badly damaged by a tragic fire that has engulfed its already flammable roof.

Notre Dame remains great even in its discredited state. It will take years for visitors to walk in again to sit in peace, glancing at the rose window. At this point, you will only be able to see it from the front, back and on each side. Give yourself some time with this remarkable building. Cross the bridge to the left and find a floating boat. Choose a table next to the wall and order a glass of wine. When you look at the Notre Dame River, you are amazed at its remarkable life story, from its construction in the Middle Ages to the benefits of modern tools and technology.

Sainte-Chapelle:. Finally, saving one of the best, walk to the opposite end of the island, from Notre Dame, to sit for a while on the airy Sainte-Chapelle, welcoming you as one of the greatest architectural masterpieces in the Western world. Fans in the Middle Ages considered this chapel “a gate to heaven.” Surrounded by the most beautiful stained glass windows in the world, amazingly preserved for more than 770 years, you are amazed by the intensity of color and light. If you can arrange concert tickets in these elegant conditions, do so. You will remember it for the rest of your life.

Now you have a good start in Paris. But there is more, much more. Paris is a city that will have to come back again and again. Fall in love a little more each time you review.


Eco conscious journey

Today, eco-travel is one of the many factors driving the green industry, an idea that is at once attractive and controversial. So what is eco-travel and why is it a hot topic of discussion?

Eco Travel is a way of making decisions based on the fact that economics and ecology take into account the decision-making process of where you are going, how you are going to get where you are going. . . And even what to do when you come. Understanding eco-life is based on the idea of ​​minimizing our individual and collective human “footprint” or the impact we have on our actions on the environment. Let’s face it – every time you fly in a car or use other traditional modes of transportation, it can get you to where you are going fast, but the by-products have a negative impact on the environment.

The tourism industry spends a total of millions of dollars. From transport and shelter, to service and travel organizations, the hope is to reduce or offset the impact of their business on the environment, either because they are real ecosystems or as a way to compare themselves to the rapidly growing and highly popular by consensus. “We need to” and desperately need to take care of a planet we all share.

Some critics suggest an immediate and aggressive change in travel behavior, such as not traveling or staying home. But for many, it is an unrealistic solution to a broad and complex issue. Of course, thinking about such extreme shifts can lead to far fewer options across the spectrum … many that can be applied on a personal level, and some that can be shared with family and friends to help make the topic clearer.

According to the Natural Marketing Institute (NMI) և Silvercliffe Media, Inc. According to a 2005 industry report, Eco Travel represents $ 24.2B. Many countries depend solely on tourism for their economic survival. So where do we balance? For those who are not so ready for home adventure, but want to responsibly approach the journey. Here are some resources to help you on your journey.


Great hospitality is something we all hope to complement in our travels, but when it comes to green space, it can be a difficult task, especially for chemically sensitive individuals or those who just want to get more used to nature. From cottages and small hotels to large hotels and resorts, the ecological resort has become a new necessity for travel.

Lapis Lane Guesthouse այթ Cottage, Whiteby WA

Lapis Lane Guesthouse և Whidbey Island Cabinet is owned by Elaine and Dimitri Mikaeli. The property is located on 6 hectares; It is private but easily accessible from Clinton ferry station. The lined sanctuary of the beautiful tree has been described as a “creative refuge” with two isolated, separate residences and galleries / meeting areas that can serve as a retreat for your soloist, a romantic getaway, a creative adventure or a small gathering. Lapis Lane Guesthouse is located on the west side of Widbay Island, which allows you to take photos of the beautiful mountains of the Olympic Mountains to the sound of Puccette.

“Enjoy an evening stroll through the woods along the beautiful old paths. See and hear flies and coyotes. During the day, bald eagles climb overhead.

Both the guest house and the cottage contain non-toxic, chemically free living areas, use of 100% cotton linen and recycling system. And you don’t have to leave your property to find a healthy product. Just a short walk from the guest house is an organic heritage garden that is kindly sought after by owner and landscape consultant Elaine Michaelidid, who welcomes her guests with new charitable vegetables upon arrival. Elaine has created her own garden, which provides products for her family and guests year after year. In addition to managing her husband Dimitri’s property, Elaine spreads her talents of earthly goodness throughout the island, providing expertise in organic heritage gardening and landscaping.

Lapis Lane’s guest house is equipped with a kitchen and pantry for convenience. To make your care easier, the guest house also has a beautifully lit sky-lit steam room with a jacuzzi bath. Feel your cries while you’re there, relaxing and staring at the starry night sky. High ceilings provide amazing acoustics and give a whole new meaning to “singing in the shower”. If it’s not so dreamy for you, pack one of the cotton swabs, or just melt it on one of the gorgeous feathers, and finally do it with a bright nose or an incredible night’s sleep.

When you’re ready to explore, take a few steps toward the park and find the work studio of Dimitri Mikaelidis, Elaine’s husband, the national glass artist. Mikaels, who uses the glass and energy saving methods in his work process to bring stability to practice, was one of 72 artists selected by Smithsonian to be included in the collection of the Permanent House of American Crafts. The guest house and cabinet are adorned with her beautiful work, which is distinguished by the use of bright colors to create vessels decorated with birds with exploding hands signed by her signature.

If you are successful, Dimitri may be forced to work. The grace, speed and patience with which he works to create his art is magical. . . amazing view.

Next time you are in Washington, DC, make sure you find the Lapis Lane Guesthouse. It’s a fun, relaxing, environmentally friendly way.

Contact us for reservations and evaluation.

Elaine Michaelides

(360) 579-2009:

Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge, Homer, AK:

Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge, located in Alaska, has been touted as one of the best green lodges in the United States by a number of reputable environmental organizations, including E-Environmental Environmental, Landscaping, Adventure Search, Green Hotels and Center. Alaskan coastal surveys to name a few. Sadie Cove is a private property surrounded by a park in the state of Bey, Kachemak. It is described as one of the top ten health resorts in North America by Natural Home magazine. : voted for one of Forbes Traveler’s “America’s Ten Best Green Hotels”. This green treasure is described as a sheltered oasis, a visitor’s adventure. Available only by water or by helicopter shortcut.

This green treasure is described as a sheltered oasis, a visitor’s adventure. Available only by water or by helicopter short trip. The lodge is located just north of the Tutka Sea, between the Halibut Cove in Seldovia, just 10 miles from the town of Homer in Alaska. :

The lodges were made in the mid-1970s from dense wood made by Sadie Cove Lodge owner or cameraman Keith Iverson. In the spirit of eco-economy, Sadi Kov is doing her part to leave a lighter footprint. The facility is completely out of the network, using wind and hydroelectric resources for its alternative energy. There is also a sauna, a bath and a family entertainment hall. Treat yourself to a professionally cooked dish in the dining room by the chef of the apartment. For people who want to see the beautiful landscape or just feel the tranquility of this retreat, kayaking or fishing are an option. The house provides you with all the necessary outfits for free.

A current advertising campaign is being held in the state of Alaska, “Alaska Before You Die.” It urges people to see Alaska before making progress.

If you’ve ever dreamed of touring this beautiful region, now may be the time.

Be sure to add Sadie Cove Wilderness Lodge to your list of “must-try” eco adventures.

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Marie Lavaron Community Park in Greenland, next to Josemit, mixes new technology and old history

There is always something in Groveland that is a real Gold Rush-era city next to Yosemite National Park.

The park is very beautiful and offers something for everyone, from the world-class non-boarding park for people with wheels underfoot, playground equipment for children, picnic tables for children, and picnic tables for moms and dads and grandparents. the shadow underneath. they are a barbecue snack for the whole family who will be hungry after their work. There is a walking path, a basketball court, and even a horse-drawn carriage to kidnap those who are looking for activity but do not have a board. The local museum, Yosemite Gateway Museum and Library offer Gold Rush relics, and even have a working arastra, which is displayed as an oasis in the parking lot. The museum hosts a historical video and is located on the eastern side of the park.

Mary Laveroni Community Park is powered by WiFi, providing strong high-speed internet connection. The service is sponsored by Charlotte and Groveland Community Services for travelers with their equipment.

Mary Lavaron Community Park has its own history, some details.

In the early 20th century (after the 1906 earthquake), the city of San Francisco acquired the right to take water from Sierra Nevada through Josemit and to build the Hetch Hetchy system. Groland, about 40 miles away, was at the center of management and supply operations. The trains were coming to Groveland, unloading and loading another train to cross the barrier. Then the first train would turn into a hill. To carry out this process, the project had a huge train almost in the center of the city. Following in the footsteps of Hatch Hatch, the station was demolished and the country was turned into Weisside Park, later renamed Mary Laveron Community Park in honor of one of our leading women who helped put Greenland on the map.

The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. In the mid-1990s, GCSD donated land to a museum / library complex built entirely on local donations. The museum / library is operated by the Regional Historical Society (STCHS) of the Southern Tuolum region. The lower part of the park was originally the Hetch Hetchy Round Round Table and the foundry. In the early 1990s, a small stage and a snack bar were built in the western suburbs of the lower park.

The lower bag has been used for various local events for many years, և 2004-05. The foundation of the community spirit was financed by the development of the lower park. The grass was planted in about one-third of the park’s area, and a large concert stage was dedicated, as were the whitewashing seats. In 2007, Groveland Rotary Club built a large barbeque next to the snack bar. In 2007, a $ 250,000 non-skilled station was built as a result of more than five years of fundraising by volunteers who actually built it. The next one came on the basketball court in 2008. The County County Youth Center recently relocated its location on Ferretti Road to a completely new building funded by the HUD Grant. The latest improvements to the lower bag are likely to be grass near the basketball court and the rugged park. In 2009, the Region used base line personnel to roughly remove a ring road that begins in the lower park, one and a half kilometers north, to the District’s baseball field, and from there the rings return to the west and south to the park. Upon completion, this trial will provide an excellent view of the birds.

During the season of our events, the settlement in Greenland is rapidly supplemented. If you are planning to join us on one of the fun holidays, do not wait for your reservations.

The park hosts annual events and festivals, such as the 49th Festival and Chile Cook-Off, which is always held on Saturday, September 3. Where hell is Greenland Car Show, Quilt Festival, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Claus Visits, Apple Bobbing in Halloween, Summer Jazz Day, and more. On a hot Saturday evening, the park is turned into a cinema for family friendly exhibitions sponsored by the Yosemite Chamber of Commerce. From time to time, add music events to the Flea Market on the first Saturday of each month, May-October, and you’ll find that our little garden is very active for community and travelers.


Himba Tours – Opuwo, Namibia և 3 Cultural “Must Know”

Located in the low surrounding hills, Opuwo is the Otjihereo word meaning “end.” This small border town failed to do anything when the South African Defense Forces set up a military base with the aim of conducting expeditions to the surrounding area. Today, Opuwo is the gateway to Kaokoland and home to the mysterious Himba people who have preserved their unique identity and culture for centuries, thus setting this goal for a truly authentic Himba tour.

Sure, you can see Hemba all over Dalaraland: Kamanjab, Khorikas, Utojo, but that Himba is what I call “tourist entertainment.” But in Opuwo …

In Himba, they gather in the city, walk around the surrounding villages, often for miles, to sell supplies and goods. Some Himba have even made Opuwo their permanent home, abandoning their traditional nomadic lifestyle, hoping to have a more focused life based on the money economy. Many make small profits from selling their crafts and jewelry, as well as taking photos of tourists to collect their photos and returning to their villages for a real Himba tour. Walking through the city, you can see how the outside world has affected people. Himba men often dress in their traditional “skirts”, which were worn with a Western shirt and a ball hat. The dusty city with the smell of people and the fresh scent of the “Himba” women’s hearth, beautifully decorated with the skins of their traditional animals, dress you in a world that is sad and slowly fades away. Although the elders of Himba firmly do not shy away from traditions, it is the school children who challenge the tradition with Western clothing and modern amenities. Herro is also very popular, and the two groups form a community that is unique.

These 3 cultural concepts “need to know” have a deeper meaning when joining the Himba tour expedition.

1. Women are known to cover themselves with a mixture of butter fat (sometimes Vaseline) և vodka, known as otjize, to protect them from the sun. The blend gives them a reddish look that is said to symbolize the red soil of the earth and the blood that symbolizes life, and both coincide with the idea of ​​the beauty of Himba. Women decorate bracelets, trunks, necklaces, iron belts and beautiful beads made of sea shells.

2. Extended family members live mainly in the home, which consists of small, circular mud huts and work areas. The huts are surrounded by ancestral fire, okuruwo and animal enclosure. Together, the fire and the animals are closely linked to the faith and worship of their ancestors.

3. Hymns are notorious for wearing their traditional clothing made from animal hideouts. It is common for women and men to remain unprotected, but men wear Western shirts with their traditional clothes faster. If a woman wears a hair-like crown over her head made of animal skin, it means that she is married.

How much does a Hamba tour cost and who are the best locals? Himba is the guide.