Top 12 Travel Safety Tips That Will Prepare You for a Safe and Successful Trip

No matter where your trip takes you, it is important to be careful about your personal safety. He could visit friends outside the city, ride the beach, or fly to a foreign country.
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One of the most popular times to travel is around the holidays when many people travel to visit family and friends. The streets are full of cars and the airports are full of passengers. Give yourself enough time to reach your destination and try to be patient with other drivers and the airline. Everyone wants to have a safe day, but holidays can be a stressful time for many people. Be aware of this fact and not be the catalyst that causes someone to break in or out.
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Here are 12 Travel Safety Tips to Help Keep You Safe!

  1. Investigate and read any travel restrictions that you may have where you are planning.Keep in mind any travel alerts or travel alerts about the area or country you plan to visit.
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    Check with US Department of State to see if there is something you need to know. You will also need to search for and obtain contact information about the US Embassy or US Consulate in the country or region you are visiting.
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    In addition, it is a good idea to consult your local emergency management service and American Red Cross about the likelihood of different emergencies that may occur in your area or areas where you travel frequently.
  2. When traveling to other countries, keep in mind that some may have different personal comfort distances from your home country.
    Consider this before you travel so you don’t make a simple gesture or make physical contact that is very different to the people of the country in question.
  3. Depending on where you go and the time of year is another thing to consider. The weather can cause a variety of safety concerns when hiking, swimming or cycling in the summer to simply walk when conditions slip and slip on rain, snow or ice. Allocate extra time to reach your destination.
  4. Take your time and learn the area so you can feel comfortable with where you are traveling and the surrounding area. Search Maps ( Google Earth the Google Maps great for that!) And see what’s around you.
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    Check out natural landforms such as rivers, forests and mountains. Note also where artificial constructions such as major highways, shopping malls and apartment complexes are located. It is important to familiarize yourself with the area you are traveling to. This way you know where there are both artificial and natural obstacles that could be significant in the event of a natural disaster or act of terrorism happening nearby.
  5. You will not walk. Other forms of transport such as cars, trains and boats are also likely to be used. Each presents a unique set of security challenges. Keep your eyes in front of you and watch for another movement – on the road or in the water.
    There are a lot of posted guides out there – don’t assume they see you. Be careful not to get injured. Watch out for dangers no matter where you are.
  6. You need to be aware of the specific health challenges that may exist in the country you are visiting. Some may require that you receive special immunizations before they are allowed in the country. This means that they may be exposed to threats to your health that do not exist in your country. If you are taking any medicines and traveling with them, take a note from your doctor stating what the medication is, dosage, prescription duration and what it is for. Keep this with you and the medicine at all times.
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    Some medicines may not be legal in the country you are visiting, and the smart thing to plan ahead.
  7. Another area you want to consider is health insurance coverage. Many home insurance plans cannot be used abroad, requiring you to purchase travel health insurance. Having this can be a real life saving if you need to get medical treatment abroad. It can also help you if you need to be medically evacuated back to the United States. The price for this coverage is average, but it may end up being necessary if you need it. Plan ahead so that if you need coverage, get it! It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
  8. Don’t assume that buildings in other countries have fire alarms, fire leaks or fire extinguishers that are just as capable as you are used to. Some may be better, but some may be worse or nonexistent. Be aware of this when traveling abroad and know the exits and evacuation routes.
  9. Remember that you are more vulnerable when traveling outside your own area – wherever you are. Once you leave your comfort zone and have to deal with new cultures and ways to do things, you are at a clear disadvantage for those living and working in the area. Take the time to learn local customs so that you do not find yourself in an embarrassing or dangerous situation that could have been prevented if you understood what was most clearly happening.
  10. Be more alert at night and stick to well-lit, residential areas when traveling. Avoid alleys, dark alleys, areas with poor visibility, and places where one could hide.
  11. Make sure you have a valid passport and have any visas you may need when traveling. Make copies of all travel documents including your passport and visas and keep them in a safe place except for original documents.
  12. Know the equivalent of 911 in any country you visit and learn to say “help me” in the language of the country you are traveling to.

These traveler safety tips are a good way to start your journey. Stay alert and realize more than ever when you are in an unfamiliar environment and especially when you are leaving your country. Explore things ahead of time and make careful security preparations before you even fill up!


Why is medical tourism so popular in America?

In recent years, medical tourism has become extremely popular in the US. There is a growing tendency among Americans to travel abroad for selective surgeries and procedures; and this trend was also observed in Western Europe, Australia and Asia. It is estimated that about 500,000 Americans travel abroad for medical care each year to benefit from affordable health services and medical procedures.
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Medical tourism is a term defined by the media that defines the transition to another country for medical care. Practically all over the world, people not only go abroad for vacations, but clubbing their vacations with a medical procedure. It is estimated that medical services in other countries cost 10% to 90% less than they cost in the United States. This has boosted medical tourism in America.
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This does not mean that health associations, insurance companies, and healthcare providers in the US are not aware of this growing trend. They are; and many health insurance companies now offer coverage for certain medical procedures that the insured may have done in another country. In addition, insurance providers also offer discounted rates if the person opts for medical tourism.
From cosmetic surgery to dental care to hip replacement, they are available at affordable prices in countries such as Mexico, India, Thailand, Argentina and Malaysia. In fact, many establishments in these countries are accredited by medical certification boards in the United States.
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The reason why medical tourism has become so popular is because of the rising cost of health insurance and health care in the United States. Attracting you to save money and combine the medical with a vacation is very possible. This is also a source of treatment for Americans who are uninsured and the cost of travel, accommodation, and medical procedures works much cheaper than paying in the US.


Info Bitcoin

Over the past few days and weeks, Bitcoin (BTC) has caught up on lateral trading as it has not been able to gain a significant and sustained upward momentum despite the significant support it has raised to 8 $ 700.

However, the open interest of Bitcoin could be a major force for cryptocurrencies, and one analyst says it could indicate that someone will “light a match for rocket fuel” that could increase the price of BTC in a near future.

Bitcoin generates $ 8,700 while bulls fail Spark Upward Momentum
At the time of writing, bitcoin is trading at 1% at the current price of $ 8,710, which is slightly lower than the current $ 8,800.

Although BTC has recently seen the prices, it is important to note that $ 8,700 has always proven to be an excellent cryptocurrency support area and is unlikely to fall below that level. level if they do not gain speed. .

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As for Bitcoin’s short-term resistance, it has been repeatedly rejected in the region’s lowest $ 9,000 in recent weeks, indicating that sellers are firmly controlling this region of prices for the time being.

Is the BTC an open sign of interest that Bull Run is a bypass?
Despite the recent, not-so-subtle, pressure of Bitcoin, it is important to note that the BTC’s open interest currently reflects certain values.

Mr. Anderson, a popular cryptocurrency analyst on Twitter, spoke of a recent tweet, noting that a big move was inevitable for cryptocurrencies.

Travel Insurance – You have it covered

Planning to travel soon? Should You Buy Travel Insurance? It's hard to tell if it's worth the extra money. Are you over 50? Travel insurance increases significantly as you get older. If you spend a lot of money on a trip, travel insurance is a must.

Travel coverage

Travel insurance covers these basics:

  • Cancel or stop a trip
  • Medical
  • Emergency evacuation
  • Luggage
  • Delayed flights and cancellations

Travel Insurance – What Does It Mean to You?

Travel cancellation refers to the cancellation prior to your trip while a trip interruption refers to a problem during your trip. What if you or one of your companions travel hurt or ill and have to cancel your plans. This is where travel insurance comes to the rescue.

What if you have emergency medical care? Do you think you are covered by your health insurance? You might be. But most health insurance plans do not cover you outside the United States. Medicare never covers you when you travel abroad. Find out if you are covered when traveling to your next destination.

What if you feel sick and have to fly by air? Or you need medical care for your flight home. This can be very expensive.

Have you arrived at your destination only to find that you have no luggage? What if you are ready to embark on a cruise? And now what? Travel insurance will pay for the essentials until your luggage is found and delivered. What if it never shows up? Make sure you have a list of the items you packed for your trip. Better, keep as much evidence of these items as possible. If your luggage has been stolen, be sure to file a police report. This will help in submitting an insurance claim.

Did you go to the airport only to find out that your flight was delayed? What if the delay causes you to miss the connection flight? Travel Insurance will return you for hotel stays and meals while you wait for your next flight. But what if your flight departs in time and gets into traffic and misses your flight? You may not be covered.

Travel Insurance – Do I Really Need It?

Check with your homeowner policy. It may already cover such things as lost luggage. Make sure you check the maximum amount of coverage as it may be limited to payment. Check your health insurance and find out what is covered when traveling away from home. Make sure you are covered when traveling abroad. Finally, check your credit card coverage. Some credit cards will provide a limited amount of insurance if the trip was booked with their credit card. If you have an airline credit card, check with their coverage. They may have better coverage if you travel with them. However, credit cards may not cover the fact that you are transporting by air to your home. Both health insurance and credit cards usually do not cover emergency travel needs.

As soon as you decide you need travel insurance, read the fine print. Check if there are any time limits for buying insurance before your trip. Find out if the full length of your trip is covered. Make sure your destination is covered. If your government warns you not to visit a specific country, you may not be covered if you go there.

What if you get sick? Make sure you list all the medicines you are currently taking. If you do not, your policy may be canceled. What if a family member returns home sick and you want to reduce your trip soon. Most travel insurance coverage does not cover this unless it is a family death. There is an option called "cancellation for any reason". If you have elderly relatives in your home, you may want to consider this option for peace of mind. This will allow you to cut short your trip and return to your home country for whatever reason. Even if you changed your mind and decided not to go.

Check the fine print and decide if the travel insurance market is right for you. You might be glad you did!

4 categories of insurance banks

Traveling to nearby cities or abroad is very stressful. For one, you have to make your family leave behind has all the amenities they need. Then, you need to make sure that all your things and personal belongings are full. And, you need to make sure you have all the necessary documents for your flight. Finally, one of the most neglected documents required when traveling is travel insurance. With such a document, people can make their journey safer and more comfortable. To make travel even safer, you need to choose the right travel insurance that can meet your needs. Below are the 4 most common types of insurance banks.

Travel cancellation insurance

Unexpected incidents when traveling can be a pre-departure experience of unstable weather caused by hurricanes, cyclones and even earthquakes. Therefore, it is important to choose travel cancellation insurance. With this security, you can reschedule your flight or even receive your payments to help you secure your finances and prosperity.

Travel insurance

There are cases when people get sick during their journey. Fortunately, travel medical insurance can easily cover this issue. As of now, there are two types of travel medical insurance. Travel insurance is ideal for people traveling for five days to six months. The next option is great medical insurance. This covers six months or more than a year and even longer.

Emergency medical evacuation insurance

This type of insurance can help if you are in a remote area where needs are scarce. With this insurance, you can easily get help to make sure you are safe and comfortable. For example, if you are ill on your journey and you are admitted to a hospital that does not have sufficient medical equipment to treat you, insurance can help move you to a better hospital to ensure your health.

Flight insurance

During trips, you will never know how terrible accidents can be. So there are some cases where accidents can easily take your life. Because of this, the insurers will pay the benefits to the family of the insured because of this incident. This may not be enough for what was lost, but it can help their family start a new life.

Knowing all this, people can rest assured that they can travel safely and easily without thinking of any accidents that could ruin their lifestyle or their future. Click here for more.

Beach cruise

If it is a tropical cruise, there are some things to keep in mind for your beach visits. Many people make the mistake of simply leaving the cruise ship when in port without making any further plans and are anxious because they are unprepared.

Before you embark on your cruise, read some reviews of beaches near the port where your boat will hang. Many of the reviews provide information on the quality of the sand, how busy the beach is, facilities available and food nearby, etc. These reviews can be valuable because they will help you get a site to choose from before you even start it. ship.

Once you get off the boat, it is usually easy to find a taxi or a taxi driver. Let the cab driver know where you plan to go, then negotiate the price BEFORE you reach the car. Some of the cab drivers are trying to nickel and billions tourists, so it is best to have a stone's price before concluding deals with the driver.

When you get to the beach, find a good place to settle for the day and also locate the area where taxi drivers are waiting to get people up. It is important to know where / how you plan to return to the cruise ship, because you do not want to miss the boat as it leaves the port! Make sure you plan enough time to give yourself a pillow so you don't even cut it close!

There are many different types of beaches available in the ports, so you can try different activities for each of the locations. Some of the things you can do on the beach include: snorkeling, scuba diving, beach volleyball, shopping or just relaxing.

Travel Masturbation: Road Rules

There is nothing like a short trip to expand a person's horizons. Of course, when traveling alone, many men are in one place or the other alone in a hotel room and participate in a nice piece of masturbation. It is good for basic penile health and can be a great way to release a little tension from travel-related obstacles, so there is nothing wrong with that. But there are some tips to keep in mind when you are masturbating while on the road.

1. Watch the porn channels. If you are traveling in business, remember that the company may not be polite to the idea of ​​paying for visual entertainment that can follow as you masturbate. If you take advantage of an X fare available on the TV in the room, make sure there are private and not credit card charges.

2. Be careful. It may be good for someone to be someone nobody knows about, but that doesn't mean they don't have to be careful of other people in the hotel. It's nice to be a little more vocal while enjoying masturbation, but don't let the moans and moans get so loud that they can be heard by the kids next door. And even though exhibitionism can be fun among consensual adults, just because no one knows a guy doesn't give him the right to thank himself with the curtains wide open.

3. Explore. There is something about being alone in a hotel room that can make a man feel more adventurous. If a person tends to be a little timid or set his or her own ways to masturbate, licking themselves away from home can be an opportunity to try new things. Think of a small anal toy, masturbating it with a different hand, using a different lubricant, changing the type of pornography used, talking loudly or anything else someone hesitates at home.

4. Use men's rooms. Traveling by plane often means a long wait – especially when a plane is delayed for a few hours. Instead of smoking and getting angry, take matters into your own hands. See if there is an empty room in the men's room and if there is not a row of kids waiting, spend some time releasing the tension in a fun and enjoyable way.

5. Be careful on the road. If you are traveling long distances by car, be careful if the need for masturbation strikes. While many men masturbate while driving, it is the definition of distraction itself and can have serious consequences. It is best to take a side street or find a rest area with a men's room and find yourself masturbating there. For those who insist on keeping their hands on their penis instead of standing firmly on the steering wheel, they slow down and try to make it on the road in slow motion.

A short trip and a little masturbation can go hand in hand – like staying home and masturbating. Where masturbation occurs, regular use of a first class penis health cream (Health professionals suggest Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven to be mild and safe for the skin) can help keep the penis in good health and better prepare for pleasant handling. Frequent or aggressive masturbation can make your penis skin raw and raw, so it is recommended to use a cream containing both Shea butter (high performance emollient) and vitamin E (natural moisturizer) to add smoothness. , moisture and softness on the skin. It also helps if the cream contains acetyl L carnitine, a neuroprotective component that protects against damage to the peripheral nerve that can often accompany harsh penile self-examination.

How to stick with Nutrisystem if you're traveling or vacationing?

Sometimes I hear from people wondering how the Nutrisystem diet will fit into their busy lifestyles that involve many trips. Many are worried that they will not be able to stay in compliance when traveling. And some travel long enough for work or as part of their lifestyle. I heard someone say, "I travel 2 weeks every month for my job. I really want to try Nutrisystem but I'm not sure if it will be possible with all my trips. If I have to go out of diet when I'm traveling, I'm not sure if I lose weight. "

I really do believe that you might lose some weight if you did get out of the diet. After all, people on the flexible plan take off two days out of every week and many of them do very well with their weight loss. However, I also believe that you can stay in the diet and comply, even if you have to travel or even if you want to go on holiday. The reason is that many of the meals do not require preparation. And those that sometimes only need hot water, which is usually readily available. Most Nutrisystem foods are packaged so that they do not take up too much space or can be found flat. So it would not be too difficult to travel with your food.

To show what I mean, I'll look at one day's meals and what it will take to prepare them. For breakfast, you could have the chocolate worm that does not require preparation. Lunch could be fettuccine alfredo which requires nothing more than a little warm water. A good snack may be the buns that only require the wrapper to be removed. Dinner could be mac and cheese with beef that also requires only water. An example of a good dessert might be a peanut butter cookie that has already been made for you.

In short, it wouldn't be too difficult to plan and then pack enough food for the whole trip. If you choose carefully prepared meals, you should not need more than access to hot water to prepare your meals. Many parts have water coolers that provide both hot and cold water. And access to a microwave is often quite easy in most travel hotels. In short, traveling or staying on a holiday with nutrisystem is not really that difficult in my opinion and experience. Alternatively, some people will adopt a program similar to the flex plan, where they allow themselves to take a few meals away while traveling to give themselves some flexibility.

The best hospitals in Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi, besides the capital of Kenya, is also the most important center of economic and cultural activity for the country as well as for East Africa. As expected, Nairobi attracts many tourists as a starting point for safari and other trips across East Africa. Fortunately, the city has a large number of healthcare centers that provide medical services to the population of Kenya and the tourists who visit it. This article lists some of the best hospitals that can help you if you get sick or have an accident in Nairobi.

The Nairobi hospital is a modern diagnostic and treatment center known throughout East Africa for its worldwide service. The hospital was established in 1954. It has an emergency center that provides care at international standards. Other hospital amenities include a state-of-the-art diagnostic laboratory, a physical medicine center, ambulatory surgery, and medical advisory services. The hospital operates a number of clinics during the week covering various medical needs. These include Family Health Clinic, Child Care Clinic, Elderly Clinic, Chemotherapy Center, Diabetes Clinic, Travel and Immunization Clinic, Breast Health Clinic and Thoracic Clinic. The Hospital is located on Argwings Kodhek Street, Nairobi.

The Kenya National Hospital in Nairobi It was founded in 1901 and called the Native Civil Hospital. It was renamed in honor of Jomo Kenyatta after the country's independence from the British. It is now the country's oldest and largest hospital. The hospital also functions as a National Referral and Teaching Hospital. The hospital provides facilities for cancer treatment, physiotherapy, nutrition, public health, dentistry, dermatology, ophthalmology, pediatrics, obstetrics, orthopedics and surgery. The hospital emergency department provides services 24 hours a day.

Aga Khan Health Services operates hospitals in various locations throughout Asia and Africa. This non-profit group is dedicated to providing sophisticated and up-to-date health services to developing countries. The Agu Khan University Hospital in Nairobi belongs to this group and was founded in 1958. The hospital's Emergency and Emergency Center operates 24 hours a day and is equipped to handle heart problems and trauma, as well as cases of malaria and infectious diseases. Other facilities at the hospital include an intensive care unit, maternity services, ambulance services, a diagnostic laboratory, Lamaze courses, ear, nose and throat surgery, general surgery, oncology, orthopedics, urology, ophthalmology and gynecology. AKUH provides consistent and advanced care to its patients.

Karen Hospital on Langata Street, Nairobi was founded by Dr. Dan and Betty Gikonyo in alliance with their two close friends. Karen Hospital aims to revolutionize the level of health care services available in Kenya and Africa. It is a fully equipped hospital that provides comprehensive quality services including gastroenterology, neurology, pediatrics, internal medicine and breast clinics. It also offers an HIV / AIDS treatment program, along with dental services, diabetes care, physiotherapy and nutrition advice. The hospital emergency department operates 24 hours a day.

The Mater Hospital started by the Sisters of Mercy from Ireland and is dedicated to providing excellent healthcare to the less privileged in Kenya. Established in 1962, Mater Hospital has an emergency unit recognized as one of the best in all of East and Central Africa. It has units specializing in the treatment of industrial accidents, artillery injuries, disasters, tropical diseases, poisons and more. The hospital has a host of other ambulance facilities, a 24-hour lab, intensive care unit and sophisticated surgical rooms.

The Coptic Hospital in Nairobi belongs to the Coptic Orthodox Church and aims to provide high quality medical care at affordable prices. Treatment facilities found in the hospital include maternity services, pediatric care, diagnostic laboratories, 24-hour accident and ambulance services. It also has special programs for tuberculosis and HIV, a dental clinic and facilities for major and major laparoscopic procedures.

Pet Travel: Information for people who want to go on holiday with their dogs

Have you ever been on a vacation desperate for leaving your pet alone at home? Finding out that there are other people on the same vacation with their dogs. Many people now want to go on holiday with their dogs, and so can you! Just note these things before you decide to take your furry friend with you for a vacation.

Is your pet willing to travel with you? Many dogs love to travel with their owners, but this is not true for every dog. To travel happily and safely your dog must be healthy, able to cope with the new environment, must be trained at home and enjoy the journey. A stressed dog will neither enjoy the trip nor let you enjoy it and cause problems. A happy and well behaved dog, on the other hand, will make you enjoy the journey.

What are your plans for the holiday? All pet owners love their dogs and it is very difficult to leave your dog behind when going on vacation, even if it is in their interest. However, if you are planning activities that do not include your dog or are planning to visit places that do not welcome pets, then the best you can do is call a trusted family member or friend and ask them to keep your dog for you in your absence, or you can hire a carer or get in touch with a boarding kennel. But if you plan to relax on a lake or take a long stroll on a good road then you can take your dog with you.

How do you plan to travel? – Many people traveling with their pets travel in their own cars and for good reason so they can control their dogs. But if you are traveling all over the plane, then you should leave your dog alone for a while as it will fly into the cargo where you will not be able to control it.

What are the Pet Policies on the Cruise Line? – Pet policies are different on each cruise line, so when booking, check out this boat's pet policies. You should check if they allow the dog to stay in the cabin or there are extra charges if you are accompanied by more than two dogs.

All of these things are essential and you should pay attention to them when traveling with your dog. Don't forget to clean up your dog's mess, as many cruises will appreciate and welcome you again. Enjoy your trip with your furry friend!

Health tips for travelers on Korean air flights

Korean Air is the carrier of South Korea. It is also considered to be the largest airline in South Korea based in Seoul, South Korea. International Korean and its freight flights fly to 130 cities in 45 countries around the world. Korea domestic flights serve 20 local destinations. The international hub for Korean flights is at Incheon International Airport. Korean Air is an original partner of SkyTeam, the world's second largest airline alliance.

If you are traveling long distances by air on Korean Air flights, it helps to know some health tips to make your flight more comfortable. The temperature inside the cabin of Koran Air flights is maintained at 22 to 24, which is a very comfortable temperature. It is even better to wear comfortable clothes that are not too thick, but always have a light sweater or jacket in your luggage only if you get cold.

Moisture inside the cabin is maintained at 15%. The comfortable level of humidity for the average person is at 50 to 60 percent. The 15% level on Korean Air flights is already considered dry. In dry humidity the body moisture tends to evaporate. The skin as well as the membranes in the eyes and nose also begin to dry out in the course of the flight and can get quite uncomfortable when this happens. The best thing to do during your Korean flights is to keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of water, fruit juices or any type of liquid drink. Avoid drinking coffee and tea because these drinks can only cause further dehydration. Passengers with contact lenses should remove them during Korean flights to avoid dry eyes that could cause eye inflammation.

Atmospheric pressure inside Korean flights is at an altitude of 5,000-8,000 feet. There is a tendency for ear deafness to manifest. This is due to the change in pressure inside Korean Air flights as they land or take off. To avoid deafness in your ears, chew gums or simply move your jaw up and down as if chewing gum. You can also try to close your mouth and then pinch your nose while blowing a little air slowly.